Children's table of Ikea

Children's table - the furniture necessary for the child. With the right selection of his baby from the first years of life learns to properly sit, keep posture, write beautifully and read at a safe distance. The children's table Ikea is created for performance of these functions, it is thought over to trifles.

Features and benefits

The company from the Netherlands "Ikea" for a long time and widely known to the Russians. Children's table and other products for a child of this manufacturer can now be purchased in any more or less large city. Accessibility is one of the key features of this furniture.

In addition to accessibility, children's furniture brand is distinguished by attention to detail and high quality. Natural materials, some of which are used for the production of exclusively children's accessories, reasonableness and minimalism in design, as well as the possibility of modifying the models - this is what characterizes the products of this brand.In addition, almost every children's table Ikea has a chair from the same series, which allows you to equip a children's home stylishly. Capsule and reasonableness of each interior has become the hallmark of the company.

Popular Brand Series

In fact, the selection of furniture for the children's room by the inhabitants and unmarked customers can fail, because it is sometimes difficult to get into the style and character of the furniture, even with the same tone of coverage. The Ikea series prevent a similar problem, allowing you to buy with ease what the bundle looks perfect and win-win.

It should be noted that the series that was created specifically for the height and age of babies from three to seven years old is subject to consideration in this article. It is these tables and chairs that complement them can rightly be considered children's.


This series for children is considered one of the most concise and restrained. The white color of the table here is bordered by red chairs with minimal decor in the form of images of dogs and cats. However, the color of the chairs for the table can be white, pleasing with serenity and balance of the interior.

Materials for the "Critter" is an array of rubber wood, and this is not accidental, because it is absolutely safe for the child. In addition, tables and chairs made of hevea wood have incredible strength, smoothness and high aesthetic characteristics. It is difficult to otkovyryat or bite off even a small chip from such a tabletop, but sometimes it happens that the teeth of babies and itch at the sight of natural materials. It should be said that the painting with acrylic paints is also completely safe for kids in the rooms of their stay. Acrylic does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere, while ensuring smoothness and resistance to chipping.

Another advantage and a nice feature of the furniture series is its susceptibility to extremes of temperature and humidity.

This means that you can play on it, eat or read not only at home, but also in the fresh air in the garden, which is much nicer and more useful.


Among the gentle children's series stands out the line of this furniture. The roundness of the forms in tandem with pastel light shade from white to pale green creates a childish, naive and dreamy design.

The material used in the series is foamed polypropylene. It is worth noting that today it is one of the breakthroughs in the technique of creating children's furniture, without having a single drawback, due to which one could have abandoned it.

The Mammut series from polypropylene possesses:

  • ease;
  • variety and saturation of shades;
  • possibility of use when cleaning various means;
  • water resistant;
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • operational period of more than 20 years.

You can use the furniture of this line at home and in the country as a picnic table. If it is unnecessary, you can put it in a garage or other unheated utility room, and get it in a few years, noting with pleasure that the furniture has not lost its attractiveness an inch.


Classical materials are pleased with this series. Tables, chairs, shelves, containers for toys and numerous supports here are made of natural pine with the use of birch plywood. Surprising series and a high level of practicality. So, the tables can grow with the child, rising from the initial level into three positions,and can also be supplemented with bright containers for storing any important elements, ranging from books and ending with pens and pencils.

Like many Ikea rulers, all the Flisat furniture is covered with acrylic paint or varnish, which, as mentioned earlier, is absolutely harmless. In addition, the use of lacquer allows you to enjoy the natural color of furniture, natural patterns and transitions of colors.

Such furniture is dissolved in any interior, becoming one with it.


Stylishly and in the tradition of "Ikea" this series looks restrained. White and brown tones for children's tables and chairs delight with serenity and versatility to complement the basic shades with bright details. The furniture here is also made of solid pine, and in addition to classic solutions, the tables have compact and spacious storage areas under the table top.

The key idea here is not only the ability to accommodate as many important things as possible to study and play, but also to maintain perfect order in the room.


This children's furniture is distinguished by its simplicity and democratic price aspect. The table here has a rectangular shape and is completed with easy-to-care and operation stools, also in the form of simple rectangles.The Utter material is polypropylene, however, in its reinforced version. “Utter”, like the “Mammut” series, is not afraid of moisture, cold or heat, it becomes a great ally of rest in the country, but at the same time it is significantly inferior in design. However, such advantages as an affordable price and the absence of small details, for example, screws, make it very popular.


Children's table can be seen in this series. This unique line of furniture is made of acacia wood, famous for its delicate cozy natural tone and high durability. Manufacturers recommend using the model exclusively on the street in the form of a picnic table, shielding from excessive moisture.


When purchasing a children's table, it is important to know everything about the model, its dimensions and functions, because it depends on how much it can decorate and complement the children's interior.

  • So, the model of the children's table "Critter" with a compact size of 59 * 50 cm is well suited for small spaces. In addition, the white color palette will allow you to put it at the window sill, taking up part of the free niche under it. This solution will look very natural, and the usable space will be saved.The choice of a rectangular shape is also not accidental here.

At such a table can accommodate two children, provided the chairs are placed on both sides of the table.

  • Table "Mammut" with a length of 77 cm, a width of 55 cm, and a height of 48 cm, as if created for two kids. It is worth saying that the rectangle in the forms of tables is used by the company with a noticeable frequency. It is comfortable to have toys for tea drinking behind him, as well as to play board games, even if each child has his own game at the table.
  • The Flisat tables are also pleasing. The lengths of the tabletop are 83 cm in the version with containers “Trufast” and 92 cm at the height-changing table are optimal and roomy. However, it is worth talking about each model separately. Thus, the growing “Flisat” table grows with a child, moving from a children's drawing table to a real writing desk for a student. Three levels of height position are at the minimum point of 53 cm and maximum - 72 cm. In addition, this model is able to maintain the correct posture of the baby, because the tabletop, if necessary, can take the desired tilt.

The model from "Flisat" with containers is simpler, but also loved by users.Its main advantage is the possibility of adding containers, because the mess on the table is a common thing for a child of any age.

Bright boxes inserted into a niche table, warn of this, while looking very aesthetically pleasing and modern.

  • Sundwick - another table with compact parameters that can organically blend into the interior of a small nursery. The width and height of 50 cm here is complemented by a good length of 76 cm. The “Sandwick” with a storage compartment is smaller and will be a good choice for one child. Dimensions 58 * 45 * 55 cm are made exclusively for work, because all the excess can be removed in the box. The compartment lid has an adjustable retainer, due to which the risk of pinching fingers is reduced to zero.


The company Ikea is responsible for its reputation, producing furniture only from quality materials. Here, as manufacturers claim, it is almost impossible to see chips and cracks, especially if the furniture is children's.

The most frequent and available material in the company's assortment is solid pine. Beds and dressers are made of it, and therefore when looking for a children's table, parents stop on it.In a natural tree there are no harmful substances emitted into the air, on the contrary, by placing such furniture in the house, you can feel its natural and fresh faint aroma. The disadvantages of the material include its low strength, however, the child's childhood, he is able to withstand proudly and steadfastly.

Today, to replace the wooden table in a hurry plastic table. A frivolous attitude towards him is gradually changing, because foamed polypropylene looks decent and noble, leaving the category of country furniture.

In addition, children's dishes and bottles are made from polypropylene, and therefore there is no doubt about safety.

Some parts of the table tops, for example, the covers are made of plywood or fiberboard. These materials also deserve attention to themselves, being harmless and very accessible.

It should be said that when choosing materials, Ikea is based on two criteria:

  • good quality;
  • good price.

For this combination, the company fell in love with the Russians, because for a small amount of money you can buy decent and stylish products.

Color solutions

The color solutions from Ikea are always very clear in terms of style and psychology.So, pastel and light colors in furniture help to concentrate, relax and relieve the stress of the passing day.

The leader in shades, of course, is a white tone. The color of the purity of the mind and light affects the child positively, without immersing them in dark colors with a long stay reading or lessons.

Muffled brown in children's furniture, although it refers to a dark scale, does not carry a depressing mood. Its warm bright undertone makes the nursery in such tones cozy and homely.

The color palette of the Mammut children's tables and chairs reveals the beauty of pastels. Here are used pink, blue, white and pale green shades.

This separation helps to equip a children's room for a girl and for a boy with a clear color separation.

Reviews on the quality of furniture

The quality of furniture "IKEA" has always pleased and delights buyers. Swedish standards are felt, and if there are shortcomings, it is rarely enough.

So, a lot of positive feedback can be seen on the table "Sundvik" without a storage area. Users love it for simplicity and versatility, not forgetting to point out some flaws.For example, a model from solid pine is poorly painted on the inside. For parents, this is not a big minus, because the bottom of the tabletop is invisible without a high-quality and meticulous inspection, however, such detail can be called an unpleasant surprise. Also, users notice not the highest quality painting, expressed in the formation of chips.

Transforming table "Flisat" - another model that has received excellent reviews. Children from four years old are happy to sit behind this model, drawing and coloring, reading and mastering the letter. A convenient detail here is a cylindrical bar for roll paper. Having unfolded it, the child can draw with pleasure, without being in constant search for paper or album. The ease of assembly and movement of height positions is another plus of the model. Young mothers easily assemble a model on their own, enjoying a successful purchase.

The Critter table also found its customers loving conciseness in everything, but, unfortunately, later disappointed with the quality. So, a thin layer of paint on it is confirmed in almost every review, some of which can be considered sharply negative.Chips and the gradual collapse of paint during active use do not allow to consider such a model practical.

The children's table "Mammut" is especially popular due to the original design, lightness and practical properties. He is great for one-year-old kids, allowing him to independently position him in a room and move freely. However, the ease here can be considered both positive and negative trait. A slight weight of a little more than a kilogram with a slight grazing changes its position, which somewhat annoys moms who love order in everything.

Summarizing reviews of all models, we can conclude about the correctness of the choice of concise designs by the company. Parents love and appreciate simplicity. Coloring is a clear disadvantage, and its drawbacks are seen in almost every model of children's tables. Nevertheless, children's tables "Ikea" are popular, and the reviews about them are mostly positive, which means you should look at such furniture.

Review of one of the tables of the company Ikea, see the following video.

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