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Modular furniture is always of particular convenience and functionality. In the case of combining a computer desk with a closet, you get a comfortable workplace for a nursery or office.

Special features

Often the computer desk is used not only for working on a PC, but also as a main workplace. In the rooms of children and teenagers, he plays the role of a place to study, create and read. It is not very convenient to get up all the time to get a book necessary for work from the closet, especially if the home library is in another room, such as a living room. Therefore, there were computer tables with a cabinet that allows you to store books nearby.

This piece of furniture provides a spacious console with a place to install an LCD monitor or laptop, you can also write on it. Book shelves surround the workplace, allowing you to easily reach the required volume. It will be convenient for students and schoolchildren to keep notebooks, albums and other educational materials in the closet.

Also the cabinet can be equipped with small closed or open niches. The latter, as a rule, are used to install inside the system unit. However, if you have a laptop, not a computer, you can use it as you please. Closed compartments are used to put there paper, books, textbooks or toys when it comes to a children's room.


Computer tables combined with a cabinet come in different models.


A computer desk, combined with shelves, is an ideal option for organizing a place to work and study at home. Large tables are able to replace a separate bookcase. More modest-sized tables with shelves can be used to store the most necessary books and reference books next to the computer.


In addition to stationary computer desks, combined with a cabinet, there are folding and sliding furniture. They can be an ordinary cabinet, where the working console is hidden. However, with one hand movement it is easy to push the work panel and turn it into a desk or place to work on a computer.

Such transforming tables in recent years have gained immense popularity primarily as furnishings for children's rooms. They combine several pieces of furniture at once, which makes them an economical and ergonomic option.

With roll-out shelves

Additional shelves can be extended from under the counter tops. There you can put the keyboard from a stationary computer or use to store paper for the printer. Retractable shelves at the bottom of this item are used for the location of office equipment.

With split top

The working surfaces in the corner tables adjacent to different walls can be placed at different heights. This is done for zoning, for example, separating the work area on the computer from the writing.


Sometimes it is most convenient to hide the console until it is needed, for example, if the desk is not used daily or is the subject of a living room headset.

In such cases, the secretary rescues. This interior element originated in France and is a small cabinet with drawers and storage niches, where the working panel has a folding mechanism.

With add-ons

These are modern models of computer tables with additional shelves above the table top. They can be used to store books, notebooks, CDs and decorative gizmos. For example, a large amount of free space allows you to decorate the working area with photographs within and with memorable souvenirs. They will help to create inspiration while working at the table.

The Bureau

Another popular replacement for the classic desk model. It is a mini-dresser with a high back wall and drawers, which are located not only habitually under the table top, but also above it. In the upper compartments are stored supplies for the letter and other important little things.

This is a very archaic object of design, which is usually an element of Baroque and classical interiors, and serves as a decorative detail rather than a functional one.

With a wardrobe

If desired, you can hide the workplace in the closet. Sliding doors are easy to open to open the console. A chair can also be stored there. This technique helps not to clutter up the space of the bedroom or living room with additional furniture. Also, this option will appeal to those on whose workplace there is always an artistic mess. Above the workplace you can organize roomy shelves.

For clothes

Sometimes modular headsets combine in one element not only a workplace, but also a wardrobe. Although at first glance such a division seems unusual, it is not quite so. An array of cabinet encloses the computer desk from the rest of the room, creating a working area. It is believed that a clear zoning of the room helps a lot in the process of working or relaxing, since a conditioned reflex is produced.

Therefore, people who hardly manage to focus on business at home, you can think about buying such a model. It is very economical, while providing plenty of storage space. Sometimes there is a bed above the table top. Such models are popular in the rooms of children and teenagers.


Corner computer tables come in various sizes and vary in height and width of the table top, as well as in the dimensions of the accompanying accessories.

Even in a small bedroom it is possible to install a corner table with bookshelves or a pencil case. His worktop may be narrower than the office giants, but it is quite enough to ensure comfortable work.Large comfortable tables are most often located in apartments in living rooms when it is decided to allocate several zones in this room, including work areas, or in the offices of private offices and offices.

In addition, they are ideal for children, since textbooks or an album for drawing and materials for creative work can be placed on a spacious worktop. Often, when doing crafts for this purpose, the floor is used, but a large computer desk can solve this problem.

Most preferred are the average height of the model: about 80-90 centimeters. They will suit an adult of medium height or teenager. Children's furniture rulers have special dimensions corresponding to the growth of a child of a certain age.

The width of the tabletop also starts from 80 centimeters. This is a more individual indicator, and a suitable model should be selected based on your own needs and the size of the room.


Modern production allows to produce furniture of any color: from natural with a woody structure to bright and aggressive. It is recommended to choose more neutral options, especially for office furniture. Tables of black or light wood are perfect for any interior.Looks beautiful furniture color of tea tree. It has a rich selection of colors and looks cozy and cheerful. Bright plastic tables are most convenient in children's rooms, but you need to be prepared for the fact that such furniture will soon get tired or have to be changed during repairs.

How to choose?

To choose a table for a computer, you need to pay attention to several factors:

  • The size of the work surface. On the console should be easily fit all the necessary things, and above all - technology.
  • Dimensions. Choosing a piece of furniture, you need to come to the store with the measurements already made and clearly know what table the width and length can be placed in a particular room.
  • Spaciousness. The advantage of the combined tables is just in the extra storage space for books and other things. Therefore, the more shelves and additional compartments at the table, the better.
  • Convenience. The table should fit the person in height so that he maintains the correct posture. You also need to make sure that the monitor is sufficiently distant from the eyes of the computer worker. For this, the width of the table top must be at least 80 cm.
  • Strength. All fastenings must be strong, and fittings without gaps and cracks.The legs and other elements of the table must be of high quality and withstand the weight of the table and additional things.
  • Material. Modern luxury tables are made from solid wood. They are heavy and large and are suitable for businessmen and high-ranking officials.

Most of these pieces of furniture are made of chipboard. They are much cheaper in price, but almost as good as they are and can serve for years. It is an eco-friendly and durable material. Manufacturers also produce plastic tables or furniture with metal elements for modern interiors. All these materials are durable and proven in the manufacture of furniture, so the choice depends only on personal preference.

It is imperative that the design of the table is in harmony in color and style with the other elements of the room.

Options in the interior

Getting to the difficult process of choosing a comfortable and functional desk, first of all you need to familiarize yourself with ready-made examples of the use of this piece of furniture in the interior.

The laconic monochrome design of the cabinet makes it look good in any interior.It will be appropriate even in the office. This piece of furniture perfectly combines open and closed areas. The table is equipped with a side case for storing books or other things, as well as a spacious storage compartment. He has a very comfortable nightstand with a drawer in which you can store personal items or stationery. Above the console there are shelves for placing books. Another advantage of the table is a sliding shelf for the keyboard. The width of the tabletop allows you to keep the monitor at a sufficient distance from the eyes.

This model is a great example of modular furniture. It is functional, stylish and does not need additional items. To create a complete bedroom furniture, you just need to add a sleeping place.

A spacious corner computer desk is indispensable for a student or a schoolboy. The size of the working surface makes it easy to place as a stationary computer, and leaves room for writing letters. This parameter is of great importance in this case, since the table does not have a sliding shelf for the keyboard. But it is equipped with a stand for the system unit.Superstructure allows you to comfortably place all the necessary books and textbooks. They will always be at hand. In addition, this piece of furniture has an additional compartment for books in the adjacent bedside table with drawers.

Stylish and youth desk, which is also suitable for working at the computer. It is designed like a bar counter. Comes with a small cabinet with two drawers, which can serve as a stand for office equipment. The table is combined with a spacious bookcase. The advantage of the model is that it can be placed anywhere in the room, including in the corner. Placing it in the center, you can create an interesting zoning effect. The white color of the module refreshes the room.

An unusual computer table in the form of a ladder, combined with shelves, will appeal to fans of modern and extraordinary pieces of furniture. Although outwardly the model seems unstable, this is not at all the case, since its shelves are attached directly to the wall. They are very narrow, so they make the wardrobe, rather, an excellent decoration of any room than a full-fledged workplace. The model is made of presentable dark wood, which looks especially elegant in combination with a leather chair and vases made of ceramic in contrasting colors.

The minimalism of the table-secretary makes this piece of furniture extremely attractive. The console is folding, that is, it becomes a working panel as needed, and the rest of the time it is a cabinet door. Several shelves allow you to arrange the most necessary. In addition, for this purpose, you can use the upper surface of the cabinet. This is a very convenient option for small rooms, but we must bear in mind that it’s impossible to locate a stationary PC here. And you should avoid putting heavy objects on the table cover, because even the most durable fasteners can break if they are overloaded.

More sophisticated and fanciful version of the secretary. Made in white color and complemented by black fittings, it requires impeccable taste in order to properly fit it into the interior. Numerous drawers and shelves make up a convenient cabinet. Here you can place a lot of books, and this is the fundamental criterion when choosing a bookcase. Closed zones are located only in the lower part of the table, so visually the cabinet looks more elegant. In addition, the shelves at the top are made in the form of a ladder: larger sections at the bottom and smaller at the top.This only enhances the effect.

A modest-sized, elegant work console can be folded down if necessary.

Unusually beautiful and miniature antique bureau made of natural wood will be a great addition to the office. It can be stunningly complemented by matching accessories and antique figures or photo frames. Furniture that is not only functional but also beautiful is an excellent choice in interior design.

Overview wardrobe with a computer desk, see the following video.

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