Changing tables from Ikea

 Changing tables from Ikea

Such a practical piece of furniture, as a changing table, has long been loved by the kids and their mothers. On its surface it is convenient to change the baby, change the diaper, arrange an air bath for the baby or have a massage. The stores and catalogs feature a large number of changing tables, but even in this variety, Ikea models are very noticeable, having good user characteristics and a reputation for quality products from a well-known brand.

Features and benefits

Ikea offers to its customers changing tables of various price segments. The most simple products, for example, the portable model “Vedra”, are made of plastic, have a very modest price tag and will “fit” even into the most economical budget of a young family.

For better-off parents, this brand produces changing tables, combined with a chest of drawers or a wardrobe, as well as transforming tables. To date, 6 different models have been developed, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages, but all of them are equipped with a changing surface on which the mother can conveniently place the newborn for carrying out the care procedures.

Folding table, which is hung on the wall, will help save space in a small room. Parents can take a portable or folding piece of furniture with them on a trip or use it in their country house. A table combined with a bookcase will be convenient for storing children's essentials and will be useful later for placing household things, as well as a table combined with a rack or cabinet. A transforming table can be converted into a writing table for children's creativity after the time has passed.


Brand Ikea offers furniture in the form of collections or series in which you can pick up virtually all the necessary items for the design of a nursery and arrange them together to create a balanced interior.At the moment there are several collections of furniture for babies, having in their composition a variety of changing tables.

These are such series as:


This series includes:

  • children's bed;
  • wardrobe;
  • changing table, combined with a shelf.


This is one of the most developed series, having in its composition:

  • several options for cots;
  • sliding teenage beds;
  • wardrobes;
  • children's tables;
  • rocking chairs and chairs;
  • changing tables;
  • dressers with built-in changing table.


This series is presented:

  • frame for children's beds;
  • directly bed itself;
  • a changing table with two shelves;


This is a series that includes:

  • several models of high children's chairs designed for feeding babies;
  • folding wall table for swaddling infants;


This series is the most diverse and consists of:

  • several options for sliding teenage beds;
  • desks;
  • shelves for shoes and hats;
  • hangers;
  • sideboards;
  • thumbs;
  • chests;
  • various chests of drawers;
  • children's dressers with changing table.


The series includes, in addition to the changing table integrated into the cabinet, also:

  • cupboard with shelves section;
  • wardrobe;
  • crib.

Popular models

Among the most popular and popular models of changing tables from Ikea among buyers can be noted the following:

  • "Antelope". Quite a lot of reviews about such a model as "Antelope". This table is wall mounted and can be hung anywhere and at the height that is most convenient for its owner. This table is made of a metal tubular base, which is wearing a soft and durable polyester cover.

In the unfolded form, the entire hinged construction resembles a slightly open book. The upper part is divided into several transparent polyethylene pockets, convenient for storing small items. The changing surface is provided with sides, covered with a pleasant to the touch coating. The table is equipped with a mattress of polyurethane foam.

  • Henswick. This changing table-rack is also a cabinet at the same time, as it has a built-in shelf.It is designed taking into account the possibility of dismantling the foam surface, so that the product will be converted into a rack. The dimensions of the changing surface, as the buyers say, are very comfortable, the solid base creates a reliable support, the high sides prevent the child from slipping to the floor.

The disadvantages of buyers include swaying structures while pressing on the edge. Manufacturers have taken into account this inconvenience and recommends fixing the table-rack "Hensvik" to the wall with the help of fastening hinges included in the kit.

  • "Sniglar" - it is a low convenient shelf with a changing surface, fenced on four sides with flanges and fitted with a shelf. The advantages of the shelf, judging by the reviews of customers, are that there are items of children's wardrobe and baby care products on it. The design has a small weight, it is convenient to transfer it even to fragile women, which mothers, who are supporters of frequent furniture rearrangements, write about with pleasure.

To the inconvenience include the moment that children's things are on a completely open surface and often gathering dust.To compensate for this inconvenience, the manufacturer recommends purchasing universal containers to accommodate children's things that require special cleanliness.

  • Model "Gulliver" - This is also a modification of the table, combined with a bookcase, equipped with three shelves and beautiful lattice side racks. The dimensions of this product correspond to its name, and, as noted by buyers, require the presence of sufficient free space in the nursery.
  • Lexvik is a diaper located on the top cover of the dresser. This chest of drawers is located on fairly high comfortable legs, and, in addition to the changing table, has several pull-out drawers and a shelf. This design, according to customers, is convenient, it is equipped with a spacious diaper, which, as moms write, is comfortable even for an older child.

Also, "Leksvik" has a universal height, at which it is very convenient to dress the baby. Due to the presence of drawers and storage shelves in the model, it is possible to use this product not only during the changing period.

  • Model "Stuva" - This is a changing chest transformer.It has a changing table top, three large drawers and three shelves, comfortable sides and the ability to change the height of the changing surface. The stable design and the ability to set a different height of the tabletop allow you to use this model almost until the child reaches the age of one.

For an older child, the Stuva changing table can be turned into a writing desk for creativity.


Models of changing tables, which are represented by the Ikea brand, are very different in the size of the changing surface, which is largely influenced by the dimensions of the product. For example, the portable table “Vedra”, which is positioned by the manufacturer as a compact model for installation on a regular dining table, sofa or parental bed, is 74 cm long and 48 cm wide. Thus, the “Vedra” will be convenient for newborns, but not suitable for changing clothes for babies with a height of more than 70 cm or for overweight children.

Folding changing table "Antelope" has a somewhat greater length and width, its dimensions - 74 * 78 cm.

Changing table rack "Hensvik", combined with the shelf, has the following dimensions: width - 75 cm, depth - 76 cm, height - 161 cm.Height in this case means the location of the upper shelf of the rack, and while the diaper is at a quite convenient height for the average height of the woman from the floor surface. These sizes are also designed for babies with a height of no more than 70 cm.

The two-tier table - the “Sniglar” shelf has a length of 72 cm, a width of 53 cm, a height of 87 cm.

The three-tier table-shelf "Gulliver" is slightly larger in size: length - 82 cm, width - 54 cm, height - 93 cm.

Changing table "Lesvik", combined with a chest of drawers, even more in size: its width - 86 cm, depth - 78 cm, height - 94 cm.

Another model of the chest with a changing surface - "Sundvik", more variable in size. It is possible to purchase a product having a width of 79 cm and a depth of 51 cm, although it is possible to order a more voluminous version having a depth of 87 cm. The height of the product can also be chosen by the customer according to his own preferences, from a minimum of 99 cm to a maximum of 108 cm.

These models will serve as a table for swaddling for a longer period, because they can comfortably accommodate a child of 80 cm or more in height.

The transformer changing table “Stuva” is distinguished by the largest dimensions.Made in the form of a deep dresser, it has the most spacious changing table top, 90 cm wide and 79 cm deep; the height of the dresser "Stuva" is 102 cm.


Most of the Ikea changing tables are made from an array of different types of wood. Most often it is a pine, characterized by such qualities of wood as:

  • High content of phytoncides, which are antibacterial substances and capable of disinfecting the air;
  • Nice drawing;
  • Softness of wood requiring careful handling to avoid dents.

Pine made frames of the models "Leksvik" and "Sundvik."

Natural birch wood with the following properties is also used:

  • High strength;
  • Durability;
  • Subtle pleasant aroma, which has slight antibacterial properties.

Birch wood is used in the Gulliver model.

Another natural material is beech wood, which belongs to the premium class and has the following characteristics:

  • Strength;
  • Durability;
  • Beautiful pattern surface.

With the use of the beech frame, the model of the changing table “Sniglar” was made.

Chipboard and fiberboard, which are pressed wooden chips and small sawdust, are also often present in the design of Ikea changing tables. Since we are talking about a European manufacturer, buyers of this product can be sure that all adhesive materials have international certificates confirming the absence of formaldehyde and harmful resinous impurities in their composition and guaranteeing the safety of the material.

With the use of MDF and chipboard, the models “Stuva”, “Sniglar”, “Leksvik”, “Sundvik” and “Hensvik” were made. Some models use MDF recognized as an environmentally friendly material, since it is made by pressing wood dust, sawdust and lignin glue produced from wood. These are the Hensvik and Gulliver models.

In folding models of changing tables, the frame is made of steel tubes of different diameters, with a significant margin of safety. The frame is usually put on an awning or a cover of polyester. According to this principle, the model "Antelope" and "Spoling."

Color solutions

Changing tables, which offers its customers the brand Ikea, can have the following color variations:

  • The natural color of natural wood, which is somewhat different depending on the type of wood and additional processing:
    1. beech has a natural light straw color;
    2. an array of birch, featuring a delicate sunny shade;
    3. solid pine covered with stain wood tones antique, which has a honey color.
  • The snow-white color, which is obtained thanks to the coating with acrylic enamel.
  • Combined options that combine shades of natural wood and white enamel.
  • Gray brown shades.
  • The combination of white and lime enamel.

Quality Reviews

In cases where a potential buyer begins to be interested in reviews on the quality of Ikea changing tables, a pleasant surprise awaits him. In the majority of reviews for various models, the quality of their performance by consumers is rated very high. As for the Antelope model, many reviews report that such a baby changer helped raise two children and did not lose its characteristics, didn’t “peel off,” the polyethylene didn’t tear on the pockets, and the fasteners were securely fixed in the wall.

Models-shelves "Sniglar" and "Gulliver", as buyers say, with honor can withstand the weight of the child, after six or seven months of intensive use do not begin to creak and do not crack.

Many customers are satisfied with the quality of the “Stuva” transformer changing table, which continues to serve regularly for grown-up children, but already as a practical desk. The only complaint encountered in the reviews for this product is the lack of closers on the chest of drawers.

The “Lexwick” model is considered by many to be the best changing table that can be purchased for a similar price.

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