Swaddling tables with bath

 Swaddling tables with bath

Now in stores where goods for babies are sold, there is a large selection of modern products that are designed to facilitate the care of the baby. Many manufacturers offer changing tables with a bath for swimming. Not all parents know whether such products are needed, whether it is convenient to use them.

What it is?

Changing table with bath is produced by many companies whose activities are aimed at the production of goods for children. As the name implies, this piece of furniture consists of a table where you can undress and dress a child, and a bath, located in most models under it. Often, this accessory is equipped with various shelves for detergents.

Special features

In anticipation of the child, many think that a changing table is an unnecessary thing, and even bundled with a bathroom is something incomprehensible. But this is far from the case.By purchasing this piece of furniture, moms make it easier to take care of the baby.

Many women after childbirth begins to hurt back, and this is no accident. In recent months, there is a strong load on the spine, which leads to this problem.

Often, leaning toward a baby on a low bed is problematic for the mother. Here a changing table comes to the rescue. In addition, this product usually has sides on the edges, which will not allow the child to fall at the moment when you reach for the diaper.

The bath, which comes with this item, will also be quite convenient. First, it does not require a separate storage space, the bath is already built into the changing table. Above it also does not need to bend low, which is convenient for the back.

The bath has an anatomical shape. You do not have to buy additional accessories for swimming. In most models there are wheels, which allows for the procedure of bathing almost anywhere in the apartment.

Do not fear that such changing tables are unstable and can leave. The wheels have brakes that securely fix the furniture at the desired point.In addition, the bath, built into the changing table, has a drain. You do not have to lift it or scoop out water with a ladle.

The disadvantages of the changing table with built-in bath can be attributed only to small dimensions, the baby quickly grows out of it. But by the time the child can already be bathed in a large bath.


In the market of children's goods, a changing table with a bath is available in different versions. Here are the most interesting models:

  • Neonato Riccione. This model is made in Italy. Here the changing table is created in the form of funny little animals: an elephant, a turtle. The tub has a drainage tube, which is convenient for draining water.

The model is equipped with additional shelves for storing shampoos, foams, soaps. It folds easily, which saves space in small apartments. An innovative mechanism for tilting the changing table reliably protects against accidental release of the cover and the fall of the baby.

  • Geuther Aqualino. This model is intended only for use in the bathroom. The table is mounted directly on the bath itself. It is convenient because you do not need to fold the mattress after undressing the child. You can immediately decompose the product.

Then the changing mat will be on the side of the bath, and you can easily move the baby from the table to the bath and back. On the sides, this item is equipped with various recesses for storing soap supplies and toys.

  • Cosatto Easi. The model is also equipped with a soft mattress for changing, a bath with a drain and a variety of trays for storing shampoos, lotions, creams and much more that you will need to use during and after bathing. There is also a bottom shelf where it is convenient to place towels and diapers. The table is equipped with comfortable wheels with clamps that allow you to move furniture to any place of your home.
  • Brevi Acgua. The modern design of this product will not leave indifferent any mother. A comfortable changing table is equipped with soft high sides around the perimeter, which will reliably protect your baby from falling.

The mattress reclines with one hand and you get access to an ergonomic bath. In addition, this piece of furniture has a large number of trays for storing things that you may need during hygiene procedures. The table can be used without using a bath.Reliable hook will not allow the changing mat to lie back without your desire.

  • Chicco Cuddle & Bubb. This table is also equipped with a soft changing mat with a comfortable pillow, an anatomical bath, trays for hygiene items and towels. In addition, the model has a removable bucket, which easily helps to rinse the baby after bathing - for example, a decoction of soothing herbs. The main difference of this model is that the table can be adjusted in height.

How to use?

Using a changing table with a bath is quite simple. If the piece of furniture is folding, then before use it must be expanded. Then you need to pick up all the children's cosmetics that you need during and after bathing. Put it in a convenient department, which is equipped with all models. Prepare a towel.

Access the bath and fill it with water. Remember: until the umbilical wound has healed, you should use boiled water. Check its temperature, it should not exceed 37 degrees. Remember that the water in the bath cools by 0.5 degrees while you undress the child.

  • Secure the changing table to avoid tilting.
  • Lock the wheels, if available on your model.
  • Put the baby on the changing table and strip it.
  • Raise the baby in your arms, fold it or move the mattress back (this action depends on the model).
  • Now you can bathe the baby.
  • After the procedure, return the changing table in place. Do not forget to fix it.
  • Put the baby on it, carry out all the necessary procedures, put the baby on.
  • Using a drainage tube, drain the water from the bath. This can be done directly or using a bucket.
  • Wipe the bath with a soft cloth, if necessary, fold or use as a changing table throughout the day.

Cost of

The cost of the changing table with bath for bathing is different, it depends not only on the model, but also on the manufacturer. The simplest model can be purchased for 4500 rubles. The most expensive of these products will be a table made of solid wood. Its price comes to 18,000 rubles.


A baby bath complete with a changing table is a handy thing. This is confirmed by mothers who have already bought such products. They say that such a baby care item can be used during the day (forchanging clothes of a child), and in the evening (for swimming).

Conveniently, all items for swimming can be located in one place. No need to bend over the bath, the baby is conveniently located in it.

Some are not very happy with the size of the models. Many people do not like the fact that the bath is very small. However, the manufacturer indicates that these products can be used for children weighing up to 15 kg. Some do not like the dimensions of this piece of furniture in general. For bathrooms in standard Russian apartments it is too big, and it has to be stored somewhere in the room.

Of course, reviews are very different. However, most consumers are still satisfied with the acquired furniture. The main thing is to trust exclusively reliable manufacturers.

A video review of the Chicco "Cuddle & Bubble" changing table can be viewed below.

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