Changing tables with their own hands

 Changing tables with their own hands

When parents make a list of things needed for the newborn, it must include a cot, a stroller, a small bath and many other things. Not everyone has this list with a changing table, although this thing makes life easier for the newly-made mother. In addition, it is not necessary to buy a changing table, it is quite possible to make it yourself.


A young child has to change clothes at least several times a day. A newborn is often changed a diaper, change clothes after and before bedtime, change clothes before going out. In general, it turns out at least 5 disguises per day. Women after childbirth often complain of back pain, so it is very difficult for them to bend over the sofa every time. With the help of the changing table, the process of dressing the baby will be much easier.

On the changing table also It is very convenient to carry out gymnastics and massage to the baby. It is a hard and flat surface that is considered ideal for carrying out these procedures. In addition, in the first months of the child's life, when the doctor often comes home to conduct an examination, such a table is also very useful.

In terms of security, the changing table is more advantageous than a regular sofa. Typically, a pelenator assumes the presence of shelves and drawers where you can store diapers and cosmetics for a newborn. Thus, when dressing baby Everything you need is immediately at hand with my mother. Even when the baby can turn over and crawl, the mother will always be there to hold his hand. Changing dressers will help mom until the baby reaches the age of 1 year.


Changing tables are of the following types:

  • soft changing boards;
  • Pelenators;
  • special dressers;
  • suspended models;
  • transforming pelenatora.

The first option is considered the most simple and economical, as it is easy to do it yourself. This board can be transported and installed on the desired surface.It is equipped with special bumpers that do not allow the baby to fall. On the surface of the board there is a special waterproof material. Pelenator-board is very convenient to take with you on a trip.

Frame for the bookcase can be a wooden, plastic or metal material. Its design includes several shelves or drawers, as well as a hard or soft changing board. On changing station table shelf You can store small things baby like diapers, wet wipes or cosmetics.

Special A chest of drawers provides quite a lot of storage space for your baby. It differs from the previous version in greater capacity. Changing board can be removable.

But keep in mind that such a chest of drawers requires a lot of space and will not work for a small room.

Ideal for small rooms suspended models of pelenator. They are mounted on the wall and, if necessary, recline. They can additionally attach pockets for storing small items. Their folding mechanism saves space and is easy to use.

Transforming tables harder to manufacture, but they will last longer. When the child grows up, they can be converted into a children's table, at which it will be convenient to play and practice.

Selection of materials

When making your own tables, you need to very carefully select the necessary materials. The most important condition - materials must be safe and environmentally friendly.

The ideal frame material is natural wood. But in terms of cost, it greatly exceeds other options. In addition, the wooden frame will be quite heavy. Therefore, they often prefer its cheaper counterparts - particle board or MDF. Their strength is sufficient for the manufacture of a reliable frame.


A soft changing board is made with filler and waterproof material. The filler can be foam or holofiber. The last option is hypoallergenic, which is especially important for newborns. A cheap and practical alternative can be a terry towel, which must be folded several times. To make a waterproof surface, use the usual oilcloth, which is available in pharmacies.

When using varnishes or paints you need to make sure that they are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. There are special materials that are designed for the design of children's room and furniture. They dry quickly and do not have an unpleasant smell. It is important to hide all accessories and small parts well, so that the baby does not get hurt.


The stationary changing table attached to the wall is very comfortable to use. The place under it can be used for storing toys or other children's trifles. The design of the wall mounted pelenator includes a board, side edges and corners supporting the frame. In accordance with the required dimensions of the future table, a drawing is made, according to which parts are cut from chipboard or wood.

Such a pelenator does not rely on any surface, so you need to pay special attention to ensure that its design is durable and safe. She must hold the maximum possible weight of the child.

It is important that the wall on which the structure will be mounted is strong. Walls made from plasterboard may not hold the pendant.


A folding table for swaddling is also mounted on the wall, but it saves even more space than a fixed one.When folded, it is almost invisible. As in the previous version, it is important to take care of the reliability of the structure, since it lacks support.

That part of the structure, which is mounted on the wall, can be additionally equipped with shelves for storing trifles. Thus, everything necessary for changing the child will be at hand with mom. In addition, the presence of additional shelves will make the design even more sustainable.

The hinged cover of the pelenator is installed on gas lifts. This prevents spontaneous slamming or opening of the structure.

Folding changing table can be adapted for the bathroom. But because of the high humidity in the room, it is necessary to carefully select the material for the homemade changing table and paint. Water repellent paint prevents the frame from swelling and mold.


Portable changing tables are convenient in that they can be fixed on any surface, be it a crib or bath. They represent a swaddling board with sides on both sides.

To make a homemade portable table, you must purchase several sheets of chipboard, mesh for sanding. It is most convenient to saw parts with an electric jigsaw.Also have to use fasteners, primer and paint.

As a base for the pelenator, you can take a board about 1 m long and 60 cm wide. The length of the side edges should correspond to the base length, their height does not exceed 10 cm. You can add a third bar at the head of the child.

First you need to sand the frame and prime it, and then apply the paint. The design is fastened with screws. On the hard surface of the board need a pad. This can be a homemade mattress.

Chest of drawers

It is quite possible to make a pelenator-dresser on your own from scratch or to take as a basis the dresser in the house slightly improve it.

In case there is a ready-made dresser of suitable height at home, it is enough for him to make a changing board. To do this, measure the length and width of the dresser. And then cut a suitable board from a sheet of chipboard.

If the house does not have a suitable tool, you can do the work to order in the store building materials.

On the resulting slab impose foam rubber, adding 2 cm on each side. Next, the oilcloth is cut with allowances of 20 cm. The foam rubber is glued to the board and the whole structure is wrapped with oilcloth.It should be well stretched. Fix the edges with a furniture stapler.

You can attach the board to the dresser using special velcro closures. There are very strong fasteners that will not allow the board to move along the surface of the dresser. When the baby grows up and the changing table is not needed, it can be removed and removed from the chest of drawers without any problems.

For the manufacture of fully chest with a changing board will have to spend much more effort. Need accurate measurements and calculations. Of course, it will be easier for someone who has at least some carpentry skills. But the independently made changing chest will meet all the necessary sizes and wishes of the owners, which means that it will fit into the interior of the room as well as possible.

Variations of changing tables allow everyone to choose the model that best suits all requirements. Home-made tables will help to significantly save finances.

In this case, this thing in terms of functionality and practicality can be easily attributed to the list of mandatory dowry for the baby, because it greatly simplifies the life of the mother.

On how to make a changing table with your own hands, you will see in the next video.

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