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When setting up a children's room, you should think especially about what kind of writing desk your child will be doing. The success of your offspring depends on how well you select it. How to choose it correctly and which models will fit in your baby’s nursery better? Read in our article.

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Features and benefits

Modern manufacturers represent different types of desks for schoolchildren in various style, color, textured embodiment. You can easily choose your favorite option. The main advantages of these products:

  • Comfort and practicality. The writing desk will help the student to comfortably and conveniently do his homework and do various tasks. It is important to choose the right table in size, style and color. Do not forget to ask about the preferences and your child. After all, it is him to study at the table.
  • Variety of options.There are many models that embody various design ideas. They differ in size, design, functionality. At the same time, you can choose a desk for your stylistic concept of both the apartment as a whole and the children's room individually.
  • Environmental friendliness and safety. The main criteria by which each parent should be guided is the safety of hanging out your child, even at the desk. After all, the health of the child - the main priority. The desk should consist of environmentally friendly materials that do not emit toxic substances. It is better to use wood. It will help extend the life of your desk. The product will look presentable and stylish.
  • Durability and reliability. These indicators also need to pay attention. After all, how durable the desk will depend on its service life, as well as the effective preservation of the original properties.
  • Ergonomic. This indicator is also considered the main one in modern apartments, especially in those where there is no extra space. In this case, the table should be comfortable for use by the child.It is necessary to choose a model, according to his age. This will contribute to the correct physical development of the body, the formation of correct posture. According to medical recommendations, the worktop should have a width of more than one meter, and a depth of more than sixty meters.
  • Functionality. A modern desk for the student should be functional, that is, have all the necessary drawers, shelves, convenient devices for storing and accommodating the necessary supplies. It can be various textbooks, notebooks, figurines, etc.
  • Aesthetics. Another important parameter. He says that the product must comply with the general style concept, as well as please the parents and their children. A beautiful table will help to charge a positive mood, will invigorate and improve the atmosphere in the house.


Today, there are many varieties of desks that you can purchase for your child. The only question is the price, the materials used and your preferences. For example, a popular children's corner table looks great. These modern models are located in the corner of the room, where the wall,freeing up the rest of the space. This table is ergonomic, high functionality, comfort and convenience. The product will optimally fit even into the smallest apartment, into the narrowest room, perfectly suitable for a large house.

You can often find a desk for a student with a rack, with a bookshelf, with a drawer, with drawers. Such options will be optimal for the child, because you can perfectly organize your space, it is convenient to store textbooks, exercise books, other important accessories. If desired, they can be easily obtained. In addition, it teaches the child to be organized, to clean things in their places.

If you do not want to spend money constantly, buying a table in accordance with the child's age, then you can buy models with adjustable legs. If necessary, you can change the height in accordance with the growth of the child. Such an adjustable (or growing) table will be optimal for lessons, no matter what class your child is in. In addition, this ergonomic option will help save space in the nursery.

The functional desk-desk of the school type will allow the student not to relax even at home.He will simulate the learning process, which means that your son will be able to get together before writing homework. The transforming table will help to adjust the level of the tabletop, the height of the legs. Compact models are suitable for writing, even for young students.

For fruitful activities you can purchase a loft bed with a desk. Upstairs, your baby will have a cozy resting place where the bed and orthopedic mattress will be located. At the bottom there will be a compact desktop or a small computer table where the child will be able to do tasks, both on the computer and in writing.

In a family where there is more than one child, you should consider options for two children at once. So you can buy a double table for 2 children and arrange the furniture nearby. Your children will be engaged and grow together. Such models for two places are now gaining popularity.

Folding / folding table will effectively save space. When your child needs to work out, you can organize a decent workplace for him. After active work, it will be possible to fold the table, thereby increasing the space around for games and other things.To such options can be attributed, and the table-bed, table secretary. Folding options are quite functional, they are invisible, they will allow the table to grow from a variety of objects.

Another interesting and fashionable model is a table built into the window sill. It is quite practical. In addition, it is at the window most will be natural light. And this is important for the health of the student.

Perfect fit into your home and modular furniture. The table can be with a case, with a case. There the student will keep all the necessary things. Also, the tables are different in form. It can be rectangular, round, oval. Choose the option that is right for you.

There is also a special desk bureau. It is a written version with a retractable lid, shelves and drawers. There you can fold paper and notebooks.

Thus, based on the diversity of species, you will definitely choose an option for the children's room of your child. And remember, the main thing in choosing the best place to study is comfort and convenience. Let your child feel comfortable. That is what will contribute to fruitful and efficient work.


When you choose a desk for the student you need to be guided by the size of the room. Based on this and with your style, you need to choose the size of the table. Look at all dimensions and parameters:

  • Height and width. You bought a table, and it’s too big and big for your child, then you shouldn’t despair. Purchase an additional special chair / chair that can be adjusted in height. If the situation is just the opposite and you have bought a small and low table, then your child will sit unevenly behind it in the process. This will increase the risk of spinal curvature.

It is worth noting that according to sanitary standards the student should be placed at the table so that his elbows are placed freely on the tabletop. The legs should stand on the floor and bend at an angle of ninety degrees.

  • Wide countertop. This is another important parameter. After all, the student should be on the table all the necessary items for classes. He should also write and write freely and comfortably. Therefore, a wide tabletop is a must. The depth should be from sixty centimeters.Under the table, the space should be at least 50 * 50 centimeters.
  • Rate the quality of the materials from which the table is made. Usually furniture for children is made of laminated chipboard, using standard parameters according to GOST. The best material is considered to be solid wood furniture. Such products will serve you for a long time. At the same time, such models will be more expensive. There are options of plastic, glass. They will be cheaper, but their service life will be much lower.

Of course, first graders will not be able to carefully monitor their workplace. Therefore, a variety of damage to the working surface. Therefore, it is better to choose an average table for the price category.

Colors and decor

As for the color of the embodiment, the decor, then there are no specific tips. It should be guided by their own preferences and preferences of your baby. By the way, the latter is also important. Before buying a desk, first of all, ask the child how he wants to see his desk. If his wishes do not coincide with yours, you should not take it in a sharp form.It is better to ask calmly, why, say, he is attracted to a given color or shape? And you can also explain your position. Only in this way can a compromise be reached.

A modern table can have the most unusual design, combine several functions, while being compact and stylish. Choose a model based on the overall concept. So, the best option would be a white desk for the student. Light shades help increase visual space. Your baby will also wash better to concentrate on learning. Adjust the white color and in a positive way.

In accordance with the table, you can pick up the same shade of chairs, ottomans, or vice versa, play on the contrast. In this case, the element of white must be present in the design of the nursery. You can entrust the stylish organization of space to experienced designers or create your own individual fashionable solution yourself.

For those who want to create a positive mood, recharge, bring a fresh stream into the interior, you can recommend brighter colors. This can be a blue, yellow, green table. It should also organically fit into the color concept of the room.For younger girls you can use pink tones. They will talk about the romantic nature.


Every parent wants to buy a good quality table for their child. It should take into account what material the product consists of. If you want the model to serve you faithfully for a long time, it is better to choose solid wood furniture. This option will be the most practical, albeit more expensive. It is worth remembering that it is the wooden table that is safer for children. Wood is an eco-friendly material that does not cause allergies.

There are decent options for chipboard. Such tables also have high technological properties, while their cost will be lower than that of wood. Such models, when used correctly, will also serve you for a long time. You can choose interesting models for design ideas, color and please your child.

Laminated chipboard is another option for making tables. It is not at all environmentally friendly. When buying such furniture, you should definitely see the security certificate. If the budget allows you to make a more expensive purchase from better materials,it is better to give up LDSP.

MDF is another quality type of raw material from which writing tables for schoolchildren are made. It is not inferior to the environmental and safety of natural wood. Its advantage is that this material reacts less to various harmful factors, such as moisture, direct sunlight, mechanical friction.

Thus, the term of its operation will depend on the quality of the material of which the table consists. If you want your child to take care of a safe product, it is better to spend some money and buy a really worthwhile model.

How to choose

Choosing a desk for your child should be especially careful. Before you go to the store, decide on the purpose of the table and plans for its future use. Maybe the child will need to perform not only school assignments, but also engage in creativity, reading, embroidery and other types of work. Therefore, the design should include shelves and drawers so that there is a necessary place to accommodate all the necessary items, no matter for the girl, this table is meant for the boy too.

Choose a model for the student of any class, based on safety, comfort and convenience. For preschoolers, children 5 years old, you can choose a children's colorful table. There the kid will be able to hone his writing skills. For younger students, for children 6 and 7 years old, it is better not to choose expensive options, since the child can easily accidentally ruin the surface. The main thing that the table was comfortable.

For 18 years, the child can already buy a more modern and modernized model. Consider your child’s needs and preferences first.

How to do it yourself

Desk for the student can be purchased at any specialty store. However, if you want to create your own original model, you can do it yourself. To do this, you need a plan, detailed drawings, the necessary tools, materials and patience.

If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to entrust the work to highly qualified specialists. They will correctly and quickly make an order on an individual plan. So you can effectively save money, your nerves and gain a quality writing desk for your child.

How to sit and organize

In order for a child to be healthy, effectively engaged and striving for knowledge, it is important to properly organize the place of his study. Put the table should be in the place where there is more natural light, that is, next to the window. The child should do homework in a place where there is good lighting. Additionally, it is worth putting a lamp.

Correct fit will ensure your child has the correct posture. The baby should sit so that the elbows are completely on the tabletop, and the legs are on the floor at a 90 degree angle. The table top must be wide so that you can put all the necessary accessories for your child. Also, the space should be clean and well organized to teach the baby to order. Try to get out with him first. Then the child will learn to do it yourself.

It is advisable not to have plexiglass on the table, glass, so that the kid does not accidentally hurt himself. However, there may be an overlay of glass.

Manufacturers Overview

Many well-known manufacturers offer to purchase a variety of desks for schoolchildren. They differ in shape, size, functionality.Here are some interesting models worth noting:


This model is represented by a growing desk. This table is ideal for students of lower grades and for high school students. The inclination of the table top can be easily adjusted. Thus, you will establish a comfortable arrangement of a table for occupations. The table has a special plastic lining. There is also a hook on which you can conveniently hang a briefcase. The peculiarity of this manufacturer is taking care of every child. The product is made of environmentally friendly materials that will not harm you or your child. Every baby will appreciate the comfort and convenience.


The well-known Belarusian company is famous for high quality goods, practicality and durability. The production of tables is based on natural wood. It can be alder, beech, cherry. There are cheaper options that will have wood boards. In this case, the table can not be adjusted in height. This problem can be easily solved by purchasing a special chair.

There are both classic and original models with designer designs. Additional drawers create convenience and comfort.There you can put the necessary things, books, notebooks. You and your child will appreciate the functionality and practicality of each model.

How much is

As for the price, you should not save on your child. It is better to purchase a quality model that will last you a long time. However, there are situations when for some reason you cannot do it right away. Then you can choose cheaper options from chipboard, MDF, plastic. Of course, they will not serve you as long as models that are made of wood, but you can save on price.

Ideas in the interior

Another major headache of parents - how to arrange a desk in the nursery? Of course, the best option is to put it at the window. In this case, there may be chairs, chairs in a single style concept. A table located along the window will always be filled with daylight. And natural light is very important when practicing for a child. It should also be put on the table and lamps. They will help the student to do homework in the dark.

Well, if the table will have built-in lockers, drawers. All school supplies will fit there comfortably.With the help of them you teach the child to order.

Thus, you know how to choose the right desk for the student. Do not forget to consult with your child before an important purchase. After all, the baby can also have their preferences in color, style, design. You can always find a compromise option that will suit you and your offspring.

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