Table-sill in the nursery

The window sill can be turned into a chic writing desk in the children's room. The original and convenient design will appeal to any child.

Life is not without a table

Habitual stereotype dictates - window seat only for pots with flowers. And no! For example, in Europe, window sills have become long-time and sofas, and side tables, and tables. It turns out. from it you can build a very useful and beautiful piece of furniture.

This is especially true for small apartments. After all, today's choice of design ideas allows you to furnish a small area so that there still remains a lot of square meters. For example, having built a table-sill in the nursery, there will be no need to occupy the space with a separate table. Indeed, it is impossible to do without a table in the room where the child lives.

It is at the table that both the baby and the teenager live the important stages of life: he plays, draws, sculpts and prepares for lessons. And on the widest table-window-sill of the child's fantasy, there is full scope.Here can live books, toys, which now do not need to occupy space in the room.

Different shelves on the slopes, cabinets and cabinets under the table would be appropriate. The lamp can be mounted on the wall, so as not to occupy space on the table.

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You will not regret

When a table is made instead of a windowsill, the tabletop plays the main role. It looks as if now it is a table, a continuation of the window sill. Modern and stylish. Practical and convenient. The main advantage of such a table - saving living space. Because it is always at the window, and usually this place is almost never used.

Another advantage is daylight. During the day you can spend time at the table, without spending electricity and not crippling children's eyesight. A sunny day will not interfere. In bright sunshine, the window can be covered with blinds or a short curtain.

By the way, do not forget about another positive thing - the child’s feet will be next to the battery. You can even think of a stand under them. In winter, such comfort will be invaluable.

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Interesting species

Making the tabletop by the nursery window is possible in a variety of ways. It all depends on personal preferences and the overall interior of the room.

From the window itself

The classic room has a window in the middle. Here you can safely install a wide countertop, starting from the window itself.

If the window is located not in the center, but is shifted slightly to the side, it is good to make the built-in corner table-sill. It will be extended to the very corner and it is logical to move to the next wall, thus forming a cozy working corner for the student. In addition, it is an excellent unloading room, because on such a spacious surface, you can lay out textbooks, put a laptop, and do homework in notebooks.

In some older apartments, the window sill was originally designed lower than the standard table level. In this case, the window sill will have to build up and only after that install the countertop.

With cabinets

Very convenient table-sill with cabinets. They can be on the sides of the window opening and under the table. For example, at the bottom let them be cabinets with doors, and at the top - open shelving. Now toys and books, albums and paints, souvenirs and other trifles will migrate here. The room will be free from the mass of children's supplies. This will please both the baby and the teenager.

With pull-out table top

Even more free up space in the room retractable table-sill. This is a table of two countertops. In this case, one of them can be hidden under the second - to push if necessary and push as unnecessary. This choice is especially indispensable for rooms with small children. Because the table they need only from time to time, but expanse for active games - all the time.

With folding table

In everyday life, the role of the table is played by a spacious windowsill. But when you need such a table increases in size, it is enough just to raise the tabletop. The height of the folding table can be leveled or made just below the window sill. For example, friends came to the child, and together they want to play or work out lessons. This option is suitable, and if the room is inhabited by two or even three children.

Table for two

When the nursery is designed for two, or even for three, the interior is chosen somewhat different. The table is no exception. In Soviet times, in such cases, children have a common single table. Or parents bought two tables at once, which was a great cluttering up of the room. Times have changed, and now you can create comfort for each child and at the same time get extra square meters.And it looks like this: the tabletop stretches along the entire window from wall to wall. Under the window sill on both sides there is a cabinet and drawers and racks. And in the middle of the table shares a common dresser. It turns out one desktop for two or three places. Guys can safely learn each at his desk. You’ll get an educational zone with consideration for everyone’s interests.


Table-sill in the nursery should be environmentally friendly. The best choice as a material for the countertop - natural wood. It is better if it is an oak. Beautiful, elegant and durable. But the oak surface of the desk will be expensive. Therefore, you can choose maple, cherry or chestnut.

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An excellent economy option is to use pressed chipboard (HDF or MDF). In this case, the countertop can even be done independently. Armed with an electric jigsaw, create the edges of the table according to your own design. Such a table will certainly give the room individuality.

The question can be approached more simply - buy a chipboard panel, putty it and paint it in any color suitable for the interior. Or pasted PVC film.

But perhaps the most common option is plastic. Convenient and easy to care for such a table.

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Valuable tips

  • To avoid unpleasant ice on the windows and puddles on the table, it is not necessary to close the batteries tightly. The air must circulate thanks to the holes in the tabletop and covered with decorative grids.
  • The battery does not need to be completely closed also because it warms up the room. Otherwise warm air will not be enough in the room. Therefore, the space under the table should be open.
  • Do not harm the child's posture and help create a convenience table-sill of the correct size. The size of the tabletop can be any. But the main thing is that it fits the growth of the child. Its height should be about 75 cm. And the width should not be less than 50 cm so that the table freely accommodates a lamp, books, notebooks, a monitor and other necessary items.
  • It is better to choose a three-chamber for the reliability. In this case, when working at the table, the child is not threatened by drafts and street noise. And then the child will go about his business at the table in silence, warmth and most importantly - with pleasure.
  • The curtains on the window with the table-sill need to pick special ones.It is clear that long curtains will not fit here. But the shortened options will come in handy. You can also choose blinds, choosing a color and style for the interior. Another great solution is roller blinds.
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