Height adjustable child table

When a child starts going to preparatory courses to school and he needs a comfortable workplace for doing lessons, parents often have a choice - to buy a regular desk or a height-adjustable children's table?

How to choose

In our market, manufacturers of children's furniture offer a wide selection of different tables and chairs for the equipment of the working area in the nursery, but how not to get lost in the choice and choose the most suitable for your child? First of all, you need to choose the furniture for which it will be convenient for your child to attend. He will not stoop, reach, and will sit exactly, according to all the rules of orthopedics. To do this, first of all the furniture should fit your child in height.

The child, sitting at the table, must occupy a certain position. His feet should stand firmly on the surface, a right angle should be formed between the thigh and the shin.Shoulders should be parallel to the table, the distance from the tips of the fingers to the elbow should be equal to the distance from the table to the eyes.

The size of the table should also be defined. The width of the table must be at least 1 meter so that the child’s elbows do not hang down from it, the width is at least 60 cm.

If your child is small and you buy him a regular desk, take care to make a step under his feet and an extra pillow on the chair, and that all the conditions described above are met.

But you can buy a table that changes its height. These tables are very similar in form to the school desk in Soviet schools, only they have a more modern look and are able to change the height of the table top.

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The benefits of transforming tables are many.

  1. You can adjust the height of the table. It is very convenient to have a table that grows with the child. It will suit both a kid with a height of 110 cm, and younger schoolchildren, and a student up to two meters tall.
  2. Change the angle of the tabletop. It has the ability to change the angle from 0.5 to 30 degrees. The child will be comfortable and draw, and write, and read. The table top has safety fasteners that prevent it from falling.
  3. Typically, these tables come complete with chairs, which also have the opportunity for the growth of your child.
  4. The tables are equipped with additional accessories: a built-in light, a book holder, a crochet hook for a backpack and bags, drawers, so that your student has everything in one place and at hand.

Choosing such a table, you buy it for many years.


Sliding tables are usually available in two types.

  • solid wood;
  • plastic.

Of course, for the child it is preferable to choose wooden transforming tables. This is not only a natural eco-friendly material that will give your child to breathe calmly, but it will last much longer. And since this purchase is not for one year, this aspect is very important.

A plastic table can also be, but when purchasing it, it is worthwhile to examine in more detail all quality certificates for these products, check the table for odors and, if in doubt, the material is of poor quality, refuse to buy.


Many manufacturers offer different bright colors with various cartoon characters. But buying tables with such colors is still not recommended.First, they will divert attention from their studies. Secondly, the child will soon grow out of them, and he will need something else. Therefore, buying a transforming table is better to prefer in favor of the tables of neutral colors, beige or brown.


There are not so many species at the transforming tables - besides the material, they also differ in the number of seats. And if there is not one child in your family, or you are planning to add, it is better to buy a double table, at which two children can attend.


Reviews of tables that are adjustable in height, a great many. All who have already purchased this product, express a positive opinion about it. They note the ease of adjustment, the convenience of the set, and that the tables are popular with children, and takes up little space, and are orthopedicly correct. But there is one drawback - this is the price. It remains very high.

But the use of such a table for more than one year eliminates this minus without a trace.

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