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Features and benefits

After the first year of life, the baby begins to adapt to an independent lifestyle. It is very important that everything necessary is in his nursery room. Children's furniture is one of the most important items on this list. Drawing, eating, playing, all this can be done at the children's table. In stores there is a great variety of children's furniture, how to choose the right one?

In the first years of life, the baby needs to learn and create as much as possible. Behind a children's table with a stool it is most convenient to do it. A variety of models suitable for music lessons, drawing, modeling, learning to count and much more.

Additional devices and designs will help to make the process of creativity more convenient and more interesting. So, many children's tables with chairs are equipped with drawers or containers for markers, colored crayons and pencils, you can find models with attached rolls of paper for drawing.

There are separate models of tables and chairs and assembled sets. The choice depends on the taste preferences of the parents and their children. Differences can be in color, material, design and adaptation to creative activities or eating.

Plus children's furniture in its adaptability. The baby must grow among the things that fit him. It is important that the child himself could sit at the table, take things from him, which is impossible with the dimensions of "adult" furniture.

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Models of children's tables with chairs are not only different materials and colors, but also for different purposes. Consider several options:

  • Tables for creativity. This category includes a musical piano with a chair, an easel desk with a chair, etc. These models are designed specifically for creative activities and may not be suitable for feeding.

The piano, or a synthesizer with a chair and other accessories, is equipped with special buttons and keys and can produce both ordinary piano key sounds and special ones: animal voices, sounds of other musical instruments. A small piano will help develop the potential of the child, will teach to distinguish sounds.It all depends on the age of the child and the model of the piano table.

An older child will suit the model, where the key sounds more closely match the present. The kid will learn to distinguish the tonality, will be able to identify it by ear. Such classes can help before entering a music school.

The easel desk for drawing will help to develop creativity. Sometimes a replaceable roll with drawing paper can be attached to it, and special drawers or containers are provided for the recruitment of the office.

Such tables for creativity are not regulated in height and with the growth and development of the child quickly lose their relevance.

Rarely found children's dressing table with a chair for girls and even models for the bathroom on suckers, in them the presence of a chair is optional.

  • Folding tables with chairs. A great option for a small apartment or nursery. In the absence of need, such a kit can easily be folded and put away in a closet. Most often, these tables have a light weight, they are easy to clean and wash. Suitable for a small room in which two children grow up.

But this option involves constant cleaning.It is necessary to teach the child to the fact that you need to always remove things after school. This is a useful skill, he will teach the baby order.

Minus folding furniture in its instability. This model is not very suitable for very young children and too active.

  • Height adjustable. This model is very convenient because it does not need to be replaced often. The table and chair, thanks to special regulators, “grow” together with the child. When the baby adds a dozen centimeters, simply lift the countertop and seat and fix it to a new level. Such a model may relate to orthopedic.

Adjustable furniture is suitable for eating, studying and creativity of the child, will maintain the correct posture and good vision of the growing organism.

  • Table transformer. This model is very multifunctional. Thanks to the design, the tabletop can be lowered and raised, which will allow the child to draw, learn and eat. For older children, a platform for a computer monitor and keyboard is provided in the transforming tables. The chair, in this case, can be replaced by a chair with wheels.

The transforming table can have several sliding surfaces and drawers for storing office, notebooks or colorings.Accessories in the form of replaceable rolls of paper for drawing and containers-cases with crayons or bills will be a big plus. It is important that the child has mastered all the structures and can be controlled with them.

If the space of the nursery is small, it is better to refuse models with a round tabletop, they take up a lot of space and are not always convenient. Optimally suitable square or rectangular table with a chair, as in the Soviet kindergartens.


The choice of material depends on the functional purpose of the table. For feeding fit models of wood or high-quality plastic. You should not choose fragile or traumatic materials: glass, metal with unclosed or untreated parts, toxic materials.

The design should be as stable as possible and not have loose parts. If the table or chair is rocking, it is necessary to refuse such furniture, the child may fall and be crippled.

Popular children's tables and chairs made of plastic, they are light and inexpensive, which is important with the rapid growth and development of the child. Cope with the movement of such a design can even a child.Mom will not have to leave the baby alone or constantly run to the nursery, if she is busy in the kitchen, just drag the table there.

If the plastic is of sufficient quality, it may have high strength. You need to carefully examine the design of the table and chair in the store, you can ask the child to sit at the table, lean heavily. The plane of the table, and especially the legs, should not sag and make a crash.

Plastic constructions are very practical: any contamination can be easily washed, which is very important when the table is used by a child. Plastic is not afraid of moisture, lines from a felt-tip pen or paints can be removed with a normal cloth and detergent.

Such a table is easy to transport. The design is lightweight and often has detachable legs, this also applies to additional accessories. If the whole family goes to the cottage, you can take a plastic table with you, it will not take much space in the car.

The disadvantage of plastic furniture can be its fragility. If you use a table for eating, traces of hot dishes may remain on the plastic. The little fidget swings and jumps on the stool to avoid cracks and breakdowns.

Wooden furniture model for young children was in demand at all times. There is an opinion that such a construction is safer due to the environmental friendliness of the material. This is true, unpainted wood is non-toxic and non-allergenic material.

No wonder in kindergartens often set wooden tables and chairs. Furniture made of this material is resistant and high strength. Wooden quality models withstand more than one lifetime and can be passed from generation to generation. Wooden furniture has a solid weight, which is not very convenient when rearranging or moving, but then the stability test will pass for sure.

Small children like to hide under the table, it is worth checking the space under the table top, all the fastening elements should not be strongly protruded from the structure and have pointed edges. It is also important to check the furniture for small splinters and knots. The knots should be small and well treated.

A certificate of conformity must be attached to any children's product, it is worth checking its presence. Such a document can only be obtained if all hygiene, chemical and mechanical standards are complied with.

It is not recommended to choose children's furniture from chipboard class E2, in the process of production of this material formaldehyde resins are used, which can harm the health of the child. It is considered safer chipboard with category E1, where hazardous components are minimized.

The most popular wood species in the manufacture of children's furniture: pine, oak, birch, beech, aspen and ash. Consider the characteristics of some options. Currently, children's pine furniture is especially popular. It has low cost and long service life. Natural pine is a pleasant light color and has a refreshing smell of resin. On the table of pine will be little noticeable mechanical damage.

Reliability, durability and durability is about oak furniture. The oak does not give in to rotting, possesses high resistance to blows and is not scratched. Natural color - from light yellow to yellow-brown, has a very beautiful pattern on the cut. This kind of wood is more noble and expensive.

Children's furniture made of beech is not inferior in strength oak. The great advantage is that such furniture is easy to restore at home.If a dent or a spot from a pen or felt-tip pen forms on the table or chair, it is enough to wipe the damaged area with fine emery paper and wipe with linseed oil.

Birch can create furniture of any color. Its fibrous structure perfectly absorbs dyes. It is important that the birch massif has good antifungal and bactericidal properties.

Most often, wooden models are suitable for feeding, study and games. Do not rush to transplant the kid at the general high table, he will be uncomfortable to eat himself, and this is wrong. At the children's table, the child will learn to eat faster on his own.

Color solutions

A table with a chair, like the rest of children's furniture, must comply with the overall design of the room, not to stand out from it. The color scheme or picture should not irritate the eyes and distract from the main occupation. It is necessary to find out the opinion of the child, if he likes the table, the productivity of classes behind him will grow accordingly.

The child's mind is more susceptible to flowers than the adult. Properly selected color of the furniture will help to adjust the character of the child, contribute to the harmonious development.

Feelings of harmony and peace will help to achieve the pastel colors of furniture, which is especially important for a newborn and small child. Little tables of light blue, light pink and peach shades will be ideal for a girl, boys are more likely to choose greenish, gray or soft blue shades. Do not be afraid to choose a table and chair of different colors, such a decision is quite acceptable.

If the room is decorated in bright colors, then the furniture must be selected appropriate. Cheerful shades of orange, pink, yellow and even red will do. But, designers are not advised to choose too flashy and acid shades, it will distract the kid from the lessons. Bright colors (red, orange, herbal) should be diluted with more restraint — white, gray, beige.

The limitation will be dark colors: black, purple, dark brown. Their use in the children's interior should be minimized. If you want to choose a table or a chair of exactly dark color, light or color ornaments on it can become a compromise. Simple geometric patterns will fit well: stripes, dots or large circles, triangles of different shapes.

Wooden furniture looks good on the background of green walls.An excellent option would be light birch or pine. Maintain the tone of the furniture wooden photo frames or paintings.

Children's white color is a bold decision. White color calms, improves emotional and physical well-being. But, in such an interior, bright accents are simply necessary. In this case, you can choose a table with a rich orange or green color, pink shades work well for a girl.

How to assemble your own hands

To collect children's furniture occupation troublesome, difficult, but very pleasant. If simple wooden models do not bring much trouble, then you will have to tinker with a transforming model, adjustable or easel-desk.

First of all, in a regulated model, it is necessary to correlate the size of the furniture with the growth of the child. For height of about 85 centimeters, the height of the table is 34 centimeters, and the seat is 18. From 1 meter to 1.15- 46 and 26 respectively, From 1.15 to 1.30- 52 and 30 centimeters. Properly selected height of the furniture will allow you to form a good posture of the child and maintain your eyesight in order.

In transformable models with backs, you can adjust the height of the footrest, the height and inclination of the backrest. The correct position will tell the child himself, or you can focus on his growth and build. The feet should touch the floor completely, and the legs should bend at a right angle.

It is necessary to carefully study the instructions and drawings attached to the furniture set. Also in the kit is usually Euro key and the necessary small parts, in the form of angles, screws and bolts.

If you are unable to independently deal with the assembly of furniture, you can always call experts. In large companies you can get advice by phone.

How to pick up

Tables with high chairs can be bought for children from 1 year old, at this age the baby becomes more diligent and attentive, begins to learn to do something with their own hands, without the help of adults.

For babies, you can choose a model for feeding, where the seat is attached to the table, so the child will be securely fixed and will not fall. Often in such models special seat belts are provided.

Developing models and models for feeding are suitable for children from two years old. But, if the area of ​​the nursery is small, it is better to combine all the functions in one model. It is also worth considering the service life, unregulated models serve for about 2 years, at an early age the child changes greatly, so should its furniture.

For a 2-3 year old child, the height of the table is 59 cm, and the chair is 35 cm.But no one has canceled individual features. If the child is tall, it is worthwhile to focus on his complexion and forget about the standards.

For a child’s 5-year-old’s children's room, it’s worth choosing models equipped with drawers or side shelves, this will allow you to keep close the office and other important items. Growth parameters: table-top - 64 cm, sitting - 38 cm.

How much is

The price category depends mainly on the material and the furniture manufacturer. Costly models are often made of precious woods: maple, walnut, oak, cherry, etc. They are stronger and more durable, have a beautiful color and fiber pattern. Exclusive models can be supplemented with carved legs and metal inserts.

The simplest models can be purchased for the price up to 1000 rubles, in the exclusive models we can talk about tens and hundreds of thousands. Unregulated models are better to choose inexpensive, but expensive and high-quality samples can serve not one generation and become antiques.

Plastic models can be cheaper, but it all depends on the functionality. A table with lots of accessories, drawers,Adjustable height of the seat and table top is expensive.

A simple plastic square-shaped table can be purchased for 500 rubles, and a chair will cost about 300. But models with great functionality from high-quality hard plastic will cost tens of thousands.

Furniture, made to order in a single copy, is more expensive than the standard version, but its dimensions can be precisely adjusted to the size of the room and the wishes of the child.

Overview of the best brands

Safety and comfort are the credo of the Italian furniture company Erbesi. The characteristic features of the company include: environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic paints and varnishes, the absence of sharp corners. Cots, linen cabinets, tables and chairs of this company will decorate any interior. Mostly used are light and restrained colors: white, beige, pink, brown. Price category is average and above average.

Brand domestic production, "Gandylyan", began its production in 1993. It gained popularity almost immediately and not only in Russia. The main production is located in the Stavropol region, where beech wood is produced - the main material in the production of children's furniture of this company. Sufficient strength of the products is combined with a low price, which is very convenient.The brand does not stand still, constantly looking for new ideas for picking goods.

Another domestic company, Nika, produces modular furniture for children's rooms. You can pick up a set of furniture for the entire room and do not have to think about the combination of the table, chairs, cabinets and crib. Prices are more than affordable, which is explained by inexpensive material - chipboard. The company has a wide range of products, there are sets and individual pieces of furniture for every taste.

Interesting solutions in interior design

To diversify the nursery, you can choose a table model with a chair of interesting shape. For a boy, this could be a sports car or a captain’s cabin, and for a girl, a dressing table with an elegant high chair with carved legs.

For a set in the style of the captain’s cabin, wood is suitable as a material. The table can be equipped with a secretary with small drawers for small items, and the back of a chair and armrests are covered with leather. The option is perfect for a room in a nautical style.

In the room for the girl a dressing table will look good. Under the table you can place small drawers or shelves for combing and decorating.Instead of a chair, you can pick up a ottoman or a stool with a soft seat. This kit will love the little fashionistas.

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