Children's tables with a stool

 Children's tables with a stool

Children's tables with a chair are presented at the market in very wide assortment today. Such furniture for children has a lot of advantages and features due to which it becomes more and more popular from year to year. The true reason for the high demand for children's tables with chairs will be discussed in this article.

Features and benefits

Most of the parents are trying to acquire just such sets of furniture, consisting of a chair and a table. And there are a number of reasons for this, which are the features and advantages of such furniture:

  • The purchase of such furniture can solve several problems at once. First: the child has a working and dining place. And the second is that there is enough space in the children's room for outdoor games.
  • There are many different models of children's tables with chairs.They are distinguished not only by the materials of manufacture, but also by their design, which allows, if necessary, folding them, increasing the size and changing the appearance.
  • The high modularity and mobility of such furniture allows you to easily move it not only around the room, but also to take with you on long and short trips.
  • Each type of furniture has its own individual characteristics and its purpose. This allows parents how to buy a table with a chair for some specific needs, as well as to purchase a universal model.
  • Such furniture almost always has a bright and attractive colors. Therefore, its acquisition always brings a lot of joy to both the children and their parents.

A considerable advantage of such complex sets of furniture from the children's table and chair is the fact that different models have different designs.full affordable price. Therefore, they can be purchased both for your child and as a gift to another baby.

The big advantage is the complete safety of such products. They are made from environmentally friendly materials.practically have no sharp corners and the risk of a baby getting a splinter is extremely small.

Thanks to all these features such furniture is in high demand.


Perhaps it is a wide range that is the main advantage of such children's tables with chairs over other types of furniture. Today they may have the following form.


The transformer model includes a growing table and in some cases also a growing chair. Such types of furniture can be increased in height by increasing the length of the legs, they can change the angle and intensity of the inclination of the table top. Such furniture can be both wooden and plastic. In some models, the tabletop during lifting turns into an easel, which increases the number of functional possibilities of such a table with a chair. If necessary, such a developing table with a chair can be turned at a dinner table for toddlers or a table for games.

The main advantages of transformers are multifunctionality, safety, long service life, ease of use, reliability and ease of construction.There are only two drawbacks: this is a rather high cost and the need for an individual choice of furniture in accordance with the height and build of each child.

Tables for creativity

Such models usually have special compartments for storing stationery, their corners, as a rule, rounded off, so that in the process of work the child could not get injured. The desk can be adjustable for tilt and height, there are also models with a magnetic board that can be hidden with false panels or can be pulled out like an easel. Often, such tables and chairs are equipped with a small built-in game panel. It can be located either a board game, or small folding figures.

The main advantages of this type of furniture are wide range, versatility and safety. The disadvantages are that such a table cannot be transformed; it will become unnecessary when the child grows up.

Folding table and chair

In most cases, this type of furniture is represented by feeding tables, in which a high chair is already built. Some subspecies of such furniture can be adjusted in height.This group also includes tables with chairs that are not connected to each other, but both can easily be folded and unfolded.

The main advantages of such furniture are: mobility, light weight, universal use, a high level of safety for the child. There are no significant drawbacks at such tables with chairs for children.

Educational drawing table

This type of furniture has limited use options - either as a desk for drawing, or as a table for practicing modeling. Some models have a retractable easel. In almost every case, the table top is adjustable in height and angle. Basically, such desks with chairs are made of plastic or wood with a special coating.

As a plus, you can highlight ease of cleaning, mobility and safety. The disadvantages are limited use cases, a rather high cost and the impossibility of changing the dimensions of the furniture itself.

Pierce for girls

Also is the option of a children's table with a chair. The mirror has a mirror and several drawers for storing the treasures of a little lady.Usually as a chair serves a low and compact ottoman.

There are no important advantages from a developing and practical point of view in such furniture. Is that the joy of the girl when she appears in her personal dressing table. The disadvantages are high cost, limited use options, low mobility and short duration of operation.

Therefore, many experts recommend to acquire this type of table with a chair in the event that the child already has another model of such furniture with more versatile use.

Orthopedic table

The orthopedic table with a chair is specialized furniture. Experts recommend purchasing this option closer to school. The unique shape and technology of making such furniture helps to form the right posture of the child when working at the computer and when performing written work.

The minus of such furniture is two-high price, the need for an individual selection of furniture in each case. There are much more advantages: the formation of correct posture, ease of use, the possibility of multi-functional use, durability and safety.In addition, each species has several different models, differing from each other in their dimensions and shape.

Sizes and shapes

There is simply no single standard for determining the size and shape of children's tables with chairs. But many manufacturers and pediatricians recommend choosing products based on the height of the child, according to the following parameters:

Baby height see

Table height cm

Chair height cm

Furniture size

























As for the forms of products, they may be different. The chairs themselves are soft and hard, square, rectangular, steep and oval. However, most often you can still see exactly square chairs, in form resembling those that used to stand in primary schools.

The tables themselves in most cases also have a rectangular shape, sometimes with rounded corners. But sometimes you can find an unusual table, rounded and with wavy edges, a table that has an elongated and narrow tabletop or even a tabletop in the form of a triangle.

It is necessary to choose the shape of the table and chair, taking into account the age and weight of the child, as well as taking into account the specific actions to be taken for these items of furniture.

For example, the table for drawing and writing should be rectangular and rather wide, but not triangular in shape, otherwise the child will simply be uncomfortable.


All the children's tables made today with chairs in most cases are made of either plastic or wood.

Plastic table and chair are made of special plastic, which has a fairly high level of security, it is non-toxic and very durable. The advantages of furniture from this material are low cost, the presence of bright colors, light weight, ease of maintenance and use, long service life. But at the same time most of the models of plastic furniture has weight restrictions And this figure must be taken into account when buying.

Wooden models can be made of several varieties of this material:

  • Woody array. The most durable, durable and safe material, while also the most expensive. If you are inclined to products from it, then it is better to turn your eyes to models designed for children with a height of over 145 cm.
  • Chipboard - chipboard with lamination. Pretty durable and durable material.In order to be confident in the safety of furniture made from it, you should buy a table and chair with marking E0. It means that the product does not emit formaldehyde.
  • MDF plates. This material is resistant to deformation and moisture, completely safe and quite durable.

Some models of tables and chairs also have metal parts, for example, legs or armrests. They are made of high-strength steel or aluminum.

By and large, comparing the specifications, A plastic table is no worse than a wooden one. The main thing is to choose the right model.

Color solutions

We can safely say that there is simply no limitation in the color variations of such furniture. It can be one-color, two-color or multi-colored, one-color models are usually wooden, but sometimes there are also plastic tables with chairs, made in one color.

Wooden tables with chairs for children most often have the following colors:

  • brown;
  • dark chocolate;
  • light walnut;
  • white;
  • Gray;
  • maroon

Two-tone furniture is often white and brown, black and white, white and red, and so on.That is, the colors are selected based on the primary colors and their various shades can be used.

Plastic tables with chairs have a wider variety of colors:

  • white;
  • blue;
  • lime;
  • Violet;
  • purple
  • pink;
  • green;
  • Gray;
  • turquoise;
  • brown;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • burgundy;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • coffee.

Table models with chairs intended for younger children also have a pattern on the table top, painted in various colors. When creating two-color and multi-colored models, the combination of these colors can be different.

The fact is that bright and beautiful colors attract the attention of the child, especially for children of preschool age.

At such a table and in such a chair they want to sit and study. Plus, such furniture can be in itself the main decoration of the room.


Since the demand for such sets from the table and chair is quite high, many manufacturers were quick to launch the production of such furniture. The most famous and popular brands today are:

  • "Intechproekt". This manufacturer is engaged in the manufacture of children's tables with chairs,designed for children not growing higher than 115 cm. The furniture is made of wood, is of high quality, comfortable and reliable. It has a bright color and multifunctional tabletop. The advantage is a stylish design and affordable price.
  • "RusEkMebel" - another domestic manufacturer of wooden sets consisting of a table and a chair. The furniture of this brand is distinguished by its modest appearance, the absence of additional components, a small assortment of colors and low cost. Such furniture can often be seen in kindergartens.
  • "I am Toy" - a fairly well-known and popular manufacturer, specializes mainly in the production of furniture from wood or its cheaper counterparts. All products are of high quality, nice appearance, the presence of additional functions in some tables, as well as a rather high cost.
  • "My first studio" - this manufacturer offers unique tables and chairs transformers. The products have a bright coloring, it is reliable and convenient in operation, multifunctional and, not least, affordable. A wide range of models of various types allows you to choose such a furniture tandem in accordance with the age and hobbies of the child.
  • "Smoby" - This is one of the best manufacturers of tables with chairs in the form of desks. Comfortable design, double worktops, bright colors and versatility are the main advantages of the brand's products.

Of course, this is not a complete list of manufacturers of this type of furniture. However, it is these brands, or rather their products, that are most in demand among buyers, and the feedback on the products of these brands is only positive.

How to choose furniture for the child?

Such a variety of models can lead to a dead end. Therefore, in order to get a really high-quality, durable and suitable table with a chair, should heed the recommendations:

  • It is necessary to purchase furniture in accordance with the age of the child. The exception is the tables with transformer pullets, which can be increased over time. Acquire other types of such furniture for a child for growth is not worth it. First, for the long life it can lose its appearance, and the child can break some of its parts, and secondly, the baby will be uncomfortable sitting at the table and in a chair that is not suitable for his age and body size.
  • If the child is a creative person, then you should not save, and you should buy a transforming table or a model with two table tops. In this case there will be a place both for studies and for the creative process itself. In addition, this option will be a great way to beautifully furnish a small room.

Folding models are also welcome if the room itself is small, because if necessary, the table and chair can be easily removed and free up enough space for outdoor games.

  • Those who travel frequently and take with them a children's chair and table should also look at folding or folding models, preferably made of plastic.
  • For children under the age of five, it is better to buy plastic furniture after all. It is easier to wash, it weighs less and is usually brighter in color. If the preference is given to wooden furniture, then you need to ensure that the table top has a protective coating.
  • Buying a bright and colorful children's table with a chair, you should pay attention to its colors and sizes. The color of the furniture must either overlap with the overall color scheme of the room, or become the highlight of the room.Dimensions should not only be appropriate for the age and height of the child, but also the room. A table too small in a large nursery will get lost, and too large in a small room, on the contrary, will clutter the room.

Using these recommendations in practice, you can easily get the best set of children's furniture for your child.

Where to put?

Not less trouble and the correct placement of such furniture. It all depends on the age of the child and the type of purchased table and chair, as well as options for their use.

Tables for babies, designed for feeding, board games and drawing, are best set in the middle of the room, while freeing enough space near the wall for their further installation. Simply put, you need to play and feed the child in the middle of the room, and after the end of these procedures, the table is removed.

If the model is stationary and purchased for installation in the kitchen at a common table, it means that such a table with a chair should be placed right next to the table, preferably next to the parents.

Tables for creativity should be set so that they are sufficiently well lit and around them, preferably within a radius of half a meter, other objects are not located.Tables with chairs for study should be located as close as possible to the windows so that they are well lit, the main stream of light should fall from the left side.

The area of ​​the room also plays a significant role in the installation of such furniture. In each case, the installation option will be different, most importantly, you need to remember the following:

  • Table and chair should be well lit.
  • New stranded should not block the passage to other objects of the room.
  • The table and chair should be set in such a way that the child can sit comfortably and his view does not close.
  • The installation site should be clearly visible not only from all corners of the nursery, but also from other rooms.

The appearance and design of the furniture should also be considered. Folding models and models of transformers can be put where it is convenient now, because after use they can be easily removed.

Stationary tables with chairs should be placed where they will not interfere, but at the same time and the child will be comfortable.

Beautiful interiors

Children's tables with chairs, perfect for any style of interior and perfectly decorate or complement it:

  • A simple set of furniture in white,consisting of a square table and several chairs, does not stand out from the general interior, its color is perfectly combined with the palette of shades of the whole children's room. In this case, the tabletop has an optimal size, both for the performance of tasks and for creativity with parents or friends.
  • A great option for little princesses. Compact, but at the same time roomy table can be used for tea drinking, and to perform tasks or games with dolls. Comfortable, stylish and at the same time gentle rocking chairs with armrests only give the room charm and tenderness.
  • The convenient and multipurpose table with boxes for storage of things, besides, is universal. The unusual shape of such furniture makes it elegant and interesting, and most importantly comfortable for the baby.

All these examples prove once again that children's sets of furniture from the table and chairs are perfect for children of both sexes and different ages. They are multifunctional, safe and practical.

How to choose tables and chairs for the child and why it is very important, see the following video.

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