Choosing a children's dressing table

 Choosing a children's dressing table

Every girl wants to quickly become an adult and use cosmetics. In such cases, a special dressing table will help - it will allow the little princess to look after her appearance, to form a sense of style and to feel beautiful.


Almost all girls love to imitate their mothers and older sisters and hope that they will soon grow and become real beauties. A nice children's table will be a wonderful gift for a baby, it will become a kind of personal corner where you can learn to paint and create original hairstyles.

In the room of adult girls, the furniture serves as a functional element, provides storage of cosmetic accessories, perfumery, jewelry. In the children's room, the table plays a role, is directly involved in plot games.Such entertainment is important for the development of the child. Also at the table you can draw and do other creative things.

Babies are trying to study women's manners and often take mother's cosmetics to induce beauty with it. When buying a dressing table for a girl, it is worth considering that such “raids” will be repeated, so you need to purchase a set of children's cosmetics that is environmentally friendly and safe for health.

Children's table is not an accent of the room. Furniture for children has simple shapes, but a bright design with colorful drawings. It should be remembered that schoolgirls up to 12-14 years old are pretty cool about beauty and do not want to use cosmetics. But in adolescence, girls start to be interested in cosmetics - this means that they will need a table, not so childish and toy, but roomy and adult.


When choosing a table for a girl you need to pay attention to the type and configuration of furniture. There are the following types:

  • With mirror - the most popular model. For babies fit mirrors that are securely and firmly attached to the tabletop.A good option is unbreakable acrylic canvas. Teenagers are better to buy products with a folding or rotating mirror. The main thing is to rely on the wishes of your child.
  • Musical The tables are equipped with a player and a remote control - they allow you to listen to funny songs or audio-tales. This model is an excellent solution for little girls. Adolescent built-in device does not surprise, and he does not need them.
  • With decorative lighting - A table with colored lights or LED strips. The latter are most often used in products for babies, because their device will interest the child less than a conventional light bulb.
  • With equipment - the furniture is completed with children's cosmetics, bijouterie, hairbrushes, sets of rubber bands and hairpins, as well as devices that imitate the real ones: hair dryers, curling tongs, toy hair cutting scissors.
  • With high chair - the model is complemented by a small stool or comfortable pouf, combined in design with a table. Products for teens in the set have chairs with upholstered.

Designs may have drawers and a variety of shelves.They should not be much, but the complete absence is not entirely rational, because you need somewhere to store cosmetics and children's jewelry.


The material for making the dressing table is one of the most important selection criteria. In the manufacturing process is used:

  • Plastic - cheap stuff. As a rule, such little tables are issued for absolutely small girls - plastic easily is painted in various colors, differs in ease, at the expense of what products are considered not traumatic. Just take care of the material, it does not fade in the sun and is short-lived.
  • Chipboard - lightweight material that undergoes any processing, thanks to which elegant carved models are created from it. In the manufacture of particleboard used phenolic resins, therefore, the emission class of the material should not be higher than E1. Information about this is contained in the passport of the product.
  • MDF - is a material with a long service life. He is able to imitate wood in appearance - such a table is suitable for a teenager. The advantages of MDF are practicality and high resistance to negative effects.
  • Natural wood - expensive, durable material.From it create furniture for teens, because the wooden dressing table can serve for decades.
  • Acrylic or polycarbonate glass - light, airy products with intricate, unusual forms are made from it. Glass withstands stresses and scratches.

Before buying a product, you need to make sure of the quality and environmental friendliness of the materials. The table top, drawers, mirror are checked for deformations, chips, all accompanying documents are studied.

Products by age

When deciding to buy a table for a girl, you should be guided by her age, so as not to be mistaken with the choice. For preschool girls of 3-5 years old, a toy table without corners and various sliding elements would be an excellent option - they can injure children's fingers.

The furniture must be stable, additional elements are firmly fixed. You should choose plastic products with a bright design: princesses, heroes of your favorite cartoons. When buying a table made of chipboard, you need to look at the certificate of quality and make sure that the material is allowed for use when creating furniture for children.

A table of simple shapes is the best solution for girls of 7-10 years old.Junior schoolgirls are practically not interested in cosmetics, so it’s good if the furniture is equipped with multifunctional drawers, where you can store not only makeup accessories.

Choosing a product for a teenage girl, you need to be guided by other criteria. At this age, most schoolgirls are beginning to be actively interested in cosmetics and other means. Having a large number of spacious drawers is a great solution.

It is necessary that the design matches the age category. For teenagers 12-14 years old, plastic models will not fit at all. It is worth paying attention to the tables made of MDF or natural wood - they look grown-up and will serve their mistress much longer than plastic furniture.


England is the country where the dressing table first appeared. British chic, sophistication and elegance are the basis for the creation of many modern models. Products in the Victorian style will bring the atmosphere of aristocracy in the room of a young lady.

Teenagers should choose furniture with interesting colors: military, gradient.Tables in pale lilac and peach colors, equipped with golden or silver accents, look good. Animalistic and floral motifs are used as prints.

A table with smooth lines, original forms and a large number of boxes for storing cosmetics, jewelry and other necessary items will fit into the laconic interior of the room for a teenager. Vintage style decorate woodwork, made with the effect of aging. This table has pastel shades, a pouf with a skirt and a design with floral patterns.

Furniture can be supplemented with accessories: footrest, small decorative pads. The mirror is decorated with LED lamps, creating a stage effect.

One of the important details of the toilet teen tables is a desk lamp.

Consumers leave positive feedback on children's dressing tables, noting their appeal to girls. Little princesses with the help of products learn to monitor and care for themselves. Buyers like a huge variety of tables, classified by age, materials and design - everyone can choose a model that is suitable for the price,design and quality characteristics.

An overview of the children's dressing table can be viewed in the next video.

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