Table by the window in the children's room

Desk - an integral part of the child's room. It is necessary as an attribute of personal space and a place for homework. It is best to place it near the window, because it is a source of natural light. Also, this location will be a good option if you want to maximize the useful area of ​​the room.

Location Features

The choice of a place for a desk is one of the important moments in the planning of a children's room. Some parents prefer to have such furniture against the wall. This option is convenient because a large number of hanging shelves for books and stationery can be positioned above the working surface. Such a solution will provide unloading of the table itself, but at this location the free space of the room is significantly reduced.

For a small bedroom the best solution would be the location near the window. This table you can replace the window sill and significantly increase the usable space. In the children's room there will be more space for games and recreation.

Important points

Modern manufacturers of children's furniture offer a variety of tables for both one and two children, as each needs its own place where there will be school supplies and other personal items. Remember that in addition to textbooks and notebooks, the child needs space for a portfolio. A good solution would be to have special hooks or shelves under the table.

Having a child's workplace at the window, be sure to check all window fittings for good health:

  • from the windows should not blow;
  • airing is necessary;
  • mechanisms should prevent accidental opening of windows.

The next moment is batteries. Most often they are located exactly in this part of the room. Take into account their location when installing furniture, try not to block heating spots, the temperature in the room during the cold season will depend on it. If there are no other installation options, then use special protective partitions under the table,so that the heating of the apartment does not prevent the schoolboy from doing his own business.

If the bedroom is small, then you should not buy a table with shelves and drawers. Such a modification will visually load the space near the window. To relieve the load will help products that have thin metal legs or two flat wooden supports at the edges. This design simplifies cleaning under the furniture and leaves the right to choose a place to sit, which is not at tables with side tables on the sides.

For two children

When two children occupy one common room, special attention should be paid to the place of study. Both children should have the same space, the number of shelves, lighting and enough space on the table to accommodate all the necessary supplies and at the same time do their homework.

Make sure that there is still a place for games and rest in the nursery, as for the harmonious development of the personality, comfortable rest and communication with friends is necessary. Choose furniture based on the personal needs of each child and taking into account the size of the room.

Installation options

Solid worktop along the window. With this arrangement, the children will sit at the school desk. It is necessary to take care of the division of the personal space of each child, especially if this furniture will be used for the boy and for the girl at the same time. Often, in such cases, use the cabinet between workplaces, a desk bookcase for books or a transparent partition.

When choosing this option, pay special attention to the material of the tabletop. It should be fairly thick and durable, since this table is experiencing a double load. Check with the manufacturer what materials are used in the production of your chosen furniture and whether they can withstand heavy loads. Also, the surface should be unpretentious in the care and easy to wash.

Corner table. The essence of the design is that the table is located in the letter G in one of the free corners. Students will be sideways to each other and will not observe what is happening on the table with a neighbor. Such an arrangement will allow you not to be distracted by trifles and will take up relatively little space. Shelves for books and other accessories can be placed in the corner above the furniture.At the same time, in this position, children will be able to easily pass each other various objects without leaving their chairs.

Two identical tables. This modification is good because there is a passage between the desks, which naturally separates the space. It also provides free access to the window without having to stand on the furniture. A very important point is that the tables are the same and each child has an equal number of drawers and shelves for their personal belongings. Special attention should be paid to lighting, since the light will fall from different sides.

Two tables in the corners. A good option if the nursery is wide enough. Children are turned back into the aisle and are at a distance. With their movements they do not interfere with each other and everyone can do homework or work without distracting the neighbor. As in the version of identical tables along the window, the room has quick access to a source of fresh air.

An additional advantage is that you can use two corners for the shelves, because different children have different hobbies. One will have flowers, statues, photos there, and the other can have cars, flags, and other things the child needs.

Requirements for the choice of workplace

The desktop will be the place where the child will spend a lot of time for the entire period of schooling.. It should be comfortable, functional, practical. Its installation should not occupy all the space in the room, it is necessary to leave enough space for games and morning exercises.

The height must comply with this rule: for a child up to 120 cm tall, the table must be 52 cm tall. Next, for every ten centimeters of height, add five centimeters to the height of the table. Based on this, a child with a height of 137 cm needs a table with a height of 62 cm.

The chair should be of such a height that, while sitting on it, the feet are on the floor, and the knees are bent at a right angle. The elbows should be comfortable, they should not interfere. From the correct location will depend on maintaining the correct posture.

Tabletop choose such depth that it could fit all the necessary supplies, textbooks, notebooks. Seat the child at the table. Items should be within reach, reach them with ease. As a rule, it is 60 cm wide. If there is a computer on the table, stop at 70 cm.

Lighting should be enough. The light should fall from the left for the right-handed and from the right for the left-handed. Use this rule as when choosing the location of the table relative to the window, and when placing a table lamp.

Give preference to environmentally friendly materials. Stop the choice on products from a natural tree or MDF. It is undesirable to purchase furniture made of chipboard, since formaldehyde resins are used in the production of this material. Even with little heating from the external heat source, harmful components will be released into the air. These tables are suitable for the office, but not for the children's bedroom.

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