Corner table for the student

In order for a schoolboy to study well, you need to properly organize a place for his classes. The choice of an optimal desk is a priority for responsible parents. After all, not only the progress of your child, but also his health will depend on the right place of study. If the child is properly sitting at the table, then his posture will be smooth and beautiful. If, on the contrary, it will be inconvenient, then this can lead to sad consequences.

Now, corner tables for schoolchildren are gaining special popularity. They are distinguished by compactness and functionality.

You can also save space with this furniture.

Features and benefits

Of course, in the modern world there are many variants of desks for students. However, corner models deserve special attention.

The main advantages of such furniture:

  • Practicality. These products help to save space.This table will be the best solution for rooms with a small area. You will be able to ergonomically use the rest of the space to create a single style of the children's room.
  • Reliability and durability. Models have a high service life (of course, if you choose a product made of natural wood or MDF). In this case, your child will feel comfortable and cozy. This table will help improve the performance of your child.
  • This model basically has bedside tables, lockers, creating an organized space for the successful work of the student. Your child will be engaged, without being distracted by foreign objects.
  • Different design. Modern manufacturers produce a variety of creative models. You will surely pick up the product that suits your child.
  • Positive emotions. Having picked up the table you like, you will be charged with positive emotions and good mood every day. After all, the place where your child will learn should like, above all, to him.


Among the variety of corner tables, you can definitely choose the option for yourself.

Writing corner table

These models have different design, components, basis, but they all share a well-organized space for the child. Basically, these tables have a spacious countertop. Your child will be comfortable behind him. This will help the correct formation of posture.

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Corner table with hanging shelves

This model is characterized by the presence of hanging shelves. So, your child will always have the right items at hand. Such a model is a great option for a child of any age. Choose the desired design, color version and the student will be engaged actively and with pleasure.

Computer corner

Corner computer desk will be a great solution for the student. He will be able to conveniently organize his space, arranging the necessary items on the shelves. In this case, if necessary, it will be possible to work at the computer during the preparation of homework. Quality, reliability and durability will pleasantly surprise parents. Let the working corner bring joy and pleasure to your child.

Cabinet with table

The basis of this design - the convenience and practicality. It will perfectly save your space.In this case, the locker may be small. There it will be convenient to put paper, notebooks, other things. Or a wardrobe where the child’s clothes fit. Thus, it will accustom the student to order and organization.

With superstructure

Models with a superstructure are remarkable practicality and functionality. There may be compartments for notebooks, important things, trophies of your child. The table also does not take up much space, while all the necessary things will be at the level of accessibility.

With drawers

Corner table with drawers - a convenient option for each student. The child will be able to store there all the necessary things, notebooks, textbooks or other items. If desired, they can be easily reached.

Thus, whatever model table you prefer, pay attention to the needs and wishes of your child. Proceed from the size of the room. Then you will create a trendy corner for the child.

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When choosing a writing corner table, pay attention to the material that makes up the furniture.

The most practical and durable products are made of wood. In addition, the tree is an eco-friendly and safe material that does not cause allergies. The cost of such options will not be cheap.However, do not save on the health of the child.

And yet there are situations where the family can not allocate large funds for high-quality and expensive table for a child. In this case, there is a suitable replacement for the tree - this Chipboard or MDF. Of course, when using cheaper material, one should not expect long shelf life from furniture. In this case, you can still choose the best option for the budget, design, so that you and your children like it.

You can choose a table from Chipboard. It differs from the chipboard in its cheapness. However, please note that in a couple of years this material will be toxic. Such products will very quickly lose their original appearance. Therefore, it is better not to buy such a table at all as a place for the work of the student.

Also, due to the lack of the necessary money, a plastic table will be a good option. In this case, be sure when buying, check the certificate of quality of goods In any case, the plastic table should be bought only for the first time, for example, when the child went to grade 1, since scratches would form very quickly on such a surface.

Of course, choosing a table and deciding what is more important - money or the health of the child - is for you. In this case, you can always find a suitable option.

Color solutions

As for the color solutions, here you better consult with your child, listen to his wishes and preferences. There is no one piece of advice here. You can choose a table based on a single room concept.

For romantic girls, mostly white and pink shades are popular. They love peach and refreshing lemon, cucumber colors. The main thing that it was a favorite shade and bring only pleasure.

For boys, you can choose a table in a more restrained style. Among shades colors of a natural tree, gray, dark blue, beige can prevail. If this is a child of lower grades, then you can buy a table in more joyful colors.

However, it is worth remembering that too bright colors can distract a child from tasks and study. It is better to buy a calm tone or even stop at the white, beige tones. They will be optimal in any case.


Choosing a model for your child, it is worth paying special attention to size. The length of the table top will be optimal - at least one meter. So the child will be able to sit comfortably and comfortably at the table during the lessons, and his elbows will be spread apart at the time of writing.As for the width of the tabletop, it should be 60-80 centimeters. So the student will feel comfortable.

As for the height of the table, it can be defined in different ways. When the child is sitting, the tabletop should be located in the area of ​​the solar plexus. If you put your hands on the table, your shoulders should remain at natural height. From the knee to the tabletop should be approximately 10-15 centimeters.

If you choose the right table for your child in size, it will not only be comfortable for him to sit and study, but also the posture will be formed correctly. But health is the main thing for a growing organism.

How to choose

When selecting a model in the nursery, especially pay attention to the countertop. Do not buy deep models. Your child should be comfortable and cozy at the table. The main thing is that you can in the sitting position to reach out to all objects. Usually the tabletop is located along the wall in the shape of the letter "G".

When buying, see what the table consists of. The best and practical material is wood. However, such models will not cost too cheap. If you want to save a little and at the same time get a decent thing, then you can pay attention to MDF, chipboard. At the same time, make sure that there is no plastic in the decoration of the table.The best decorative elements are metal, glass.

The student needs not only a place where you can write while doing homework. Also it is necessary to give preference to models with different shelves and drawers. There, the child will be able to store their books, notebooks.. Moreover, such an angular table does not take up much space, will be optimal for any home.

It is also good if the model will contain bedside tables or drawers, where you can also add all the necessary items. For a teenager, you should choose the optimal table, change furniture, if the child has already grown out of it. It does not matter if you select a table for a girl or for a boy, the workplace must be comfortable and comfortable for a child.

There are special models for two children. They will also help save space, and the guys will be able to study together, and each of them will be at a separate table.

When choosing a suitable model, you should also listen to the opinion of the child. After all, it is he who will need to spend his working time here. Let this place will set it up for success and fruitful activity.

Where to place

Here you have made a long-awaited purchase.Now the question arises, where to place such a table? The best place will be near the window. After all, the working space of your child should be well lit with natural light or artificial, with the help of a lamp or a lamp. At the same time, even if you placed the table by the window, be sure to place an extra lamp there. Her schoolboy will turn on when it gets dark on the street.

Of course, if you intend a certain design idea, you can place the table in the middle of the room. At the same time, remember that this is how you risk the health of your child. After all, artificial lighting can not fully replace the natural light. Accordingly, the vision will be more strained.

Review of the best models

Among the variety of models it is sometimes difficult to choose what is right for you. To do this, it is worth looking through the best options and determining the necessary soybeans.

Furniture Sail-2

This furniture will make any children's room cozy. This model includes a computer desk, a wardrobe where you can store clothes, small shelves and drawers, where you can put the necessary things, as well as store books, notebooks, notebooks.Convenient and compact product will save room space. At the same time, the student will have a well-organized place to work. In the closet you can store your belongings.

Perfectly accommodate a long and narrow model along the wall. The furniture is made of quality materials, will serve you for a long time. For those who love the original options, you can pick up the product with inserts in the doors of the cabinet. Everything will depend on the overall interior of the room.

Direct 1200 M

This model will help to arrange the necessary things in the immediate access for the child. There will be a computer for classes, and necessary lockers, and convenient shelves. Comfortable place to help and relax for reading your favorite book. Let every day brings only positive emotions.

Interesting solutions in interior design

To make a child’s room interesting, you need to think through not only the design of the corner desk, but also the entire interior. Then your child will be pleased to spend all his time there, study, play, read.

For example, for a room with high ceilings, a three-dimensional structure can be perfectly suited, which organizes space well.Under the lower tier will be located the necessary cabinets, shelves. They will not limit the length of the tabletop. Pay attention to adequate lighting. Green tint will allow the child to better focus on tasks. Above will be placed a children's corner, where the drawing board will be located.

Another interesting option would be a built-in working area for two children. It can be easily hidden by closing the doors. In order not to distract the attention of the child, it is better to use pastel colors, beige, white colors.

Thus, we considered the advantages of the corner table for the student. Now you, of course, will be able to choose the right option for you. Do not forget to consult with your child. After all, the child also has its own tastes and preferences. Find a compromise, and let the furniture bring you only joy and a positive attitude.

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