Table height for the child

A child who is just going to or already attending school spends a lot of time behind the desk. Therefore, caring parents should even before buying this piece of furniture to find out which table and chair will best suit their beloved child.

If you buy a table at random, just the first one you like, in the future there may be serious problems with the baby’s health: scoliosis, slouching and even osteochondrosis, so it’s better to choose the right furniture for the child immediately than to correct the damaged posture.

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Special features

Sitting at the table, children should reach their feet to the floor, and a sock and heel - the entire sole should rest firmly on the floor. The angle between the lower leg and thigh should be straight, if it is dull, it means that the seat of the chair is much higher than it should be, sharp indicates that the chair is very low. In order for the child to feel comfortable while working at the desk, the distance from his face to the table should correspond to the length from the fingertips of the person sitting to his elbow.

The knees of children should not touch the table top, the back is leaned against the chair, and the lower back should feel the back. Only considering these moments, you can choose the ideal height of the table for a son or daughter.

Correct height ratio

Comfortable height of the table for children depends on their height and age. With a height of 110 cm –120 cm, a table with a height of 52 cm is suitable for girls and boys. With a height of 121 cm to 130 cm or for 7 years, the height of the table top should be not less than 57 cm. By analogy, the table height is calculated for a teenager.

But, despite all the figures, the existing tables and recommendations of leading specialists in pediatrics, it is better to go with the child for furniture. It is necessary that the future owner of the table sat down for him, move and decide whether it is convenient for him or not, and the parents appreciate the picture.

Criterias of choice

Everyone knows that it is very difficult for children to sit in one place, especially for 4-6 years. However, as if he did not want a fidget, sooner or later he will have to sit at the table. The task of parents is to choose the ideal option that will fully meet the individual characteristics of the beloved child.

When choosing a desk worth paying attention to the work surface, or rather, to its depth and width.For example, the depth should be at least 80 cm, and the width - not less than 100 cm.

Seating the child at the table will be the most appropriate decision. If the elbows are completely on the lid, and the legs are exactly on the floor at a right angle, then the ideal table is selected. Only in this case, the posture of the child will not suffer.

All school supplies should be placed in the desk: textbooks, notebooks, pens, rulers, pencils, albums, and other stationery. Everything should be in easy accessibility, be at hand, otherwise the student will be constantly distracted in the search for the right thing. As a result - a decrease in the productivity of his studies.

A good option for the children's table are the models, the height of the table tops of which can be changed depending on the height of the child. Thus, you can significantly save the family budget, since a table of this design will serve more than one year. Do not buy a child a table of expensive materials. It is unlikely that he will treat furniture with extreme caution and trembling, even if it is made of their most expensive woods. Very soon on the table there will be traces of a ballpoint pen, markers, the remnants of clay.

However, it is better to refuse cheap materials. For example, plastic can be toxic, and its smell can provoke allergic reactions. In addition, cheap countertops are not always practical. When interacting with moisture, they can be deformed, become unsuitable. Mechanical stress is also unacceptable for such tables.

Trendy designer tables in the nursery are also not always appropriate. First of all, the desk is a place where the child is engaged, does homework. Such furniture should tune the student to work, and not distract themselves.

When buying a table, you need to take into account the fact that once there will be a computer on it. Therefore, the table must be strong.

Some models of tables cost much more than other similar products due to the presence of additional functions. But children do not always need them, so you should not overpay for such nuances.

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How to increase the height

If the table is bought, all the rules are followed and it would seem that there are no obstacles to its use, but the child suddenly stretched out and the height of the table became uncomfortable for him, you can increase it using the podium.This device should be slightly wider than the table legs and tabletop. It is firmly fixed at the table, so this design is not loose, and the whole product will serve its young owner for a long time.

The height of the podium is chosen according to the situation. The advantages of such a device include the fact that it will serve as a comfortable footrest.

The second option to increase the height of the children's table is to replace its legs with longer ones (if the model allows). Now in the furniture stores you can find the usual legs - supports, separate without a tabletop.

If the table is too high

There are situations when parents understand that they have made a mistake with their height, but they can no longer return the purchased goods. What to do in this case? Something to decide or leave everything as is? Certainly, the answer is one - to do something! If the table is too high, it can adversely affect the child’s carriage and vision. You can also solve the problem in two ways:

  1. Footrest. Determining how many centimeters bought the table above the desired one, display the difference in the form of a footrest. You can buy it or make it yourself from any type of wood, cover it with fabric, insulate with foam rubber,then the child’s feet will be warm even in fierce winter.
  2. Shorten the legs. An effective way to help get the table to the desired height. The only drawback is the irreversibility of the solution. Children grow up fairly quickly, and there is no guarantee that in a month or two you will not have to return to the original height.
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