Children's chair and table with their own hands

Furniture in the nursery should be of high quality, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic. But many manufacturers do not pay attention to the increased requirements for children's furniture - they use low-quality materials and make fixtures unreliable. Using such furniture can harm your child. That is why some parents come to the conclusion that it is worth making a children's table and high chair with their own hands. Moreover, it is not so difficult to assemble it.


Of course, choosing material for children's furniture, you should opt for a natural solid wood. Wooden table and chair will not only be a decoration in the nursery, but also environmentally friendly, they will not cause allergies, they will become practical pieces of furniture.

Table and chair is better to make beech from wood. It is easy to handle and does not emit tar. But as a budget option, pine or birch is quite suitable, only they need to be resin-free, since the resin is not safe for the child,Yes, and clothes can spoil.

Plywood, as the cheapest material, is also quite acceptable in the manufacture of high chairs. She will easily take out the weight of the child, light, well gives in to processing.

Chipboard - a very fragile material and may be suitable only for countertops.

As an option, you can build a table and chair made of plastic bottles at the cottage in the playground area. At the same time, there is practically no need to invest money, and under the influence of weather conditions there will be nothing for such a set.


Initially, you need to make detailed drawings with all sizes. Please note that when planning furniture for a child, it is impossible to make sharp corners that a child can get hurt about during active games.

If you are not completely sure of stability, before you make parts from wood, make a mock-up of cardboard in 1: 1 scale.

Spikes and glue can be used to fasten parts, but for structural reliability it is better to use screws and corners of various shapes.

Material handling

Before assembly, you need to handle all the details. To do this, you can use an electrical planer, or sand the wood with sandpaper.

Then it can be treated with various dyes such as stain, than just emphasizing the texture of the wood or painting it.

If you want to varnish products, it is better to choose it on the basis of turpentine. It does not contain toxic substances, and will not harm the health of your child. After you have covered the parts with varnish, you need to process it with sandpaper. And then cover with a finishing coat of varnish. In this case, the wood will be well protected, and shine will not disappear for many years.

We make an ordinary chair and table

To assemble a regular chair, we need to cut the following parts:

  1. Short legs - 2 pieces, 25 cm long, section of 3.3 x 3.8 cm.
  2. Long legs - 2 pieces, 53 cm high, with a section of 3.3x3.8 cm.
  3. A back - 1 piece, 10х30 cm in size.
  4. Seat - 1 piece, size 30x30 cm.

Crossbars for strapping a chair under the seat - 2 pieces, 25.7 cm long, 2 pieces 25.2 cm long.

In this case, the legs should have a narrowing from the middle of the chair. Long, reduce the thickness to the top to 1.9 cm, and short - to the bottom to 2.4 cm. This is necessary so that the front legs do not interfere with the legs, and the back was at a slight incline.

First, fasten the rear legs, for this screw screws fasten the crossbar between them.Do the same with the front, and fasten them together.

Then fasten the back. We verify that all parts have a clear horizontal mount. Otherwise, the aesthetic look of the chair will not be very good.

At the end of the assembly fasten the seat.

For the table we need 4 legs, strapping from the same bar. We make them from a bar and tabletop, we make it from plywood or laminated chipboard. The size here depends on your wishes and the growth of the child.

We assemble the strapping, fasten the legs in the corners and fasten the table top from above. The table is ready. The size of the screw must be carefully selected, otherwise you can drill through the tabletop, which will break the aesthetic appearance and may injure your child.

We make a plywood highchair

Since plywood is easily processed. From it is easy to make a high chair with thread.

In order to make it you will need:

  • Plywood sheet, 8 mm thick.
  • Drill, jigsaw.
  • Drill, screws.
  • Sandpaper.
  • PVA glue.
  • Colorless varnish based on turpentine.

Based on its size, we transfer the drawing of the chair on a sheet of plywood. The electric fretsaw can cut an unusual shape of the hole, which will give an interesting look to the high chair.

To make the sides of the chair completely identical, you must first cut one and then circle it on a sheet of plywood so that the second side wall completely coincides with the first.

You can make them in the form of an elephant. Get the original design of the chair.

After all the details are cut, the cuts must be carefully polished with emery paper.

We assemble the chair, for this we fasten the seat and back on the glue, and fasten all with screws.

Cover the chair with varnish.

Making a highchair for your baby

The simplest model of this chair is the transformer, which is easily expanded into a separate small table and chair.

We make it the basis of solid wood, the back and the seat of the chair are of plywood. Tabletop - from chipboard.

We will need a wooden block with a section of 20x40 mm, chipboard, size 200x340 for the table top on a chair and 450x380 mm on the table, plywood for sitting. In the absence of chipboard, tabletops can also be made of plywood.

First, we collect the table. From the bars we make two frames. We connect them with crossbars so that later the chair legs can be inserted between them. Fasten the tabletop.

The stool is made in the same way as a regular chair, only for the seat and back we use plywood, onto which you can sew a cover of oilcloth and insert foam rubber for softness. This will allow you to easily wash the chair if the baby gets it dirty with food and will not allow foam to get wet.

Other species

If you have a soldering iron for plastic pipes, you can easily make an original chair from the polypropylene residue. Here the frame is made of pipes and adapters, and the seat itself is weaved of threads or sewn from dense fabric.

You can also make furniture to the cottage from plastic bottles. To do this, select the bottle of the same size. A child has a sufficient capacity of 1 l. Wrap tape, forming the seat. To ensure that the surface is flat, we cover it with a wooden box. It remains to sew a case of leatherette, and a great stool for the garden is ready.

How to decorate

Even the strongest furniture, made with their own hands, may not like your child. Therefore, it is necessary to decorate it. For this you can use different methods.

Bright paint. This is the simplest method. You can paint a table and a chair with bright paint before coating with varnish, thereby attracting the attention of the child.

If you have the ability to draw, you can draw a variety of cartoon characters, or simply put a child's drawing.

If the look of your chair turned out not very beautiful, but reliable, then all the flaws can be hidden by sewing a fabric cover. It can always be washed if necessary.

Another method of decorating the chair - stickers. You can buy them ready-made or make yourself from self-adhesive film using a stencil.


Chairs and tables with your own hands, you can do anything that is enough for your imagination and the ability to handle tools.

  • Making the backs of chairs in the form of various animals will not leave the kid indifferent.
  • The highchair is not only safe, but also carries the warmth of your hands.
  • The chair cover in the patchwork technique is always in fashion.
  • School desk for the baby - it is convenient to practice and develop.
  • Your child will appreciate the chair, transforming into a rocking chair.
  • Here is just a rocking chair for the baby.
  • The budget version of the rocking chair made of plywood looks quite stylish.
  • The chair decorated with pictures from comics is bright and original.
  • Table and chair, painted by hand in pastel colors.
  • Rainbow chair will bring mood to you and your child.

When making a high chair and table for your child, do not forget that they will initially like them. So do not forget to ask him about the preferences in colors and shapes. Then you will have a set of furniture, not only from proven materials, reliable and practical, but also one that will fall in love with your baby.

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