Why choose a chair for a schoolboy from Ikea?

 Why choose a chair for a schoolboy from Ikea?

The writing chair is one of the most important interior items of each nursery. It was sitting behind the chair, first-graders perform all their tasks, draw and play computer. In order for the child to be comfortable in business, the school model must be comfortable and functional and must necessarily fit the interior of the room. The Dutch company Ikea has developed a number of unique children's chairs that can complement and decorate any interior.

Special features

Children's chairs Ikea are both affordable quality furniture, and a great way to ensure the child the correct position during class. This is a guarantee of correct posture and warns against a variety of diseases that lead to the curvature of the spine.

Ikea’s tacit motto is security.The company's specialists take into account all the features of children's behavior, their activity and tastes.

All Ikea variants have the following advantages:

  • Use in the production of solid birch and beech and reinforced polypropylene. All materials are lightweight, so that their fall does not threaten the baby.
  • Another distinctive feature of all models is stability. All products have four legs, so turning the chair is difficult enough.

How to choose?

The choice of children's writing chair should be approached very carefully. To check if this option is suitable for your child, check the following parameters:

  • The feet reach to the floor and stand completely on it;
  • The bend angle of the knees should be equal to 90 degrees. If the angle in the knees is smaller, you should choose a higher model;
  • The height should correspond to the height of the table - the bend angle of the elbows should be 90 degrees.

Consider the standards of children's furniture, depending on the growth of the child:

Growth of the child, see

Seat height, cm

Table height, cm































Ikea company creates products for children of different age categories. In the development of each model are taken into account All orthopedic norms and requirements for children's models:

  • Options for kids from 5 months to 3 years old are special options that are equipped with table top and sides.
  • Chairs from 3 to 6 years are similar to classic models. Their main difference is the small seats. Also, the kit is usually complemented by stands under their feet.
  • For schoolchildren of 7-12 years old, specially designed school chairs. At this age, children sit a lot of time at the table, therefore, the chairs should be as comfortable as possible. For such samples, the requirements are as high as possible; the model must be adjusted in height and have a curved back.


School chairs are of different types:

  • Classic writing options;
  • "Growing" models;
  • Ergonomic chairs;
  • Orthopedic models for children;
  • School computer chairs.

Consider the most popular Ikea products for kids.


This line is presented in two colors - green and white. The seat has a height of 53 cm, the entire chair is 79 cm. The set includes a stand under the legs, so that this model is suitable for children of school and preschool age. The price is 2199 rubles.


The Ingolf collection is presented in several versions:

  • From solid pine.
  • Made of white painted rubber wood.

Chairs "Ingolf" are resistantthat is provided by the struts with which the legs are connected. The back is decorated with crossbars, intersecting diagonally, which will not allow the baby to get stuck between the slats. All corners of the chair smoothed. The set has a stand under your feet. Price - 2499 rubles.


The Agam models are made from several types of wood. The seat is made of birch, and the back is made of beech plywood and curved in such a way as to ensure the correct position of the spine. The collection includes options in red, white and black, so they are suitable for both girls and boys. Price - 2999 rubles.


The seat of the school chair “Jules” is made of acrylic-coated plywood, and the frame is made of steel. The height of the chairs "Jules" is regulated in the range of 38-50 cm, which provides maximum comfort. The wheels of the chair have a safety brake that responds to pressure changes. Recommended age - from 4 to 12 years. Price - 2999 rubles.


This collection has smooth, organic forms. The height of the model is adjustable from 38 cm to 51 cm. The back of the chair has a curved shape that provides lumbar support. Seat material - reinforced polypropylene, which is easy to clean. Price - 1499 rubles.


This chair will fit perfectly into a modern industrial interior. The chair rotates and is adjustable in height from 44 to 55 cm. The chair is equipped with a metal ring that replaces the footrest. Also, the model is easy to move, the back is equipped with a special handle. Price - 3999 rubles.


Model "Alric" is presented in two colors: red and blue. The height of the seat is adjustable from 40 cm to 51 cm, ensuring maximum comfort for your child. The seat and back of a chair are made of polypropylene. The chair has a beautiful “mesh” design, so that the model will fit into the interior of each children's room. The price is 1999 rubles.

Color solutions

If you do not know what color to choose furniture for the nursery, then ask your child what colors they like. It is also important to consider what colors prevail in the interior of the nursery. So you can make the best choice.When choosing a highchair, you can listen to the opinion of experts.

Psychologists believe that in the nursery you can only use light and calm tones. Bright red or saturated blue chairs are banned, because such bright spots in the interior excite children.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a chair, it is important to consider the following points:

  • First of all, your child should like the model. Consider all his tastes and preferences.
  • It is better to purchase a product under which the child cannot “hide” the legs. Good models with footsteps.
  • The chair should be durable, pay attention to the product frame.
  • If you are planning to purchase a high hardness orthopedic chair, carefully read the instructions and the age for which the high chair is recommended for use.
  • It is best to buy "growing" models. Height-adjustable chairs will allow you to use them for a long time, since such a piece will grow with your child.

Customer Reviews

Parents note the excellent quality and stability of Ikea chairs. Also undoubted advantages are convenience, simplicity and unusual design. It is important to note the ease of assembly.Firm Ikea pleases buyers with a variety of colors and shapes, which makes it possible to choose a chair for any interior of the nursery. The downside, according to many users, is stop safety systemwhich does not allow to move a chair if nobody is sitting on it. This system is equipped with all Ikea models on wheels.

The chair "Alrik" is made of durable material. All users note that the chair is easily adjustable, but if the child is very small and weighs a little, he may not cope with the adjustment. Also note the convenience of the model, which is provided by the curved shape of the backrest and seat.

Beautiful examples in the interior

You can create a beautiful children's corner with the help of the “Eules” chair. This option can be supplemented with bright decorations and accessories. Bright accessories of unusual shape complement the interior and serve as a place to store toys and stationery.

Writing chair "Micke" will allow you to create a snow-white interior, which can be diluted with bright accents at the discretion of the parents and the child. An excellent option for the boy will be the chair "Jules". Table with a bright print combined with the chair, creating a good mood.

About why you need to choose the ADDE chair in Ikea, see the next video.

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