Children's chair Kid-Fix

 Children's chair Kid-Fix

Any furniture in the child’s room must meet a large number of requirements. The furniture should be safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable and with rich functionality. Otherwise, while playing at the table, drawing or doing homework, the child may experience discomfort or pain in the neck, back. This leads to further serious illness, so you need to monitor the furniture in the nursery.

Special features

The same furniture, such as tables and chairs, cannot be used during growth. Height should depend on the height of the child, the length of the body and legs. Buying new tables and chairs every year, because the child is growing, it is extremely unprofitable, but it is also impossible not to buy new furniture. The ideal option would be furniture that will adapt to the growth of the child. As one of the options for chairs that can change their height, the Kid-Fix chair can serve. Kid-Fix is ​​a Russian company producing furniture for children.The company manufactures chairs with a changing height of the seat for the child. The company gives a guarantee on their products for 7 years; many furniture factories cannot afford to make such warranty periods.

The peculiarity of this children's chair is that It is designed for children from 6 months to 15-17 years, therefore, having bought such a chair to your child almost immediately after birth, you can forget about buying new furniture for a full decade and a half. They also have a double back in order to keep the child's posture even at any age. Also, the back is adapted to the correct curves of the spine, which supports the back while working at the table. Such chairs are made of natural wood, which meets all possible environmental standards. Products can not cause allergies in children. Also, the strength of wood exceeds other materials for the manufacture of furniture.

Chairs Kid-Fix do not creak, do not stagger and do not swing. Often these symptoms appear in ordinary furniture during prolonged use. Because of the design features of Kid-Fix, this does not happen to them.

Manufacturing materials

Chairs are made from natural wood.Only birch wood is used. Thanks to modern processing methods, wood is not afraid of either ultraviolet or moisture. The stool and footboard are made of birch plywood. It is also absolutely safe for the child. Thus, the child is guaranteed absolute safety thanks to the materials.


These chairs are designed for children to be able to adjust the height depending on the age and height of the child. According to the description of the manufacturer, they can begin to use when the child is 6 months old. When using such chairs by children under two years old, it is necessary to use a table and a strap for the safety of the child.

In fact, it is best to start using them at the age of 2-3 years, when the child knows how to sit.

It is convenient to use these chairs in the presence of a transformer desk, then it will be convenient for you to select the height of both the chair and the table at the same time. When working with a regular table, you can always adjust the height of the child’s landing, if the height of the table is unchanged. Table height can vary from 60 to 90 cm.

There is no age limit for the purchase of such a chair.Even adults can sit behind him, although it is not always convenient. Children of any age will feel comfortable with the correct choice of the height of the seat and footrest. The main purpose of Kid-Fix - assistance in the organization of the workplace for the student. It is up to the chair that the child chooses the correct posture when working at the table. Adjusting the seat and leg supports make it possible to make the corner in the elbows straight: this is how it will be convenient for the child to write or draw.

Also, the chair helps to monitor posture. He is not some special simulator, but simply does not allow much strain and bend the spine. These chairs do not have armrests, so they can not be supported. This avoids planar curvature of the spine. The main weight limit is 100 kg.


Such Kid-Fix chairs have a huge number of advantages over their counterparts.

  • Easy to care. Washing and cleaning wooden surfaces does not require special tools and polishes. It is enough to wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge to remove most stains;
  • Multifunctional. Since the height is chosen for the child, such a chair can be used for the kitchen table, and for writing. You can also put it at the piano or piano. A child in such a chair will be comfortable everywhere;
  • Suitable for children of all ages: from infancy to adolescence;
  • Easy to assemble. The slats, which are used as a seat and footboard, are very easy to move along the grooves that are made in the case;
  • Saving family budget. There is no need to buy new chairs for the child every year;
  • High stability. The chair does not allow the child to swing, stagger from side to side;
  • Environmentally safe, since it is made entirely of wood. The basis of the design is a birch solid, a sitting place and a footboard is birch plywood, which is also absolutely safe. Allergic reactions are almost excluded;
  • Easy to use. A child, especially a small child, can easily climb on such a chair himself;
  • Large selection of colors and patterns so that such a product fits into any interior.

In comparison with other models of similar chairs, it can be concluded that Kid-Fix has advantages in the segment of growing chairs.

  • Often, manufacturers of such chairs make such samples only for children of preschool age. Kid-Fix allows you to use one chair for a longer period of time;
  • Many manufacturers of such models use plastic in production. Often, these models are completely made of plastic. Also, plastic chairs are less resistant. Thanks to the development of technology, wood as a material is more profitable to use, since it is not afraid of exposure to temperature changes, high humidity, does not fade with frequent sunlight and does not interact when in contact with household chemicals;
  • Also estimated fasteners. In certain models, parts are located in recesses or grooves, in others - are fixed with the help of bolts. Each type of fastener has its advantages, and the presence of such fasteners increases the strength of the product.

Kid-Fix products compare favorably with similar models in product width. This is done for the convenience of the child. This chair is very weighty - 7.5 kg, which makes it more convenient and contributes to the many manifestations of this convenience.

  • To hold balance. This chair will be difficult to swing or shake, especially for a small child;
  • Fix the chair in one place. In such a chair is hard to fidget on the floor. It will be difficult for a child to simply move such a chair.
  • Strength of construction. It will be difficult to break or break any part, especially for a small child. This design is very resistant to mechanical stress.


Kid-Fix on the Russian market is not the first year, so there are already a large number of reviews on this product on the Internet. Most often they are left by parents who are watching the child and the change in his growth. Also in the reviews and comments describes the features of these chairs, design features and mechanism for changing the height of the step and the seat. Most users are pleased that these products are made in Russia, which definitely stirs interest in this model. These samples were created using both domestic and foreign technologies, the same applies to equipment. This combination allows you to evaluate products as high quality.

Many users have noted that this the chair is easy to assemble at home with a minimum amount of necessary equipment. Also, the assembly process does not take much time.Parents say that children like Kid-Fix chairs. First, the children sit comfortably on it. Secondly, the correct position of the elbows is observed when writing. Thirdly, the legs do not hang down, but are also in the correct position. Children like the convenience of a chair, parents appreciate the safety and health care of the younger generation in this model.

Kid-Fix products can be ordered online or purchased in specialized stores. Those who ordered the chairs through the worldwide network write that there are no problems with the delivery time and quality of the goods. Delivery, according to users, is free. The company also has its own stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg. There are a very large number of simply emotional reviews from parents who advise buying such chairs in families. In some of these reviews, the number of exclamation marks was greater than the information or opinion about the product itself.

Many parents see a lack of Kid-Fix in the high price. However, if you count the amount that will need to be spent on all chairs for a child while he is growing, then we can conclude that a one-time purchase of such a chair with a height adjustment mechanismallows you to save. Also in the reviews there are many comparisons with other models, after which users acquired Kid-Fix. Often, the bulkiness of some models, too much weight of products. Others singled out the insecurity of similar materials for 2-3 years of operation. As described by one user, the chair began to not stand a child weighing 30 kg. The seat began to sag, although the manufacturer indicated a weight of up to 50 kg.

Some parents note that such a chair is convenient to use if the children have a common room and a common workplace. Such a chair can “rearrange” under each of them, while saving space due to the lack of a second table and chair.

There are also negative comments about these products, but they are few, and often a low assessment of the product is unreasonable. Studying reviews, it can be concluded that this product has gained trust from a huge number of customers due to its quality, environmentally friendly design and ease of use. A large number of parents are ready to advise this product to friends and acquaintances. The Russian company Kid-Fix has gained popularity among residents of their country.It is also worth noting that the price is much lower than that of foreign counterparts, and the quality is just as good.

You can learn more about the Kid-Fix chair from the following video.

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