Growing Kotokota chairs: pros and cons

 Growing Kotokota chairs: pros and cons

Children grow fast. A good example is clothes: you only buy a thing, but it is already small, you need to buy a new one. And this is an additional waste, usually considerable. Often parents tend to buy things for growth to save at least somehow. You can do the same with children's furniture. We present to your attention the growing high chair Kotokota.

Special features

Kotokota company is engaged in the production of orthopedic furniture. This is an important advantage, since the children's body is in the formative stage. Prolonged abnormal position of the body of a child while sitting can provoke various diseases, including osteochondrosis, scoliosis, poor posture, headaches, numbness of limbs. It is better to engage in their prevention throughout the growth of the child.

The chair of the brand consists of a seat, back, step, and two supports connected to each other. All over the supports from the inside are located divisions. With their help, you can adjust the height of the chair. It is also possible to set the required depth of the seat.

This furniture suitable for ages from 6 months to 15 years. The last figure depends on the individual characteristics of the child. For tall children, it will be less. In the early stages, the accessory can be used as a highchair. Steady and safe, it will be a great helper when eating food or board games. The weight of the chair is from 5 to 8 kg, which makes it stable.

The chair of the brand can be put on a regular table. It fits perfectly to tables with a standard height (about 65-75 cm). So the child will feel like a full member of the family. As the child gets older, the growing chair will perform the function of a computer chair. Sitting on it, the child will be able to perform the lessons without compromising their health.

The chair is made entirely of birch wood. This material is environmentally friendly.It interferes with penetration and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. The material is harmless to health and does not emit harmful toxins into the air.


If you buy a chair for a six-month-old baby, you can not do without a limiter, which will save the child from falling. It is suitable for children with any physique. The stopper folds and closes easily, without inconveniencing a baby when landing. Sliding of the child under the limiter is excluded, due to the presence of a special retention stop. With the help of this device, the baby can eat at the table, and parents will be calm for his safety.

Removing the limiter is not difficult. If necessary, the table can be lowered down.

Proper operation

Before operation, it is necessary to properly adjust the chair. His seat should be located at such a height that the angle between the child’s shoulder and forearm is 90 degrees. The next step is to regulate the step. It should be set in such a way that a right angle forms between the calves and thighs of the sitting child.The depth of the seat should be such that three-quarters of the child’s buttocks are on the seat and the backrest supports his back.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this furniture include:

  • safety and strength (the chair is stable enough, even if your baby likes to play around at the table, it will not be possible to overturn him);
  • compact enough size (45x50x80 cm), so even small-sized housing is not a barrier to its use;
  • environmentally friendly material and lacquer treatment that prevents the penetration of moisture;
  • wide color palette, allowing to pick up a chair according to the general color of the room;
  • profitability of purchase (this transformer will save you from the need to change the furniture due to the growth of the child).

Despite the huge number of advantages, for a long period of operation the chair can get bored. This can be attributed to the shortcomings of such furniture. Also, problems may arise when changing the style of the interior in the room or its color scheme. Over time, children have their own taste preferences, so the furniture may be unnecessary. Since school age, the load on the back and spine increases,therefore, orthopedic models of complex configurations often appear in the house.


Consumer feedback on the Kotokota chair is controversial. In general, customers are satisfied with the company's products. Consumers say that the child really sits in this chair correctly, it is convenient for him. According to reviews, for small rooms the chair fits perfectly.

A number of consumers are unhappy about the lack of wheels. The weight of the chair is large, a similar measure would help prevent damage to the flooring. Many say that over time, the appearance of the chair loses its appearance: this is reflected in the loss of attractiveness and fading of the coating. Some comments indicate that the price of the trademark furniture is clearly too high. They are sure that for this amount you can buy the best orthopedic accessories for children.

The following video will tell you about the merits of growing Kotokota chairs.

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