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The birth of a child is a delightful moment in the life of every family. At the very beginning, the newborn does not need anything, except caress, sleep and mother's milk. But every month the baby is growing rapidly and soon it will be time to buy special furniture. At the very beginning it is a highchair for feeding, then a set of furniture for creative work, and later for school.

Features and benefits

There is a wide variety of highchairs. We begin to consider options as needed data items for the baby. Baby chair has been specifically designed to facilitate the introduction of complementary foods. After all, when the baby is sitting next to the table, it is much easier to talk with him and offer to try a new product. Although all of them were created with the aim of placing the baby safely, their characteristics and features vary considerably. When choosing such a modern gadget for a child, it is important to compare the features of each model, take into account the age and weight of the infant.The size of the room where the highchair will be located, the aesthetic component, additional functions and financial limit are important.

This product is a hybrid combination of table and chair. Many models look like a table on high legs with a comfortable seat. In front there is a spacious hole in which the baby passes the legs. Some models have a removable tabletop, to facilitate washing of food debris and other contaminants. Modern models are represented by chairs - transformers, which, if desired, can be turned into a comfortable cradle and a practical table very convenient for drawing and games. At 6 months, the mother should feed the baby herself, but with proper nutrition, the baby will soon begin to eat himself from a spoon and fork with soft teeth.

The features of the high chairs consist in the materials of which they are made, the types and the various models. Consider the features of children's chair.

  • Comfortable design due to calculated sizes and dimensions. The design has the correct shape for the back of the child. Since the bones of the skeleton finally strengthened by the year, and posture is at the stage of formation, the back of the chair must maintain the correct position of the back of the child.Baby chair is equipped with special belts for child safety. It also has an anatomical insert, which is most often placed between the legs or the bottom of the tabletop, thereby preventing the baby from slipping down. The seat and backrest should be soft.
  • The chair must be stable, and the design as safe as possible. This applies to both chairs for children up to one year old, as well as older ones.
  • Do not choose too bulky models, as they may be inconvenient during operation and do not fit into the design of the room.
  • It is important to select natural and environmentally friendly materials.

Of course, the benefits of such a piece of furniture is obvious, and if it is made with the able hands of a father or grandfather, there will be no price for such a chair.

Suppose that for the vast majority of families the purchase of a highchair has been resolved, let’s look at the main advantages again:

  • Chairs for children greatly facilitate the process of feeding. The child is fixed in one place and is in a comfortable position. Due to the special mounts, he can not slip and romp, so you can safely feed him.The main advantage of high chairs is safety and reliability. Baby, which is fixed with belts or bumper is easier to control.
  • As a rule, the stool is used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a “working space” of slightly grown crumbs. Behind the table top, the kid can freely play, draw, or get acquainted with the taste of kitchenware.
  • The main thing in the highchair is strict compliance with the age and parameters of the child. When choosing a high chair and table, parents should think how comfortable the baby will be for them. It is best to take the child to the store so that he himself will try the most convenient model. The same applies to chairs for schoolchildren.


The main purpose of the highchair is the safety, convenience and comfort of the child. Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of different versions of models that differ in the material of manufacture, functionality and cost.

Manufacturers offer several options for the type of chairs.

  • The chair is standard. Happens on high or low legs. The advantage of this model is thatthat it can be pushed to the adult dining table quite calmly. This model of chair can not be folded, which is an undeniable disadvantage.
  • The folding version of the chair is very popular. Due to the large functionality it is preferred by many parents. The type of construction has a convenient folding and unfolding mechanism. Some models due to the attached wheels allow you to move the design around the room. The disadvantage of this type of construction is rather large dimensions due to the large distance between the legs. But it is necessary for a more stable position of the whole structure.
  • Chair-table or combined design. Most often, this kind of model is made of plastic or wood. Quite economical option with a lack of free space. From the minuses we can highlight the fact that not all such options can be decomposed into separate elements.

Now consider the options tables by their functional properties.

  • Hinged stools are the simplest and most economical model. Due to simple mechanisms, it is attached to the common table.The advantage of this option would be a small weight up to 2 kg, low cost and compactness. An excellent way out for owners of small apartments. Good road option.
  • Booster appeared on the market of children's products not so long ago. This type of construction is attached to an adult chair. The undoubted advantage of this model are ergonomics, height adjustment and the presence of a stand for legs and table top. A significant drawback of this type of highchair is its complete dependence on the stability of the adult chair. This option weighs from 2 kg to 3 kg, and the price is slightly higher than the first option.
  • The highchair is the most popular item that parents buy for their babies. The stool has a three-or five-point seat belts and is designed for children from six months to 3 years. The undoubted advantage of this type of design is good stability, safety of operation and the ability, if necessary, to quickly lay down the entire structure. Negative dimensions and impressive weight can be attributed to the negative characteristics of this model. The cost of this type of design will depend on the manufacturer.
  • The stool - a transformer the last couple of years is in great demand from rational parents. Such furniture is found in two types, the first is a version of wood. The wooden high chair is environmentally safe and basically it is easy to disassemble it into separate components like a chair and a table. It can be used for preschool age. The second version of the chair is a multifunctional option and quite easily turns into a chaise lounge, swings and walkers. The second version of the chair has age restrictions and is suitable for children from 0 to 3 years. This model is much more expensive than the previous versions. It is quite possible to use it as a rocking chair, while the baby is quite small and this is a very compact version of children's furniture. Toys and other developing electric gadgets are often attached to some models of multifunctional chairs.
  • The compact model of the chair is very light and quickly folded, does not take up much space. The disadvantages of this type of design can be safely attributed to the lack of height adjustment. The folding stool has no opportunity to change a tilt angle.

Baby chairs are not always designed for feeding and home use. There are types of chairs that are used, for example, by hairdressers. Here there are 2 options: a classic children's hairdresser's high chair with a bright design and a special stand for sitting. The manufacturer has taken care of the safety of the baby and such a highchair has special straps for fixing, and the soft areas of the chair are usually covered with hypoallergenic skin.

The chair has a chromed lift, and at the base it has a circle, which is a reliable and durable element of the structure. This chair is designed for children up to 7 years. Design options and colors of such models there is a huge amount. Children's ottoman for hairdressers will be a great alternative and budget replacement for a classic high chair. It is enough to place him in an adult chair and put a child on him. It is advisable not to imprison a child under 3 years of age on such an ottoman.

Another interesting option is a bag - chair. This is a real find for parents on a walk or traveling. The design of the chair allows you to fasten it to any chair with a belt.Due to the presence of a changing mat, the baby, if necessary, you can change clothes. The model easily folds and folds into a convenient bag.

When parents begin to teach their child to the pot, the ideal option would be a high chair for a toilet. This can be either a road option or stationary for the house. These chairs can be in the form of nozzles on the toilet with steps, urinal-highchair or lining the toilet. Manufacturers of children's products offer a large selection of similar products.

Orthopedic chairs and chairs transformers have a number of interesting features. But among them there is a unique adjustable copy called the seat - a chair. From a very early age, he helps his child to form a correct posture. Kids grow up very quickly and not always the parents have the opportunity to frequently change the furniture for their child.

A chair growing with a child should appeal to pragmatic parents. It will serve as a baby and will suit even a teenager. The design is created in such a way that it is quite convenient to have a child in it, to change the position of the backrest, the height of the seat and the steps.Nice appearance and attractive design will surely delight parents. For children who have just started going to school, such a high chair will become an indispensable thing. Sitting on it is much more convenient to do homework and do not worry about the posture of the crumbs.

Experts recommend purchasing a growing table and chair in one set, it will be much more convenient for the baby. In different manufacturers and models, the number of positions of the backrest, footrests and seats change on average 10-14 times. This allows you to conveniently adjust the position of the chair under the height and weight of the child. A significant disadvantage in the opinion of experts and parents of such a highchair is that its price is high. But if it is good to count its functionality and service life, then most likely, this purchase can be attributed to profitable investments. It can be concluded that the growing chair will be a very useful acquisition for the child.

Seat - a chair can be ranked as a mobile option, as well as a bag - seat. Such a seat is easily attached to an adult chair, and thanks to reliable fixation, you should not worry that the baby can get out of there.

One more saving gadget for new parents will be a chaise lounge or a rocking chair. They help to lay the newborn to sleep, allow you to play while you are awake and are equipped with special stabilizers that allow you to use it for feeding and as a child seat. Due to the small size of the chaise lounge, it is easy to move around the apartment and not to lose sight of the baby.

The rocking chair will help to rock the baby with the help of several modes, musical accompaniment and a remote control to control all these actions. During wakefulness the baby will be entertained by bright electronic toys. The power of such a chair is possible from the batteries or from the mains. A soft and comfortable gadget will become an indispensable assistant to any mother.

Among the many options for chairs - transformers swing - high chair are the ideal option for feeding and entertaining the baby. This chair is designed for babies from the age of 6 months to six months. Seat belts securely fix any restless person, and mom can easily go a long way. Good versions of this design have wheels with stoppers and do not allow the highchair to roll down from an uneven surface.

When a child reaches a certain age, parents will be asked to purchase special furniture for classes. Armchairs are also office for children. They have an orthopedic back, height adjustment, wheels for ease of movement. Parents should pay attention to similar designs of chairs with armrests.

The choice of colors and textures will impress the most exacting guests. An unusual and budgetary option is to make children's chairs from plastic pipes. Such pipes can remain after the replacement of water supply and be used to create original furniture. Making highchairs of similar material has a number of significant advantages. It is worth noting the low price, the absence of toxic secretions, attractive appearance, low weight and long service life.

Types of highchairs there is a huge amount. Parents need only decide on their purpose and then boldly go to the store for a purchase.


Basically, highchairs have 3 frame options - made of wood, plywood, chipboard and plastic.Plastic models are easy to clean, and wood is more environmentally friendly. Carefully choose the material for the seat. On the oilcloth and kozhzam baby will be uncomfortable, especially in the hot season. But cotton fabric covers become very dirty and poorly cleaned.

A good option in this case would be removable covers. What chair parents choose plastic or wooden, it does not matter. The main thing is that they like it and comply with all safety parameters. There are also inflatable models of chairs for kids.


There is a huge number of models of chairs for children. Wooden high chairs have high legs. The height of the chair varies with the age and height of the child. Most often, a high stool for feeding has parameters of 128 cm by 59 cm. A rather cumbersome, but due to this very stable construction. If the dimensions of the room do not allow to purchase such a structure, then you can choose a small and compact chair. Sizes will depend on the model and manufacturer.

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Color solutions

The color palette of children's chairs is very diverse.Each model of a stool meets several options of a color scheme. Depending on the tones in the interior and their own preferences, parents can choose pink, blue, green, red variants. Combined colors are very popular among plastic chairs. For lovers of soothing tones, monochrome leatherette models or environmentally friendly wooden versions of natural tones are perfect.

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An irreplaceable thing for the highchair will be a spare cover. The removable option is easy to wash and keep in order. One of the most important details for the tranquility of parents is seat belts. It is worth paying attention to whether they have a stock length adjustment. A convenient option for wooden models will serve as a special pad or soft tab. It will help soften the hard seat and add some color.

In the store you can also purchase a special cape for the highchair of certain models. For the convenience of the baby, you can buy a special orthopedic pillow to support the head, a special pillow for feeding will be an excellent option.

How to choose

Before you buy a chair for your child, remember some important rules.

  • You must choose a sustainable design for your baby. If the chair has wheels, you need to check them.
  • It is worth looking at models with a back designed for the correct posture of the baby. Up to a year, bones of the skeleton are actively formed and parents should be especially attentive.
  • Covers should be made of practical materials that are easy to wash and remove.
  • It is desirable that the tabletop had small sides, this will help avoid the spreading of liquid. In addition, if classes for the development of fine motor skills, pouring cereals, etc., are planned behind the chair, then the sides are all the more necessary.
  • Some models of chairs table top can have several positions. In the process of feeding, it is advisable to move the tabletop closer to the baby, and during the games a little bit away from him.
  • Do not buy a chair too bright and flashy colors. The eyes of the baby in the presence of a riot of colors will get tired much faster. In addition, pediatricians believe that the look of the baby should concentrate on the spoon and the plate or toys.
  • For a baby at 4 months old, who has started to receive complementary foods, but is not yet sitting, it is worth choosing a chair with several back positions.
  • It is worth paying attention to designs that have a folding mechanism. Such models are perfect for small-sized rooms, because after using them you can put them in a place inaccessible to children. For a small kitchen, this would be an ideal option.
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Consider other options for highchairs. At 1 year old baby continues to actively explore the world. The kid actively walks, learns to eat independently and is engaged in creativity, for which he needs to equip a special place. For small children, special furniture has been developed, chosen to suit the growth of the baby.

Stools for children from 3 years are designed for intellectual pastime. The child has grown considerably and is ready to consciously know the world. An interesting option for this age group will be a table and a chair transformers that will be needed by children, even when they become schoolchildren. For a girl in a room, it is worth looking at models that are elegant and made in bright and pleasant colors.

For the teenage room, parents most often choose models of office chairs that have an adjustable backrest and height. Teens spend a lot of time at the computer and their posture should also be monitored closely.

How to do it yourself

In order to make a high chair with your own hands, it is necessary to develop a drawing. Calculate all the necessary sizes, purchase materials and tools.

It is important to determine the design and size. If experience is not enough, then it is better to choose simple options. The self-made stool has to be drawn on paper in the form of the drawing. Then decide on the material and prepare the necessary tools and mounting. After that, you can start creating furniture for your child. First, all the details are cut out according to the drawing, then the sharp corners are machined and fastened together.

Overview and ranking of the best brands

Consider the rating of manufacturers of children's chairs and the opinion of parents about products of different brands.

  • Chicco Polly is very popular with parents around the world. This model from the brand Chicco allows you to use it since the birth of the baby due to the backrest mode.And hanging toys create for the baby the first space for games.
  • Peg Perego Tatamia can turn into a cradle and swing, which allows you to use this model from birth. The Italian brand is very popular among parents in our country. Convenient and safe models are presented in a different price range. In the last year, this chair confidently takes 2nd place in the ranking of highchairs.
  • All ingenious is simple, this is the slogan of the Eames company. The American brand offers bright, original and fairly simple design chairs for teens.
  • In the store from the brand IKEA can be found as chairs for feeding several types, chairs and chairs for kids from year to year. The simplicity of design and reasonable prices make this furniture extremely popular and rightly the people's love gives this company 4th place.
  • Domestic production of children's furniture "Khokhloma" pleases with natural materials and colorful painting. Many parents will like them when organizing a creative corner of their children.

Interesting solutions in the interior

An interesting solution for gathering children of different ages in one place would be growing chairs and a table.A wooden table - a transformer for a slightly older child can be used as a place for fun games. It fits perfectly into any space of the apartment.

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