How to choose a children's chair, adjustable in height?

 How to choose a children's chair, adjustable in height?

Modern chairs for children are surprised by the variety of models, designs, materials, colors. Children spend a lot of time at the table, doing their homework, reading books, doing drawing, modeling and other hobbies.

To maintain correct posture and overall health, children’s chairs with height adjustment should be preferred.

Views for schoolchildren

Chairs, height-adjustable, are an excellent choice for both preschoolers and schoolchildren. They provide the most comfortable position of the body, as well as the correct position of the spine while sitting, which is very important for a growing children's body.

Today, all children use modern gadgets, spend a lot of time at the computer, so you should pay attention to the computer chair. Its design includes a soft seat, located on one leg, and a support on wheels for easy movement. The screw mechanism allows adjustment of the seat height. The computer chair has a soft back and a seat.

Some options are additionally equipped with armrests on the sides of the product. Modern children's models with adjustment can change the height of the seat and the angle of its inclination, and also height and an inclination of a back of a product.

An orthopedic chair with adjustable backrest and seat height is an excellent choice for children. This chair is usually swivel. A special mechanism allows you to spin in any direction. Modern manufacturers create special models that ideal for children with problems with the musculoskeletal system or a violation of posture.

These chairs have a unique back, so they are usually made to order.

Among orthopedic chairs, options supplemented with a footrest are in great demand. It can be located both in a circle and in front.This model is called the knee stool, because it does not have a back. Due to the inclination of the seat and the presence of a soft stand in front of the product, in which the child rests with his knees, the highchair ensures the correct position of the body while working at the desk.

Transformers imply the presence of a soft seat and back, as well as footrest. These models are designed for children from six months. On such a highchair, the baby can eat or play. The growing model is easily transformed into a comfortable option. depending on the age of the child.

For preschool children, an easel with a high chair is a good choice. This kit will create the most comfortable conditions for the creative development of the child.

If necessary, the easel can be removed, then the child can play at the table.

Foldable model is intended mainly for children. from six months to three years. This chair has a small tabletop where the baby can play. The product is characterized by compactness and convenience of storage, because if necessary it can be folded. For reliability of fixing, it is better to give preference to the variants without rollers.


The most common design for baby chair is a frame made of metal. Manufacturers use steel pipes. To create the back and seat used plywood or chipboard. Many models additionally equip with soft pillows to create a comfortable environment while sitting on a chair. Pillows with orthopedic effect are in great demand.

Metal frame models can be adjusted for seat height. Rare options are found in which you can make adjustments to the slope of the back of the product. All metal structures are characterized by durability and reliability. Along the edges of the seat can be curved shape. For correct position during operation of the product, some options have limitations on the sides in the form of welded pipes.

Many chairs for children are made of natural wood, because this material is environmentally friendly. Wooden children's models differ in ease and can be equipped with the big area of ​​a support. Seat height can be adjusted in steps. Already in the design of the product laid backrest adjustment. They attract the attention of a beautiful appearance.

When comparing wooden chairs are less durablethan products with mixed or metallic structures, although modern manufacturers offer delightful options that have a long service life.


Children's chairs are presented in a wide size range so that you can choose the most comfortable option for each child, depending on his age and height. It is better to choose the dimensions of the model according to GOST:

Growth group (cm)

Height above the floor of the front edge of the seat according to GOST 11016-93 (in cm)











This table should be followed when buying height-adjustable models.

Parents will be able to independently adjust the height of the seat depending on the height of the child.


Designers offer colors for every taste. Children's models are usually presented in bright colors, although you can find options in dark colors, which are characterized by practicality. Children like chairs with bright patterns and original prints. For girls, a model is suitable where the back is decorated with a princess, and the base itself is made in pink. Boys like space theme prints.They prefer blue, green, brown and black colors.

Mechanism design

Modern children's chairs, adjustable in height, can be equipped with one of the methods of adjustment:

  • Models have additional holes in the frame and removable seat. If necessary, the seat is removed and fixed at the desired height from the floor. This design of the adjustment mechanism is characterized by durability and an affordable price. The disadvantage is the implementation of the adjustment only on a certain step. Basically, you can change the height by 5 cm. If there is a need to raise the seat by only 3 cm, then this cannot be done. Only an adult can change the height of the product, since the child cannot independently cope with this task.
  • The mechanism of raising and lowering is carried out thanks to seat arrangement on the bed. It is characterized by the smoothness of raising and lowering the seat using a special pedal located under the seat. The child can adjust the height without the help of adults. This mechanism is characterized by high cost.The disadvantage of the design is that it is fragile.

Which one to choose?

When choosing a children's chair, adjustable in height, you should pay attention to the upholstery of the seat. It must be of high quality and durable. Do not save on this, because it can very quickly break. When buying products on wheels for small children, preference should be given to options with a stopper to prevent the possibility of injury.

The presence of the stopper will allow you to securely fix the chair on wheels in one position. When choosing a baby chair, you must take into account the health of the child: if there are no problems with the spine, then there is no need to choose a specialized model.

If the musculoskeletal system of the child is normal, then the choice of children's chairs increases significantly.

Despite the possibility of adjusting the height of the seat, it is very important to choose a chair of the required height. If the child spends more than five hours a day at the table, then it is worth buying exclusively orthopedic models. Manufacturers offer the possibility of manufacturing products to order, since it is important to consider the growth of the child when choosing the appropriate model.

It is better to buy a chair with the baby. He can test it, assess the level of comfort and convenience. Just five minutes is enough to sit on a chair to see if it is suitable for a child. It is imperative to check the product in action, to test the mechanisms of construction. Many models are presented on wheels, which increases the mobility and convenience of moving the product, but for small children the chair should not be another game, so you should give preference to the options without wheels.

When choosing a kit for a first grader, attention should be paid not only to the chair, but also to the desk. Manufacturers offer sets of excellent quality of natural wood. The table should be able to adjust the inclination of the tabletop, which will ensure the correct position of the child during homework.

Advantages and disadvantages

Height adjustable baby chairs have many advantages:

  • Ensuring the correct position of the back;
  • Easy to use;
  • Long service life;
  • Safety in use;
  • Beautiful and stylish design;
  • Product stability due to the large footprint;
  • The environmental friendliness of the product lies in the fact that mainly natural wood is used for its manufacture.

If we talk about the disadvantages of such models, then only one can be noted - the high cost. But the product is not bought for one year, so this purchase will pay for itself in a few years.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

Many foreign and domestic manufacturers offer stylish and high-quality children's chairs, adjustable in height. Models from the Swedish company are very popular. Ikea Buyers note the excellent quality of products, thoughtful design, stylish design and affordable price. Most models are presented on a broad basis, which can be resistant or complemented by wheels.

Seat height adjustment is due to the presence of a strong and easy-to-use mechanism.

Successful examples and options

An excellent choice for home is the model Kotokota from the domestic manufacturer. The main idea of ​​the product is “we grow together”. The chair is made from natural wood, so it is environmentally friendly and safe for the health of the baby.The model is designed for children from six months. The stool Kotokota has a number of advantages:

  • The product weighs only 7 kg, which indicates the ease and reliability of the model.
  • The chair is able to withstand weight up to 100 kg, although initially it is made specifically for children.
  • The model makes it possible even for kids to feel independent.
  • The stool can be used both by the kid, and the school student. It is ideal for working at a standard height table.
  • The product is made with adjustable seat height, which is quite simple and without the use of additional tools.
  • The absence of armrests and high back helps to ensure the correct posture of the child during homework or playing at the computer.
  • The model is equipped with a removable footboard, which is usually used for small children. It can be fixed or removed very easily without using additional tools.
  • The chair has certificates of quality, so it is an excellent choice for children.

School furniture- "rastishka" is very popular among parents of first graders. It includes not only chairs, but also children's tables, which are adjustable in height, and some models even by the angle of inclination of the table top.Sophisticated design of the desk will provide an optimal place for comfortable work at the table.

Many Russian manufacturers offer school tables, “rastishka”, while using both natural wood and chipboard.


To choose the right child chair, adjustable in height, you should pay attention to several criteria:

  • When sitting on a chair, the back should have a natural deflection. Be sure to pay attention that it is not bent in a semicircle. An excellent option is a model with a curved back, it prevents the development of scoliosis.
  • The height of the back should be no higher than the shoulders of the child. The chair should not be a place for lying, so the head should not swing back of the product.
  • If you choose the right height of the chair, then between the lower leg and knees will be a right angle. When testing the product be sure to pay attention to the position of the feet of the baby.
  • You should not buy models with armrests, because their presence will allow the child to transfer the load on the elbows, while changing the position of the back. The baby should independently maintain posture while sitting on a chair.

For how to make a children's "growing" chair with your own hands, see the next video.

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