Children's dressing table with a mirror for girls: features of choice

 Children's dressing table with a mirror for girls: features of choice

The term "pierum" is derived from the French "trumeau", which was called a large ladies' mirror with legs. Throughout history, this piece of furniture has been the epitome of femininity, luxury and special trepidation.

The dressing table has not lost its popularity, but in order for little girls to get used to truly female things from childhood, furniture manufacturers produce various models of children's versions of this amazing table.


The dresser with a stool carries several functions at once, the main one being practicality. On the table little princesses place the first items of cosmetics, combs and even jewelry. The morning ritual also begins at the dressing table, where the girl puts herself in order, largely copying her mother or princesses from fairy tales.

In addition, various games can be played near the pier glass, which include preening and beauty guidance. Together with her friends, she will be able to play in a fairy-tale country, where girls will clean up in anticipation of a charming prince. it if we talk about girls aged 2-12 years.

In the adolescent period, the dressing table for the girl becomes almost the most necessary piece of furniture. At this age, she meets with cosmetics and discovers new aspects of her appearance.

In addition to practicality, the dressing table also performs an aesthetic function, advantageously complementing the interior. He brings a note of tenderness and femininity to any room, pushing into the background all other pieces of furniture.

If the table is small, it will take its place in the room and become its integral part.

Such a design decision is especially important in such stylistic directions as classics, neoclassicism, empire and shebbi-chic.

Selection process

Choosing a dressing table is, though not the most difficult, but rather a fascinating process. In this matter, it is important to take into account the age of the child and to start from this figure. For example, babies from 2 to 5 years well suited plastic dressing table. They have bright colors and low cost, which is important, because in the process of using the girl can damage the product. An additional advantage is the fact that the mirrors in such models are made of plastic, which eliminates the possibility of a cut or any other injury.

These types of dressing glasses are suitable for babies, where there is embedded music for games and entertainment.

Later, at 6-7 years old, you can purchase a better and more elegant version of woodwhich will help instill a sense of taste in the girl. Particularly interesting are the options with a mirror to the floor, which allow you to see yourself in full growth. This is convenient, while visually expanding the space of the room.

In case the room does not have extra meters, designers advise to choose models that combine a desk and a dressing table.

Such a transformer is a place where all the necessary cosmetic products are placed and the area for doing the lessons. It does not take up much space, and the cost of such a product will be lower than buying two pieces of furniture at once.

Style direction

It is important that the dressing table is part of the interior, and does not look like an extra detail in the overall picture.The most practical and versatile is a model with a bulky nightstand and a large mirror in a chic frame.

In the classic interior, which is often used to decorate children's rooms, the option to the Coco Chanel motif looks appropriate. This is a sophisticated dressing table with beautiful carved legs, delicate rim for a mirror and neat drawers or small shelves. Artistry and chic give the pier, equipped with bulbs in the style of "loft". Mirrors in this design will allow the girl to feel like a famous singer or actress.

No less relevant options of wood, painted with bright colors. A dressing table of such a plan will be a highlight of the interior, its main attraction and bright accent. Fees in the morning around this table will be a real pleasure for every girl.

When choosing, the location and the number of drawers or shelves are not so important, since even a minimalist-style table can be functional. You just need to build on the needs of the future hostess and properly distribute the zone.

The design should be such that the dresser was not just a place for entertainment or morning gatherings, but a favorite piece of furniture in the room, from which you don’t want to leave for a minute.


The materials of which the table is made, are one of the most important criteria when choosing. They must meet such requirements as naturalness, durability, ease of care. Products made of natural wood are of high cost, but they are not harmful to health and will last for many years. It can be oak, pine or beech.

Budget models are made of sheets of chipboard or MDF. In appearance, they differ little from the tree, while they have the strength and smooth pleasant surface.

Plastic is considered the cheapest material, but in the case of a very small child, this option will be the most practical. It has a wide color palette, is easy to clean, pleasant to the touch and light, so that the child does not get hurt, even if the plastic table falls. In addition, the plastic is environmentally friendly and has hypoallergenic properties.

Such material is easily damaged, therefore any scratches or breaks in the process of use cannot be avoided, but various stickers can be stuck on it and using them to create unique designs. For a little girl, this option will be much more interesting than a classic table made of oak or pine.

When choosing a mirror is to focus on acrylic or organic versions.They are more durable than silicate glass and do not produce sharp fragments as a result of breakage. Acrylic polycarbonate glass pier is better to buy for girls from 10 years in order to avoid accidents. Such models are extremely beautiful, modern and comfortable.

See below video review of the children's mirror with a mirror.

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