Children's corner sofa

Advantages of the model

Children's corner sofa is very popular these days, as it has a lot of advantages compared to the usual sofa. One of its main advantages is the ability to fit into a corner, thus expanding the space of the room, which is a great advantage. Children love outdoor games that require as much space as possible.

Corner sofa is characterized by functionality. In the afternoon the child will turn him into a place of play. If friends come to visit, they will also be where to stay. At night, a sofa bed can be transformed into a comfortable and spacious seating area. A bed of this size would have taken additional squares in the room, and the children would simply have no place to do their business.

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Some corner models are formed by component parts, thanks to which it is easy to change the configuration of the sofa, fit it into almost any angle, that is, make it left- or right-handed.

Children's sofas are more durable and of higher quality than adults. Children love to turn furniture into places of their battles and games. That is why children's furniture is notable for increased wear resistance, starting from the structure itself and ending with upholstery.

Often, corner models have hidden drawers, where it is convenient to store bedding and baby clothes. This is a definite plus, especially if the room for children does not have enough space for a large closet.

Buying a corner sofa in the room for a child, you solve a lot of problems, while saving a considerable amount. This type of furniture successfully replaces the bed and sofa at the same time. Agree to purchase them separately is expensive.

Children's sofas amaze with their variety of colors. Therefore, there will be no particular difficulty with the choice.

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Tips for choosing

Buying a sofa in the nursery, pay attention to several important points that will make the purchase optimal.

  1. Decide for what purpose you need a corner sofa: for sleeping or having fun. A sofa for a dream select with a vykatny design. It is the most convenient and easy to use.
  2. Carefully study the furniture. It must be sustainable. Irregularities under the upholstery, sharp corners - all this should not be present in a quality product.
  3. If the sofa is designed to sleep, then the surface of the bed should be smooth, comfortable and moderately stiff. Do not purchase models consisting of individual pillows.
  4. The ideal filler is polyurethane foam. He will easily take the form of the body of a child. And after night the surface of the sofa will quickly become smooth again. Sofas with spring blocks are absolutely not suitable for a sofa in the nursery. Sleeping on them is uncomfortable.
  5. The upholstery fabric must be durable, otherwise it will quickly become unusable, because children are such restless. Sliding fabric is also not permitted for children's furniture.
  6. The height of the child and the size of the sofa should be in full compliance. The sleeping part should be more than a child's height by half a meter.
  7. Choose a sofa according to the basic interior. Sofa with "floral" upholstery suitable for country style.
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If for the basis of the classification to take the type of design, then there are the following types of corner sofas:

  • Sofa module. It consists of component parts or modules.Each such segment can be painted in different colors, which will lead the child to sheer delight. Plus, the interior of such a child is easy to change, changing the location of the segments and adjusting them to the room.
  • Monolith. Corner and main parts of such a sofa are firmly fastened together. This design is the best option for the nursery, as it is reliable, stable and simple.
  • Transformer. A feature of the model is the ability to turn into a bed due to hidden inside a separate part, which is easy to push if necessary. This is the perfect solution for a small nursery.

Depending on the form, children's sofas are in the form:

  • Vehicle. These models look very interesting. In the boy's room you can put an angular sofa in the shape of a ship, car, train. They look like huge toys, have decorative elements, in the form of wheels, a steering wheel, etc. Often there is a soft wall in such constructions. Such sofas will help to arrange the nursery in the same style, for example, sea or road.
  • Beasts. Models fit perfectly into the room for the girl. For example, a sofa in the form of a dog with long ears or a crocodile.The mouth of the "little animals" opens and provides a convenient storage compartment. Often, plush heads of toys are placed in the corner of the sofa, performing the function of a kind of pillow.
  • Houses, fortresses. The sofa in the shape of a medieval castle is equally good for both boys and girls. The girl will feel like a real princess, and the boy will feel like a medieval knight or king. Bright upholstery fabric, decorative elements in the form of coats of arms and banners - every child will like it all. No less interesting are the sofa houses. They transfer your baby to a village house with carved platbands on the windows, an apple orchard, a flower meadow.
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Design options

Children's room should be the favorite place of the child. His desires and preferences will help make it so.

Room for girls 8-10 years. Position the corner sofa in such a way that its corner forms a natural barrier that would separate the cabinet from the playing area.

Cabinets and shelves in the corners of the room will become a place where the young lady will place their books, souvenirs, toys. Walls can be decorated with photos, toys, pendants.

As for the color range, keep it in pastel colors, since the room is already quite bright and colorful, which surrounded the owner of the room.

Room for a teenager. Teens are often expressive, like the unusual, individual. For the arrangement of such a child fit white sofa with multi-colored blots, imitating the artist's costume. Its angular placement will save space.

We decorate the walls with a collage of photos, posters - all that is so interesting in adolescence.

A bright accent will be the red carpet, which echoes the color of the furniture.

Bright children. Bright textile décor and a blue sofa, on which multi-colored pillows are comfortably settled, will help to make a nursery a fabulous place.

Curtains with a vertical print will visually make the room taller, and a disco-style ball-lamp adds dynamics. This option is good for a room with ledges, niches, non-standard walls and ceilings.

Designer Tips for Narrow Nursery

Corner sofa just made for narrow rooms. Children's is no exception. But so that it really joins the interior, follow the advice of designers:

  • To make the room visually square, use different colors and textures. This will help wallpaper with a large print.
  • Wall mural expand the boundaries of space.Particularly good in this regard are landscapes with paths that go deep. The room immediately seems bigger.
  • For flooring is better to choose light shades. Laminate must be laid across the room.
  • If possible, do not force the window. Let them be open.
  • Place the corner sofa so that its long part is located along the width of the room.
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