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Children's room - this is not a simple room, this is the world or even the universe of the child. The atmosphere in the nursery should be positive, warm, kind and cozy. Today, parents have the maximum opportunity to equip a room in such a way that their children feel comfortable there and so that they can have an interesting and exciting time.

What is necessary for the full arrangement of the child's room? A good and practical repair, high-quality and durable furniture, original textiles, a decorative filling that corresponds to the general theme.

What are the criteria for choosing furniture for the children's room? Excellent quality, safety and environmental friendliness, ergonomics and high functionality, practicality and reliability, durability and durability, brightness and beauty of the exterior design, originality, children's themes.

Cot or sofa? Probably almost every parent is faced with such a problem of choice.If for small children most often get cradles or cribs, then children from three years and older are more suitable sofas.

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Features and benefits

Furniture stores offer customers a huge range of children's sofas. There are several options for folding mechanisms. However, the most popular in terms of functionality and practicality called sofas with vykatny mechanism.

The roll-out mechanism is one of the easiest in domestic use; it is enough just to pull the special loop forward or sideways to transform the sofa into a full-fledged sleeping place. At the same time, this type of mechanism is characterized by high strength, on average, it is designed for thousands of transformations.

Advantages of sofas for a nursery:

  • Wide range with the possibility of choosing a product according to the age and gender of the child.
  • Functionality: During the daytime, the sofa can be used for relaxing and playing a child, and at night it can be transformed into a full-fledged sleeping place The presence of internal shelves or drawers allows rationality to use the space in the room, hiding toys and bedding on the sofa.
  • Compactness. Unlike a usual bed the sofa in folded form does not take a lot of place indoors.
  • Safety and ergonomics. Soft and pleasant to the touch upholstery, corners of a rounded shape, sofa cushions - all this will protect the child from accidental injuries.

Disadvantages of sofas compared to beds:

  • The bed is more comfortable for the spine of children, which is still being formed.
  • Any mechanism, regardless of the level of quality and strength, breaks down over time and requires repair or full replacement.
  • The daily process of folding and folding the sofa can annoy and tire the child.

Forms and models

Choosing a sofa for a child's room, it is necessary not only to thoroughly understand the mechanism of its work, but also to determine its appearance. For an adult, quality, strength and functionality will be the most important criteria for choosing furniture.

Children think differently. They are important game, fantasy, fiction. Therefore, in the nursery is better to buy furniture with a child. If this is not possible, then you need to rely as much as possible on the wishes and demands of your own children.Children's furniture should be a nursery! These are bright prints, saturated colors, original drawings, unique design. Krokham will surely like the bed of Phil, Mishka, Alice and the crib with other equally interesting names and prints corresponding to the name.

When buying a sofa for a child up to three years old, you should look at the compact and small-sized roll-out models of mini. The best option would be a transforming chair in the form of a bunny, bear cub, tiger, mouse, baby elephant, etc. For older kids, children's furniture manufacturers offer not only frontal, but also corner sofas. Also today, high demand for sofas began to use the original design: flower, castle, carriage, dollhouse will be an excellent complement to the room of a little princess; boat, race car, tractor, train like any boy.

Upholstery material

Upholstered sofa for children's upholstered furniture, should be made of durable and wear-resistant fabrics. It is important that the material is easy to clean, keep the shape and color. It is necessary to refuse velor, micro-velvet and flock.These fabrics look beautiful on modern sofas, but they are not suitable for a child’s room, where furniture is actively used by young cognizers of the world and space.

The most successful will be upholstery fabric with a Teflon coating. Such a protective layer does not absorb moisture, easy to clean and does not require special care. Also a good option furniture makers are called Chenille upholstery, which is resistant to various contaminants.


Sleeping child should be moderately tough, hypoallergenic and safe. The child grows, his body and internal organs are still being formed. To posture was correct, it is important to carefully consider the choice of filler sleeper child.

The main two types of internal filling of a berth of a children's rolled-out sofa:

  • polyurethane foam;
  • spring block.

Polyurethane foam is of excellent quality, moderate degree of rigidity, hypoallergenic and hygroscopic. The peculiarity of this material is that it easily takes the form of a body and also quickly recovers after.

Spring block is of two types: dependent and independent.Dependent block - all springs are monolithic, interconnected. This filler is not suitable for a growing children's body. Independent unit - each spring is installed separately in a special "bag". This arrangement of the springs inside is suitable for a children's sofa.

How to choose

The abundance of products for children's rooms provides an opportunity for parents to choose the most suitable and successful option. Today, almost every company engaged in the production of furniture, develops and produces original and interesting models for children. How to choose a children's sofa with vykatny mechanism? What characteristics need to be considered?

Criteria for choosing a child's vykatnogo sofa:

  • strength and reliability of the transformation mechanism;
  • the use of high-quality materials, the availability of components when replacement is necessary;
  • environmental friendliness and safety of materials used;
  • ergonomics, the absence of sharp corners and hard surfaces that the child might be hurt about;
  • practicality and functionality;
  • design (upholstery version, colors, shape and model, matching the age and gender of the child);
  • the correct dimensions of the bed (on average 60-80 cm wide, the length is more than 50 cm longer than the height of the child);
  • the absence of differences in the height of the bed;
  • correct stiffness of the bed;
  • version of the internal filler, its strength and durability.
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Interesting solutions in interior design

The brighter the design of furniture, the more it will appeal to the child. Children like everything unusual and original. Therefore, sofas in the form of various fabulous or animated characters, animals, equipment, castles, princesses have become in great demand among the younger generation. When you decorate a child's room, you can stick to a single style in everything, but you can, on the contrary, select certain interior items by emphasizing them.

For example, a room in soothing pastel colors and furniture with upholstery in bright rainbow colors will make the room colorful and interesting. A roll-out sofa carriage can be beaten in a room styled as a beautiful princess castle, while the sofa machine will look great against the background of a room in the style of a racetrack or city traffic.

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