Automatic garage doors: pros and cons

 Automatic garage doors: pros and cons

The choice of automatic garage door systems is a rather complicated matter. It is necessary to take into account a lot: the type of valves, climate, location of the box, the way of opening that best suits your understanding of comfort. Let's try to understand everything in detail.

Special features

Automatic door opening systems are invented for convenience and time saving. Therefore, the main plus - the opening / closing is remotely controlled.

In the first version, it is not necessary to leave the car. The drive is mounted receiver, which in the presence of a signal actuates the engine. The signal can be transmitted both from the console and from a small key chain, which looks like a console, but small in size.

Advantages of the system: the ability to customize control from a mobile phone. To do this, a special program is installed on the device. In the exchange of signals involved satellite communications. By mobile phone allowed and monitoring the status of automation. The system is convenient in that the engine can be turned on / off in the range of the receiver.

The first minus of the system:

The ability to intercept the signal from the console to the receiver. When choosing a system, it is important to pay attention to the coding quality of the signal.

Second minus:

Your neighbors may have a device that works on the same frequency as your receiver.

The reliability of the system is increased by changing the frequency of the receiver.

In the second embodiment, the opening of the gate is carried out with a button. The level of comfort is determined by its location. Minimal actions: open the window, rise from your seat, reach out and, finally, launch the sash opening mode. The option is convenient as a backup when the control console is lost, or stopped working.

In the closed state, the gate is blocked. Reliability is determined by the level of protection of the mechanism,which can be selected depending on the needs and sizes of the wallet.

The main disadvantage of all automation - dependence on the supply of electricity. Without light, the garage can neither be opened nor closed.

The problem is solved, and in several ways:

  • Using the unlock system. It allows manual opening of the automation. For some reason, manufacturers include this option in the package as an additional one, although it is impossible to do without unlocking.
  • Installation of backup power source. The drive is connected to the battery (generator), which will be an alternative power source in emergency situations.

This is followed by the species variations of systems, depending on the class, quality, determined by the level of production, structural features. Manufacturers today offer the customer a wide variety. At the same time, the buyer can choose several automatic systems simultaneously.

Features of the choice of automation are knowledge:

  • guide parameters;
  • types of mechanisms;
  • device power;
  • opening / closing rates;
  • additional opportunities in the absence of electricity.

Types of gates: advantages and disadvantages

When deciding on the choice, it is important to take into account the types of garage doors, to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each model. For this it is important to disassemble the characteristics and dimensions of each type of gate separately.


The design of the swing gates consists in the presence of two strong flaps that are mounted on hinges, and these in turn on the opposite pillars of the opening. The opening of the valves can be both internal and external.

This is the most common type. The main plus is the simplicity and cheapness of accessories. Although these systems can hardly be called convenient. But for some car enthusiasts, swing gates with automatics are the most acceptable choice.

The main disadvantage of swing gates - they require a territory for opening.

Also as disadvantages worth noting:

  • width limitation;
  • the need to clear the snow with heavy snowfalls.

At arrangement of automatic equipment electricians will need wiring separately for each leaf. The drive for swing constructions can be linear or lever versions. Linear drives feature reliable power. They are supplied with a control panel.They can also have a double opening system and operate from a button.

Lever engines are allowed to be installed on gates of light weight. The main minus of the engines is the lack of resistance to the wind.

Sometimes used underground automation systems for swing gates. They are characterized by high cost, complexity of installation, and therefore unprofitable. You need a strong engine to avoid difficulty in operating in winter or in strong winds.


The structure is usually installed when entering a private area. In the process of opening the canvas can move both to the left and to the right of the opening along the inside of the fence. If the gate opens, then guides attached to the power components are involved in the work. For the movement meet the roller bearings, which are installed inside the beam.

Of the minuses: rolling systems require sufficient space for installation, the system may not work if there are slopes or irregularities.


  • work in all weather conditions;
  • no need to fully open the gate;
  • the possibility of mounting photovoltaic cells;
  • large width, which can reach 12 m;
  • homemade installation of the structure as a whole.

In the process of opening and closing the system, one electric motor is involved. However, in the absence of electrical power, it is easy to open the system manually.


Models with tilt-up mechanisms are valued for their speed of action and space saving. A distinctive feature is the integrity of the structure that protects the entire entrance.

The process of the system is to smoothly move the canvas from a vertical position to a horizontal, parallel ceiling. Part of the design in this opening comes forward, so the process requires special care: before you press the button, you must make sure that nothing interferes with the system.

Drives for tilt-up automation provide:

  • Inclined lift. It is permissible to use for gates with heights of up to 500 mm. The weight of the structure can be up to 1000 kg. Guides are important to locate around the perimeter of the canvas.
  • Vertical lift. It is permissible to use for the gate, height from 500 mm. The weight of the structure can be up to 1000 kg.

The parameters of the opening should influence the choice of a particular tilt and turn system. The system requires its high-quality preparation: plaster on beacons.

Such gates have the following disadvantages:

  • Possibility of installation in openings only rectangular type;
  • The danger when lifting the canvas, which protrudes outward by about one meter.


Sectional garage systems are well suited for both enterprises and the private sector, where there is frequent movement.

Sectional garage systems have many advantages:

  • The release of space on both sides of the garage;
  • High reliability and safety;
  • Possibility of operation in bad weather;
  • Possibility of installation at any width of openings;
  • Installation of insulation.

Two types of engines are used for automation:

  • with ceiling guides;
  • axial.

The ceiling version is connected to the canvas with a cable. It is wound on opening and pulls the panels upwards. The option is not very powerful, but cheap.

The axial version is mounted on an axis located at the top of the structure. The option is more powerful, more expensive, but can pull a canvas of greater mass.

The main advantage of the folding gate is to save space, no need to clear the snow. They are better suited for small boxes.Sectional designs do not pose a danger to the car, in contrast to the swing-lifting mechanisms, sectional ones will not touch the technique with sashes.

The degree of protection against hacking is quite high.

The main disadvantage of such a gate:

  • the unreliability of the canvas, as there is no metal stiffness;
  • the complexity of the design - in case of failure requires expert intervention.


Automatic rolling shutters - perhaps the most modern equipment for the garage. The main advantage of such structures in compactness: the roll without cluttering the space going over the opening. In addition, such systems easily cope with protective functions.

Indisputable plus of all types of rolling gates in relative cheapness. As disadvantages, it is worth noting the relative lightness of the main web, which is not resistant to hacking. Typically, this system is used for garages located in a protected private area.

The main functionality is to protect the car from dust, sun and other weather phenomena.

A minus is the impossibility of arranging the wicket, so a separate entrance should be planned for the garage.In winter, the main metal mechanism tends to freeze, which is the reason for the incorrect operation of the device.

Manufacturers and reviews

There are a lot of manufacturers on the market who have positive reviews about their products. Here are some popular suppliers of quality products for automatic gates:

  • Deservedly high reputation at the automatic gate doorhan companies. She has been manufacturing structures since 1994. The company was one of the first to use a sandwich panel in its systems. A variety of products Dorkhan includes roll systems and rolling shutters. Recently, the production capacity of the company is expanding due to the emergence of enterprises in China.
  • It showed itself perfectly company from Germany Hormann. Product reliability is the use of reinforced components, thick loops. Also systems are supplied with high-quality electronics. The company guarantees uninterrupted operation of opening / closing systems for 25,000 cycles. Products suitable for a wide variety of climatic conditions.

The largest producers include Italian enterprise dea. The company specializes in the manufacture of automatic door systems, as well as barriers. The company's products include complementary safety accessories.

The products supplied by the company are successfully used both in private and in industrial facilities.

  • Promatic - a young enterprise that successfully copes with the implementation of its tasks. The team performs work related to the development and implementation of various automation technologies.
  • Sure niche occupy Austrian automatic systems for garage doors. They are suitable for any climatic conditions. Coping with the most difficult tasks.

Operation Tips

A frequent cause of automatic breakdowns is the inoperability of the hinges, which is associated with the constant opening / closing of the gate.

Loops due to rust, grease drying, poor installation or weather conditions can:

  • to shift;
  • get a curvature;
  • the stock may break
  • to block.

The first signs may be the appearance of extraneous noise and incorrect response to commands from the remote control. To avoid repairs, they should be adjusted in a timely manner, and after installation periodically lubricate the hinges. Correcting damage is better to entrust experienced professionals.

Problems with the operation of the gate with automation can be the following:

Sagging. This happens due to changes in the frame. A common cause is the absence of crossbars. The problem is eliminated by the removal of the valves and the installation of others, it is possible to install additional crossbars.

Due to late inspection of automation, the following failures may occur:

  • poor quality of the drive;
  • slow response of the control panel;
  • drive slow motion.

To ensure smooth and long-lasting work of mechanisms, you need:

  • annually lubricate working hinges and rollers;
  • do not forget about THAT, which must provide installers;
  • periodically monitor the smooth movement of the gate and the level of the canvas;
  • periodically remove contamination;
  • Avoid contact with guides of various chemicals.

How to choose a garage automatic gate, see the video below.

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