Subtleties choice drive for garage doors

 Subtleties choice drive for garage doors

You can open the garage door manually, but using a device such as a drive allows you to provide real comfort and convenience. You do not need to wear a bunch of keys from different locks - one key fob is enough.

Special features

The drive of the modern sample is divided into two main groups: those supplied with the automation in the set and sold without it. Such a distinction is fully justified, because it allows you to choose the most suitable type and even mount it without help.

Most often, drive control is performed using:

  • central coordinating unit that uses door position indicators placed outside;
  • systems that recognize the presence of obstacles;
  • means of remote control: key fobs, signal receivers and remotes;
  • reversible electric motors, power supply systems and blocks protecting against overload;
  • fasteners holding drives on the surface of the support frames.

All these components are absolutely necessary, and depending on personal preferences and the specific situation, they can be supplemented with other details. Some devices are equipped with panels for working with contactless cards or keyboards for entering access codes.

Lifting mechanisms should be placed at least 2.5 m above the floor, so that the car does not damage the system, and it was difficult for intruders to get inside it.

Principle of operation

Drives of garage doors resemble plastic boxes with dimensions of 38x25x14.6 cm, long bars or plastic handles are used in the design. Inside there is a chain or cable version lift, which serves to tighten the panels upwards.

A typical electric motor operates on a current of 24 V, the minimum cable cross-section is 0.4x0.15 cm, and grounding buses are always connected. Automation and drive are often equipped with built-in Hall sensors., who recognize an encounter with an obstacle, but they significantly increase the load on the moving part. As a result, it is possible to reduce the probability of injury to users or deformation of the car.

High-quality devices allow you to raise the gate for 1.5-3 minutes. The exact time is determined by the weight of the web and the programmed speeds. They are able to lift even four-meter structures.

Reliable systems are distinguished by the use of warning lights, which make it possible to identify a threat. The standard provides that the mechanism is able to perform hundreds of work cycles, and its resource must be at least 5 years before overhaul.

You can install the device yourself, the complete set of leading manufacturers always includes 100% of the required parts.

Remote control

The drive is very easy to control, and it is possible to customize the lifts even without the help of service engineers. Who confidently uses TV remotes or modern washing machines, can easily deal with such equipment. All transceivers operate at a frequency of 434 MHz, and for greater security coding is used rolling code. The instructions indicate that you need to block the automation and the drive if:

  • the mechanism for 3 or 4 openings in a row stopped by means of emergency protection;
  • the alarm code "emergency reset" appears;
  • if at the moment of lowering the gate the lower edge meets with an obstacle from 5 cm and higher, and the reverse does not automatically start.

When buying, it is better to ask sellers to show the action of the gate in the latter situation. In case of failure to demonstrate such a nuance, the acquisition should be abandoned.

Tips for choosing

Manufacturers from Germany traditionally produce high-quality and reliable drives for gates gates. Firm Came delivers complete sets for 12000-15000 rubles. When comparing its products with quite stable and expensive products from the USA, for example, the Stanleyet 380 model, it becomes obvious that the “American” has the disadvantage of not being able to lock the device at a distance if the alarm goes off.

It is important to know that electric drives for garage doors require a stable, high-quality power supply. Since we don’t have to rely on the integrity of the power engineering specialists, we need to purchase an effective voltage stabilizer. Only in this case, you can use a welding machine or other powerful equipment in the garage.

When buying, you should always be interested in whether the warranty will be valid and for how long it is valid. Professionals are not afraid to give warranty service for 10-15 yearsbecause they themselves are confident in the reliability and quality of their products.

Automatics should also be provided with a five-year warranty service.

You must carefully study the instructions, technical passports and accompanying documents to be sure that there are no problems. Reputable manufacturers of drives always equip their products with automatic systems of a single company.. If a product is used by several suppliers at once, then the product quality will be too low, and no one will give a guarantee of more than a year.

You should also read reviews from independent sources, check the service network, as in case of a breakdown, you may have to transport the device to another continent, which is very inconvenient and expensive.

When evaluating the control unit, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it can be installed in a convenient place so that, if necessary, it is always easy to manually control the gate.

After all, even the lack of a remote control is at hand, the loss or failure of it will not prevent you from leaving at the right moment or leaving the car protected.If a manufacturer offers locking devices for sashes as a purchase bonus, then this is quite a significant advantage.

Mechanical blocking in most modern systems is completely absent. Switching to manual control mode is possible in the absence of electricity, but it will not work to lock the gate.. The solution to the problem is a special valve that is able to block the input device, regardless of the closed or open position of the gate. Desirable focus on automation, which itself is protected from power surgesAfter all, this is not only an economical purchase, but also a reliable one, and all the equipment is more compact.

Getting acquainted with the garage door gearboxes, it is necessary to check them for the number of adapters - the complexity of the design only makes life less convenient. High quality remote control always has a single remote control, there is no need to use auxiliary guards.

No need to try to buy a very cheap device, even if they are talking about its wide possibilities. Ultimately, the costs will only be higherbecause cheap drives quickly fail and cause a lot of inconvenience.

Three-phase drives for garage doors should not be bought by private similar cars are intended for use in industrial facilities and in large transport parks. Unlike single-phase systems, they are more powerful, they do not heat up so much, they are distinguished by better efficiency indicators and a significant resource.

For low-rise sectional doors, it is advisable to use chain drives, and the free type is considered universal, but the gate will need to be refined. It must be remembered that the power margin in comparison with the calculated indicators should be at least 1/5 part, otherwise the device will not be sufficiently reliable.

How to choose a drive for swing gates, for self-installation, you will learn from the following video.

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