Features and characteristics of rolling gates

Rolletny designs have strongly entered our life. Initially, this technology was used for window blinds. Then the producers of the gate took it into service, starting to produce roller shutters. They will be the object of detailed study in this article.

Features of the device

Rolletny gate are compact designs with original execution. These characteristics are the hallmark of the gate, which can fold and hide in the box. The basis of the design consists in raising the shutters to the ceiling and placing them in a special box. An important feature for rolling gates is space saving. The space around the structure does not get overloaded.

The design of rolling gates consists of the following elements:

  • a canvas that is created from lamellas (rollet profiles);
  • a pair of vertical tire guides;
  • receiving shaft, which is necessary for winding lamellar cloth;
  • the box in which the rolled-up slats are stored serves as protection and gives the construction completeness, can be semi-circular or rectangular;
  • mechanical or automatic type drive;
  • latch or automatic locks;
  • the unlock lever is only present on the gate with an electric drive, it allows you to open the garage at the time of de-energizing.

This is the basic design. Many manufacturers offer the opportunity to expand it for a fee. The list of additional elements is as follows:

  • remote control device;
  • anti-theft, burglary and fire alarm;
  • silicone or rubber seals;
  • heating system that allows you to quickly remove the icing and ensure trouble-free operation in the winter.

Adding these components allows you to significantly expand the functionality of the gate, increase their performance and make operation even more comfortable and safe.

We should also dwell on the features of the device design:

  • the canvas is assembled from horizontal slats,which can be created from different materials (steel, aluminum);
  • guides and traction springs are responsible for the movement of the lamellae;
  • the closing process can be carried out manually or using an automatic actuator;
  • at the extreme point the locking device is activated.

At first glance, the device gate is extremely simple and does not provide for special difficulties. But they are and appear during installation. Of great importance is the location of the box and the method of its attachment. There are several installation options for rolling gates:

  • Laid on way installation is considered the most affordable for independent work. Above the opening is mounted shaft and guides. Can be selected from the inside or outside.
  • Internal option involves embedding the structure in the wall. This method is universal, because it allows you to save the architectural component of the object, and the design can be installed in any opening. All components of the structure (drive, rollers, skids, automatics) are reliably protected from the influence of precipitation.
  • In case of skirting installation the gate becomes the object of decorative design object.During installation, a new lintel is created, which is located 40 cm below the main level.

Such structures can be installed not only for garages and industrial premises. Entrance options for rolling gates are also popular, relevant and convenient to use.

Surface mounted
Internal assembly
Cover Mounting

Advantages and disadvantages

For roller shutters, both positive and negative are typical. First, of course, more, moreover, they are more significant than negative ones. This circumstance explains the popularity of structures, which extends not only to private objects, but to commercial and even industrial ones. The advantages of roller shutter designs:

  • Compactness is particularly pronounced in comparison with swing structures. On average, it is possible to save about 2 meters of territory due to the installation of rolling gates.
  • Possibility of installation on large openings with non-standard sizes.
  • Simple operation and unpretentious care make the choice of such a fence especially relevant for busy people with a limited amount of free time.In the process of care does not require the use of lubricants and paint.
  • Easy installation under the power of any user, even without the slightest experience in this area. This advantage allows you to save a decent amount, because the experts for the installation write out considerable bills.
  • Easy repair, during which you can replace only damaged lamellae. This is done elementary, requires little time.
  • Aesthetic appearance, modern design, concise performance - roller gates will perfectly fit into any landscape of the site. Attention of the user offers a variety of color variations, and even have the opportunity to order the design in a unique color. Even manufacturers have learned to recreate textures.
  • Affordable cost, which seems even less significant against the background of such a list of advantages.
  • Durable and excellent corrosion protection.
  • Protection against external factors (noise, dust) is a characteristic that is characteristic of roller shutters made from any material.
  • High breaking resistance is an important characteristic for any gate. In our case, this indicator is at a sufficient level so that we can call roller shutter constructions reliable and safe.Of course, they are far from burglary resistance of steel armored gates, but the cost is also appropriate.

The disadvantages are many times less than the advantages, but still they are:

  • Roller shutter sizes are limited, although gates can be installed on large openings with non-standard dimensions. Size restrictions are different for different materials. Steel profiles can be installed on openings with a width not exceeding 7 m. At the same time, the goal area should not exceed 49 m². In the case of aluminum profiles, the width is reduced to 6 m, and the maximum area is only 14 m².
  • Rolling doors can be installed exclusively on unheated garages. Through the roller shutters, cold air easily penetrates the room, so there will not be much benefit from the heating system.
  • Gates are easy to icing, which complicates their work in low temperature conditions.

This disadvantage can be neutralized by using a special spray or installing an expensive heating system.


Rolling gates market is developing rapidly. Accordingly, there are new types of designs. Before the construction is chosen, it is necessary to get acquainted with the existing types:

  • Lifting and section rolling shutters may consist of sandwich panels or individual shields, which are connected using hinge loops. For movement guides and the lifting mechanism are used. These shutters are available in widths from 2085 mm to 3085 mm. Height ranges from 2250 to 350 mm.

  • Tilt and Turn Gate are presented by a whole cloth for the production of which stainless steel is used. The canvas is installed on a frame frame, the design in most cases is equipped with an electric drive. They do not require additional space in the room. The surface can be decorated at the discretion of the user.
  • Recoiling equipped with rollers, which are responsible for moving the sash to the side. Work requires the availability of free space. Such designs belong to a high price category, but they are reliable, durable and burglar-proof.
  • Roller shutters or roll, and also rolletny designs every year become more and more popular. They are the most affordable, convenient, easy to install and operate.

Rollers, in turn, are divided into several categories:

  • Automatic the gate is operated by an electric drive. Such designs are expensive, but the user gets maximum comfort during operation. The control is carried out using a panel or remote control with a remote principle of action. In the absence of electricity, such high-speed doors open manually.
  • Mechanical cost several times cheaper, but the weight of all blinds should not exceed 30 kg. This is the maximum rate at which the system will function normally.
  • Goal Low security class P1-P2. Also they are called classic or sanitary. When installing such structures, the room will be protected from noise and dust, but no more.
  • The average level of protection is class P3-P5. These gates are made of steel, they are strong and reliable, resistant to cracking, often chosen for households.
  • Class P6-P8 includes louvered structures with a high level of protection. These are bulletproof, fireproof gates made of armored material. Needless to say how expensive they are?


For rolling gates, a large number of different materials are used, which allows you to choose the design to your taste and within budget. Very much depends on the chosen material.

Steel gates are expensive, but reliable. In this case, the end justifies the means. High strength, excellent protection against burglary and insulation - characteristics that are worth paying for.

Inexpensive metal structures are created from aluminum profiles. They look attractive, although the protective properties are lower than in steel. Low weight, resistance to corrosion and moisture - characteristics that make this type of design attractive. Aluminum and steel gates are street constructions. Other materials are used for indoor installation.

PVC is a popular material that has many applications in the modern world. PVC doors are flexible, soft, perfectly keep their shape, demonstrate high efficiency of energy saving. These transparent gates are used for the most part in industrial, commercial and warehouse sites.

Film doors are available in several varieties, but high-speed roller models belong to roller shutter structures.

We considered the types of material that are used to make the outside of the canvas. Internal content is represented by three varieties:

  • Soft foam filler created from polyurethane foam (PUF). It is located between the partitions, which allows to achieve high strength and give the structure the necessary rigidity. You can find rollers with soft filling by marking AG / 77.
  • Solid foam filler - it is also polyurethane foam (PUF), which has the designation AG / 77H. Such structures are able to withstand severe loads without deforming the fabric. In both cases, the filler must be evenly distributed over the entire area, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve high structural strength.
  • The third type has no filler, but the canvas in this case is created from extruded roller shutter profiles. Such gates are hard and hard to crack. Profiles have thick walls and are equipped with a transverse stiffener.

Standard sizes

Many manufacturers of rolling gates offer custom-made construction. It is not only about color and texture, but also sizes. In this case, it is possible to manufacture arched gates and models for original openings. This service is not cheap. If you want to save, you must order the gate of standard sizes:

  • width varies between 2000-6000 mm;
  • height starts from 1000 and reaches 5000 mm;
  • profile width in most cases is represented by four options: 56, 58, 77 and 84 mm.

The width may be different, but these options are most relevant. The opening is often equipped with a wicket. It is convenient and practical.

This moment must be taken into account in advance so that the installation of the gate does not cause any difficulties


It will be difficult for an inexperienced user to choose a decent manufacturer. After analyzing the market and examining the reviews, you can select worthy manufacturers whose products deserve respect and attention.

Hormann - a company from Germany, which produces high quality products and provides a guarantee of 10 years. The price of this gate is high, but the reliability is at an appropriate level.Proof of this are numerous international certificates.

Doorhan is a domestic manufacturer. This product belongs to the economy class, although the reliability and quality of its surprisingly high. Consumers from CIS countries and China respect and often choose DoorHan.

Alutech - an international company with a developed network of representative offices and production facilities. Extensive range, which consists not only of rolling gates, modern technologies, acceptable cost, wide possibilities for processing individual orders - all conditions are created for the user.

Ryterna - Lithuanian manufacturer, whose popularity is approximately on par with Alutech. Products of this brand are known all over the world, but the company retains its leadership at the European level. The range includes not only roller shutters, but also designs of other varieties. Ryterna manufactures gates for private facilities and industrial models; individual order is possible.

The range includes budget offers and elite models, which allows each user to find a worthy option for themselves.The company is constantly engaged in the development of new technologies, the search for alternative solutions and the improvement of its products.

The Russian user is less well known. Kruzik from the Czech Republic. If you come across products of this brand, you can safely stop the choice on it. Sorry about this in the future you just do not have to. The price of the Czech gate is lower than the German, and the quality is at a decent level. In this case, you will have to pay significantly less for the brand.

In a word, a worthy alternative that allows you to save a certain amount without reducing performance.

Please note that there are no Chinese manufacturers here, although their products were also studied during the formation of the review. If the gate is purchased for long-term operation and in the future you do not plan to constantly repair it, then the purchase of Chinese products is unjustified.

The only thing you can pay attention to is automation from the Chinese company AN-Motors. The company works closely with Alutech. All other manufacturers of Chinese origin do not inspire confidence.

Which is better to choose?

Gates with remote opening are preferred. It is better to pay more now than in the future to reproach oneself for a rash act and unreasonable thrift. The ability to open the gate without having to leave the car is not a luxury, but a high level of comfort.

Such expenses will quickly pay off and in the future you will never regret your choice.

Low price is typical for poor-quality structures, which will often fail, periodically require repair and very careful use. Moreover, such gates will not be able to provide a sufficient level of security for the property.

Choosing a tire is one of the most important parameters to pay attention to.. There are several varieties, each of which has a different use. Standard tires are installed in basic systems, reinforced necessary in anti-vandal designs. Dual tires can reduce the cost of the system when combining multiple shutters. Corner options help out when installing the gate in openings with external insulation.

Also, some manufacturers, for example, Alutech, equip guides with special inserts that make the movement of the web smooth and provide protection against dust.In the presence of end caps on tires, the appearance of the structure is more aesthetic and harmonious.

Warm gates are not always advisable to choose, but in some cases they are simply necessary. Will the garage be heated? Is it used exclusively for parking a car or also serves as a room for work? How will the issue with the icing of the gate? By answering these questions, you can make the right decision regarding the purchase of a warm gate.

Choosing a method of locking the gate is another important point. The bolt lock, as well as the deadbolt, provides locking in the lowest position. The first option allows you to place the key inside or outside, and with the second option, only the internal location of the valve is possible. Automatic lock provides automatic locking in the lowest position. The locking bolt allows you to automatically lock the gate, equipped with a crank drive or electronic.

For the garage, the gate of which will be located outside the courtyard, you need reliable protection against intruders. You can not save, because we are talking about the preservation of property.

Be sure to choose a steel gate. For the garage, located within the courtyard, you can buy aluminum doors with a lower cost and burglar resistance.

Operation Tips

When the gate is selected and installed, it is necessary to provide them with decent operation. Compliance with simple rules will extend service life, reduce maintenance costs and reduce the likelihood of damage, which will require complex or expensive repairs. What should be the operation of rolling gates:

  • the structure must be kept clean; all contaminants are removed immediately by appropriate methods and means;
  • in winter, sticking of mud, ice and snow is unacceptable, even if the gate is not used for a long time;
  • the rollers are periodically lubricated with grease. The application of this tool on the guides is prohibited;
  • in rooms with high humidity it is necessary to install an anti-corrosion kit, also the torsion shaft is covered with a casing, the protective curtain is located from the gate and the hood at a distance of 700 mm;
  • in case of breakage of one of the parts, the operation of the device is prohibited.It is necessary to immediately contact the manufacturer for warranty repair, or to engage in the restoration of the performance of the structure independently.
  • the canvas should not be hit; the closing / opening process should be free, without any obstacles;
  • half-open position is not very good, especially if it is long. We must try to avoid such situations;
  • when the gate is open, the canvas cannot be raised / lowered; first close the gate, then use the gate;
  • to adjust the design, it is desirable to invite experts. Otherwise, the service life can be significantly reduced.

When self-adjusting, you can make mistakes that no one will even know until the failure of the structure.

At all times, people tried to protect their homes and territories from strangers. Now it has become even easier with rolling gates.

How to choose roller shutters, see the next video.

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