Sectional door Hormann: the pros and cons

Gate - the integral constructional part of any garage. They can be made independently in accordance with their preferences for appearance. But often the owners of garages prefer to purchase finished products. Gates are presented on the market in a wide range. Most of all consumers liked products from the German manufacturer Hormann. The company is engaged in the development and manufacture of automatic sectional garage doors.

Thanks to high-quality production and well-established supply of products, the concern quickly gained the trust of customers.

Design features

Garage sectional doors are products opening vertically and fixed in the ceiling part. Their principle of operation is to move the sections fixed between them along guides. It is possible to control such gates from the remote control, which greatly simplifies operation. All models manufactured by the manufacturer Hormann have:

  • elastic seal, located outside around the perimeter of the opening;
  • volumetric rubber seal designed to compensate for uneven floors;
  • sandwich panel structure.

All products have a mechanical locking system. In addition, the gate is equipped with specialized safety devices, eliminating the risks of involuntary behavior. Some models have a spring expansion system. Also, the manufacturer offers options with torsion mechanisms. They reliably protect the structure from accidental cable breaks.

Sectional doors can be equipped with a wicket door. Such models provide easy operation. For example, you can take the necessary tool or roll out the bike without opening the gate.


Hormann consumers are offered a choice of 3 types of sectional doors:

  1. LTE. Single wall options. The most budget solution. Products perfectly will be suitable for the garage constructions which are not needing good thermal insulation. Basically, such solutions are chosen by the owners of detached garages.
  2. EPU. Double-walled models.Designs are ideal for garages attached to the house. Products have excellent heat-saving qualities.
  3. LPU. Models with the highest thermal insulation performance. Lamellas of cloths have a thickness of 4.2 cm. By installing such structures, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs associated with heating the garage.

Different models of doors can have different sizes of corrugations (there are three categories of S, M, L). Depending on personal preferences, the buyer will be able to purchase products that imitate wood, silk or steel. In addition, the company offers embossed designs that visually create a light and shade effect.


The instruction manual for the gate contains requirements in which it is indicated that only a specialist should install and dismantle structures. Otherwise, there are great risks to lose the warranty.

Assembly procedure necessarily includes the preparation of the opening. If necessary, you need:

  • make a plaster opening to get rid of chips and cracks;
  • level the surface to increase tightness;
  • reinforce the walls with a metal frame (action is necessary to prevent the risk of structural loosening).

The surface of the walls and the floor should be checked for vertical and horizontal deflections using a level.

After preparing the floor and openings it is necessary to fix the frame in the upper part of the structure. Following horizontal guides are mounted. They must be adjusted for parallelism using the building level. After the work done fix the vertical guides to the frame, install the panels in the direction from the bottom up.

Advantages and disadvantages

Sectional garage doors Hormann have numerous advantages. The main advantages include:

  • Reliability and durability. Products are protected from high humidity and water stagnation. They have a plastic base for guides, protecting the metal parts of the device from excessive moisture.
  • Ensuring a high degree of protection. Thanks to safety equipment, garage doors protect the building from unauthorized access. The protection system is patented. It maintains performance even in the absence of electricity.
  • Security. The radio signal received from the control panel cannot be copied.
  • Easy operation. The gate opens and closes manually without applying special force.
  • Lack of motor maintenance. Due to the use of a toothed belt drive, it is not necessary to lubricate the moving parts of the system.
  • Smoothness and noiseless mechanics.
  • High security in terms of domestic damage. Each model of the gate has several levels of protection. If one of the springs fails, the structure will not fall. Also, if there are sudden breaks in the cable, the web will be held in place by the catcher.

The gates of the brand Hormann are able to work flawlessly in a harsh climate with high humidity, excessively low or high ambient temperatures. Safety and reliability of products is confirmed by tests and relevant documentation.

The disadvantages of German-made garage doors include their high price. In the manufacture of products, engineers do not save on components. They prefer expensive, but high-quality materials, which directly affects the cost of finished structures.


Deciding to buy the gates of the famous German brand Hormann, it is important to get acquainted not only with their advantages and disadvantages, but also to draw attention to the feedback from real buyers.According to consumers, such garage designs have high aesthetic qualities.

The gates for a long time retain their perfection. They do not rust, crack or scratch during operation.

Judging by the customer reviews, the installation of the gate does not require specialized knowledge and skills. They can be mounted by hand, saving on the services of professionals. Also, consumers like the fact that the gate is easy to operate. The device is controlled by remote keyring. In this case, the signals from the control panel are captured by the gate from the car or from home.

At the Hormann gate, people value security, ease of operation, clarity and uninterrupted operation at all temperatures. However, there are negative reviews. Some potential consumers refused to buy German-made garage structures. They did not want to overpay for high quality products and well-known brand, preferring cheaper products.

You can learn more about how the installation of a sectional door and a Hormann drive takes place.

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