Where can I place a dressing room

Separate dressing room - a great way to efficiently place things. About where you can place a dressing room in an apartment or a country house, let's talk in this article.

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Special features

Properly organized dressing room can accommodate not only the clothes of all family members, as well as shoes and accessories. Thanks to this practical solution, you can save an apartment from bulky furniture and collect everything you need in one place.

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Options for the external design of the dressing room depend on the location and area of ​​the selected area. It can be sliding or hinged doors, textile screen or something else. Dressing room can be hidden, and can harmoniously fit into the design of the room as an independent element.

As for the internal organization, the number of compartments for things and their capacity is important to calculate in advance. So you can understand whether the chosen place is suitable for your dressing room.

It is good if the storage area for the wardrobe was planned in advance, even at the design stage of an apartment or house. In such a situation, it remains only to properly equip the internal space. Otherwise, the place must be determined on the basis of the layout of housing.

In the presence of a large living area to resolve the issue with the location of the dressing room is easy. The main thing is to take into account that the room was well ventilated and comfortable for daily use.

But even in a small apartment, if you wish, you can allocate a place to store such things. One has only to assess where most of the clothes and shoes are stored. Maybe this is a half-worn closet, an old chest of drawers and uncomfortable nightstands? Then you can safely get rid of the annoying furniture and design a new functional "house" for your favorite dresses and shoes.

Where not to place a dressing room? It would be inappropriate to organize the storage of clothes in the kitchen, even if there is a large amount of free space in this part of the apartment. It is also better to choose a place away from the toilet. If you live in a private house, remember that in the basement your wardrobe is also nothing to do.

An ideal place for a dressing room in the cottage will be the upper part of the building. In the spacious attic you can place a light wardrobe, outerwear and shoes for all seasons. However, in a non-residential attic to arrange a dressing room will not work.

In this case, preliminary repair work will be required. In addition, not every wooden house attic has a height of more than 2 meters. And this moment is important for comfortable movement, searching for things and changing clothes. So placing a wardrobe under the roof is not always a good idea.

A good option would be to organize a dressing room under the stairs to the second floor. This also applies to private houses and large multi-storey apartments. In this case, the ceiling of the structure will be located under the slope. Options for internal and external design set. These are wooden doors, and sliding structures, and mirror elements.

Technical nuances

For the internal arrangement of the dressing room, you can invite experts or purchase and install your own ready-made structure. There is a wide range of cabinet, panel and frame wardrobe systems on the market.

The kit includes guides, rods, mirrors, baskets, shelves and other items. By putting them together according to the attached instructions, you can get an excellent functional and attractive dressing room for your belongings.

A convenient element is the elevator for clothes. It is a barbell that can move up and down freely, providing access to clothes hanging on hangers. This mechanism allows you to easily remove and hang things back without having to reach for the upper tier of the dressing room.

In the pantry

Storeroom - a great place for arranging a dressing room in a small apartment. It is enough to remove all the contents from it. Next, we think over the design and do a mini-repair.

In the pantry of a small area you can only place shelves and baskets for things. In the larger compartment can be hung and a mirror. This will allow you to dress right in the dressing room and on the spot to assess the combination of selected sets of clothes and your appearance.

Do not forget about the ventilation of small rooms. This is an important condition for the safety of footwear and clothing, especially in the hot season.

In the bedroom

Part of the bedroom is also a great option for a dressing room.There are plenty of ideas for design. This may be a compartment, separated by a partition or modular high construction, not closed anything.

Bedroom - a place that is not entered by unauthorized people. This allows you to store any items and accessories as you like.

If there is a recess in the wall, you can place a dressing room in a niche. Or this important zone can be located along the wall. The partition can be a door made of wood or glass or even a textile curtain. It is desirable that the design of the new zone is in harmony with the character of the bedroom itself.

In the presence of free space, you can arrange a dressing room behind the headboard. The design can be any and depends on the imagination and the wishes of the owner. Often, plasterboard screens with a small door, imitating a wall or translucent partitions are used for this purpose. The second option fits perfectly into a minimalistic and discreet room design.

In a large dressing room would be appropriate to place a large mirror. Beautiful ladies can also put a dressing table in this compartment. In such a special area, it will be possible not only to change clothes, but also to do makeup and hair.

On the balcony

Loggia - additional living space. In the absence of free space in the apartment itself, you can arrange a dressing room and on it. True, this will require special training.

Before installing the wardrobe components, you must:

  • to warm the walls and floor loggia
  • conduct electricity to this zone

After completing the above work, you can start the internal arrangement of the new dressing room.

A narrow and tall closet with a mirror will look good on a loggia. Shelves with retractable drawers, shelves or baskets, crossbars for hangers and other items can be placed along the wall.

Lighting can be implemented using halogen bulbs. Fiber optic and LED lamps are also suitable for this purpose. What to do with the window - decide for yourself. Glass loggia can be toned, install blinds on them or leave them unchanged.

Other options

In the absence of sufficient free space in the bedroom, the dressing room can be placed in the living room. In the hall there are usually more opportunities for small redevelopment.

It is quite convenient to accommodate a dressing room and in a wide corridor.In the hallway, this area can have the appearance of a large wardrobe, built into the wall. Racks and hangers, closed from the main square of the corridor with glass, will look original. However, in this case, you should always maintain perfect order in this area, because all the guests of your house will see all its contents.

A dressing room next to the bathroom is also a good solution. It will be possible to enter it immediately after visiting the shower to select a suitable outfit.


The size of the dressing room depends on the availability of free space. The minimum size of such a zone is about two meters. The maximum size does not exist. Owners of luxury homes and large apartments often allocate an entire room for their wardrobe with armchairs, mirrors, a fitting area and makeup.

With limited space, it is worth remembering only the depth of the shelves and other elements of the dressing room. This should be taken into account at the zoning stage. Structures should have a depth of at least 50 - 55 cm. This size of departments allows you to accurately place things and keep them in order.

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