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A practical and stylish solution for storing clothes and organizing personal space will be Aristo wardrobe systems. The company has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable, exclusive and high-quality equipment that fits any interior. Is it difficult for you to clean up your pantry, living room or bedroom? Look for durable systems from Aristo.

Space organization

Soviet wardrobe, bulky wardrobes - all that remained in the past era. Functional and durable designs allow you to place in the dressing room all the important things: from boxes with shoes, hangers with evening dresses to the washing machine, compartments for cleaning products and a communication unit. Place such a device will work in the bathroom, hallway, in the attic, art workshop. It will be possible to store in sliding cabinets, including a twist for the winter, sports props, construction tools, etc.

Aristo will help you organize the space for you. The system adapts any compartment to individual customer requirements. The location of the niches, shelves of mesh fabrics, drawers and other elements will allow you to rationally manage every centimeter of the room. Now you can hide any box, old or seasonal clothes from your eyes.

Advantages of models over traditional cabinets

Most of the details of the design are made in white and in metallic color. Inlays of quality wood in colors “light oak” and “dark walnut” add finish to the look.

An important advantage of Aristo wardrobe is a quick installation, which does not require the use of special tools or professional skills. At any time, the customer can purchase the necessary elements, disassemble a specific compartment, without violating the design itself. Ready cabinets are made to order. But you can also design a dressing room for personal needs, after agreeing this point with the engineers.

Agree that traditional furniture causes a lot of inconvenience during storage.The place itself is used irrationally, the clothes are wrinkled, mixed. In such a chaos, it is difficult to find anything, so general cleaning is carried out quite often. Aristo’s wardrobe doesn’t require any inspection of cleanliness and order. In them, every thing will always be in its place.

The area of ​​the wall is much more efficiently used when there are separate shelves, baskets, bristles, etc. In such a wardrobe there is enough space to install an additional ironing board, perhaps a washing machine. You will finally get rid of trash and unnecessary things that are a pity to throw out, but they are also not suitable for socks.

Capabilities of the kits from Aristo

A feature of modern wardrobes is the absence of blank walls and fences. Useful, including a basket of mesh, which provides excellent ventilation. Thus, no clothes will absorb unpleasant odors, will retain its neat appearance for a long time. With a similar design also it is not necessary to speak about a mole, bugs. In the dressing room will get more light, which will scare away insects.

If classic furniture made of chipboard is quickly becoming outdated, then Aristo products have a long service life.Durable stainless steel elements, reliable brackets withstand enormous loads. The system itself can be completed or upgraded at any time.

If cabinet furniture made of chipboard is literally disposable, then in the case of Aristo you get a reliable system that you can entrust storage of things for many years. Reviews of happy owners of the system unanimously "repeat" how effective and practical it is.


If you opted for the arrangement of a small pantry, small-sized room in the living room, then you wardrobe suit small size. It can be designed with your own hands, using ready-made components from Aristo. Inexpensive are mesh models, ideal for modern studios.

It is important that the manufacturer gives clear instructions for the installation of such furniture. You will not spend extra money from the budget to hire a specialist. Products are aluminum frame, which are mounted with hangers, shelves, drawers. The project of any complexity will not cause difficulties during installation, even for beginners.

The advantage of the metal dressing room will be not only the strength of the structure itself, but also protection from corrosion. It is suitable for lovers of modern interiors in the style of hi-tech, modern, loft, urban-chic, etc. The very design of innovative cabinets can be trusted with professionals. They will tell you how to optimally organize the space, even if you are limited to modest square meters.

The compact Aristo system can have removable panels, shelves, clamps and holders for a laundry basket, decorative hooks and other elements. When drawing up a plan, it is necessary to know the principle of operation of such dressing rooms:

  • often the top shelves are used for any headgear, some accessories;

  • shoes, bedding, bagged seasonal clothes are stored at the bottom;
  • bags and umbrellas are hung on special hooks;
  • the middle is left for casual or evening wear, underwear, etc.

You will no longer have a reason to constantly shift things in drawers, to wash out hard-to-reach places so that fungus, mold in the depths of drawers, bedside tables, wardrobe does not form.The innovative mobile system from Aristo leaves the clothes safe and sound, “opens” full access to it.

Features wardrobe frame look

The main advantages and capabilities of such systems are in their convenience.. But, if you dig deeper, the consumer also gets:

  • strength, wear resistance of each element;
  • modern appearance of the product;
  • high quality, only environmentally friendly materials;
  • the possibility of equipping the zone with a ventilation system in order to avoid odors of "stale" things.

The mobility of the whole structure allows you to move the dressing room from one place to another.

Model overview

With the help of Aristo sets, it will be possible to equip a dressing room separately for women and men. There are excellent options for a bachelor apartment, a boudoir area for a real lady, occupying 1,340 x 2,500 mm. You can also purchase an angular system with a depth of up to 2 500 mm. There are 7 shelves, more than 4 baskets, shelf dividers, etc. The model is made of oak in ivory or walnut color.

Thanks to the bearing rails, hinged guide, brackets, decorative strips - it is a pleasure to use such a design.Hang outerwear, create a special place for hats, shoes and other things. Thus, you will not spoil the neat appearance of the dress, do not remember a business suit and will not daily smooth blouses, shirts, pants.

The U-shaped dressing room from Aristo for a country cottage, a hotel complex, etc., is very popular. The optimal size allows you to properly organize the entire space of the room. Convenient racks, hangers, hinged shelves will allow you to correctly distribute things on the shelves and even color. Are you a perfectionist in the shower? Then you certainly need to "arm" such a comfortable dressing room.

Accessories and other items

Depending on the purpose of the dressing room, you can equip it not only with drawers for underwear, hangers, but also with built-in safes and household units. An ergonomic laundry basket is sure to turn any household chores into a sheer pleasure, save space, and decorate the interior.

Any retractable basket can be made of mesh durable fabric. Its depth varies from 8.18 to 28 cm.Such a small detail, like a bristle, is made in the luxurious color of platinum in combination with white. It will allow you not to bury any of your things and always be ready for tomorrow's workday.

Particularly noteworthy lower shelves for shoes. Stylish design will not allow to put on them a dirty pair of boots, shoes or sandals. You are literally building the perfect dressing room for you, in which, it seems, even old clothes look like new. You can order a complete set for the hallway, laundry, attic, children's room. And also buy separate items for the bathroom, kitchen, utility room, pantry in the form of shelving, mezzanine.


Reviews of satisfied customers "in one voice" praise the products of Aristo. Most of all you buy you like value for money. The possibility of self-configuration becomes not the last argument in the purchase of such a system. Where you place the zone for things will not affect its functionality in any way.

During the rush, at the training camp, study it is so important to optimally organize not only your time, but also a place to store things. With Aristo kits, you have more options.more free time. Now you do not have to run around the apartment in search of a second sock or quickly polish shoes before leaving.

Aristo wardrobe system scheduler

A huge advantage of the company is its own development of unusual projects of any complexity. The client can independently create any room in a special program and place the necessary type of dressing room in it. To make the picture seem more realistic, you can revive the interior with the help of clothes and accessories. In the end, get a visualization of the finished solution storage area.

In addition, at the end of his project, the client compares the actual prices with the resulting set. Before buying, he has an idea of ​​how much this construction will cost him. The program interface is quite understandable. Each element has a description, characteristics and color. In the resulting window, you can change the position of the racks, shelves, the number of drawers, fixings.

The resulting document can be printed or viewed in 3D. The customer has the opportunity to create a dressing room without or with the decor, at any time to edit the room itself,add accessories for greater realism.

The modular walk-in closet will completely change your idea of ​​order in the house. Get rid of bulky dust collectors!

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