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Special features

A separate room for a dressing room in an apartment is allocated not only to fit the fashion and demonstrate the chic of its home. This room allows you to completely get rid of wardrobes, and use the vacated space for other purposes. Inside this room, you can conveniently store any number of outfits and accessories. The doors to the dressing room should be functional and fit well into the interior. Their difference from the doors of wardrobes is that they are decorated not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

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In case the storage space for clothes is part of the room, it is preferable to use a simple partition. But if the dressing room occupies a separate room, then in its opening it is worthwhile to install a reliable door system. Then the numerous racks and hangers with costumes will not by their appearance disturb the interior of the room, but by closing the doors from the inside, you can do your own changing clothes without prying eyes.


The choice of door design for the dressing room depends not only on the preferences of the family, but also on the area of ​​the room and the functionality of the system itself. So what are the options to mount?

Sliding doors

Sliding or sliding doors are similar to those used in most wardrobes. The door leaf moves left-right along the guides with the help of rollers. This design allows you to save space, so well suited for a small area.

There are sliding doors and other advantages:

  • Safety of use - it is impossible to pinch a finger in the doorway, this is especially important if there are small children in the house. They close smoothly, sash when closing can not cause injury.
  • Thanks to the standard parts supplied in the kit, mounting such systems is relatively simple, even without experience.
  • Sliding compartment doors have a huge number of sizes and options.
  • If any part fails, it is replaced with a new one without any problems.

Among the shortcomings of sliding doors for a dressing room can be noted:

  • the fragility of the complex mechanism - the guides are made of aluminum, which bends easily;
  • high cost of such systems;
  • the presence of cracks, that is, not one hundred percent insulation of the room;
  • emitted noise when opening the valves.

Retractable door systems can move not only along a straight guide, but also along a curved one. Radial doors are usually installed in spacious rooms, as their design will not save a lot of usable space. But some decide to use them in small apartments, if it is required that the curved lines of the partition into the dressing room fit into the similar design of the room.

The mechanism of radial doors consists of an arc guide with varying degrees of curvature and doors that repeat its shape. The flaps can be one or two. To make the door leafs smoothly move along a curve, special rollers are used, which move not only along, but also rotate around their vertical axis. Such a mechanism is quite complicated, so its installation and repair requires a certain professionalism, and the price of radial doors is high. But as a result, an impressive dressing room design is created.

Louvre or slatted doors can have different designs: sliding, hinged or folding. Their canvases consist of a multitude of thin rails fixed at an angle to the surface. As a result, holes are created through which air penetrates. Therefore, it is a practical option for a room where clothes are stored. Reiki can be made of wood, metal or plastic. As in the window blinds, in these doors can be provided for the adjustment of the width of the holes.

The advantages of slatted doors are as follows:

  • providing effective ventilation in the dressing room;
  • the influx of heat into it from the outside;
  • ease of carrying and installation compared to solid door leaves;
  • original and spectacular appearance.

Among the disadvantages of louvered systems, one can only note the lack of sound insulation, which is not essential for a dressing room.

Folding doors

Folding doors are used for the dressing room, when the owners want to keep the expensive laminate or parquet in the ideal form, the sash of such structures do not touch the flooring. Rail mechanism with guides and rollers mounted on the ceiling or upper horizontal overlap.In place of the folds of the folds, the usual door hinges are installed.

Folding doors with an accordion have several lamellas - folding narrow doors, their number for a doorway 1.5-2 m wide can reach 10.

The design of the book has a total of 2 folding sections, that is, canvases 4. This is usually sufficient for an opening 1.5–1.7 m wide.

Advantages of folding systems for a dressing room in an elegant appearance, ease of use, no rubbing the floor. But there are drawbacks - it is the loosening of the door fixation after some time of active use, a greater capture of the working area than that of the sliding doors.

Swing doors

Swing doors are a traditional version of interior parts, which has been used for many centuries in a row. They are good for a dressing room because they give an excellent overview of the internal space when opening. Such models, if properly installed, will last for many years, are not as susceptible to failure as mechanisms on rollers. And the installation of such doors will cost much cheaper. The disadvantage is obvious - they require more free space. Many owners, striving for the original design of the apartment, do not like their triviality.

There are many models of hinged doors for a dressing room, it is necessary to choose depending on the free space, the interior and the width of the doorway. For a narrow, you can set simple single-door, for a wider more than 1.5 m - double-wing. Preferably, they open outward, so there will be more free space in the dressing room. For swing, as for folding models, there is a book option, which is first opened and then folded into 2 halves. Such a solution will save some free space in the room, which is adjacent to the dressing room.

Any model of door systems for the wardrobe room can be made of a variety of materials. There are wooden, plastic, metal, glass doors and combined options. Each has its pros and cons: metal products are durable, but heavy, plastic is light, but they do not have a representative appearance, glass looks spectacular, but fragile. Although modern models of transparent doors are made of tempered mineral or organic glass, which is practically not subject to mechanical damage.

In addition to the door to isolate the room wardrobe you can install curtains. The simplest option is fabric webs suspended from a cornice. They are easy to install, if necessary, quickly erased, will have an elegant and light look. Their cost is lower than that of any kind of doors.

A more complicated option is roller blinds. The shaft on which the roll is wound is at the top - right under the ceiling or horizontal overlap. In the twisted state such curtains can be placed in a closed box. They go down with the help of a chain, and in order not to hang tight, a special weighting band is provided at the bottom.

How to make an entrance

The layout of the entrance to the dressing room should be combined with the surrounding space. The color scheme of the door is selected on the adjacent walls. Forms of partitions also should not look superfluous in the present interior. So, if the room is dominated by right angles and smooth lines, then enter the curved doors into it is not worth it. But many designers create projects where the radial door systems are directed with the convex side, not outward, but inside the dressing room.

Swing doors on the outside can be decorated with a door frame that matches the material and color. Sliding or folding systems can be supplemented with original lighting. For example, built-in lights on a false ceiling in front of radial doors to the dressing room look very impressive.

DIY assembly

Door systems on rollers is quite possible to mount yourself. First of all, you need to buy a message set of required doors, given the size of the opening in the dressing room.

The following tools are needed for installation:

  • screwdriver;
  • drill;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • ruler;
  • building level.

The remaining necessary items (screws, bolts, adjusting hexagon) are usually included in the product package.

Further installation consists of several stages:

  • marking places for fixing guides;
  • fastening to the upper guide bar;
  • insert into the groove of the upper guide of the upper roller mechanism;
  • installation of the lower rail level relative to the top;
  • marking the position of the lower rail and its fixation;
  • insert door leaf in fixed guides;
  • adjustment of the free movement of the door using a screw located in its lower profile;
  • sticking the end brush-anther, if provided;
  • installation of the stoppers preventing spontaneous opening.

These actions concern practically all retractable systems, folding accordions and books on rollers.

If the doors are hinged, the installation process is slightly easier. It is important to secure the door leaf on the hinges, usually two of them - in the upper and lower parts. To make the doors easily open and not to be skewed, you need to install the hinges strictly according to the level. The slightest bias will cause major problems during operation, and after some time, under the action of their weight, such partitions may generally have a very curved bevel and as a result do not turn around their axis.

Installation of simple curtains from a fabric will not cause big problems. In it the most difficult is the correct fastening of the horizontal eaves. For installation, you will need a drill with a drill for concrete and a construction level. After the holes are drilled and the cornice is fixed to dowels and screws, it remains only to hang the curtains on the hinges. Any woman can handle it.

Care and maintenance

For durable operation of roller doors in the dressing room, you must perform the following steps:

  • regularly clean the guides from dust and dirt;
  • when the rollers are deformed in time, replace them with new ones;
  • in case of tight course of the valves, adjust the freedom of movement with the adjusting screw;
  • make sure that the guides do not mow, if necessary, adjust their position.

In order for such doors to serve without problems for many years, it is necessary to be careful about using them, not to open and shut them abruptly, not to step on the lower guides, to protect them from children.

Tips for choosing

To choose high-quality and durable door partitions in the dressing room, it is necessary to give preference to well-known brands that have reliably established themselves in the market. Of the famous brands worth noting: Avaks, Montblanc, Porta, Titan, Vivaldi, Alutech, Renz, Armadillo. But it is important not only to choose a trusted manufacturer, but also, if possible, to obtain warranty service. Sometimes, if a roller or other part breaks down, it is difficult to find an identical one, and if there is a service center for the selected brand, then finding a component there will be no problem.And experts in such centers can advise or help with the repair.

When buying, it is worth checking the door equipment: the required number of rollers, screws, the presence of a regulating bolt at the bottom of the door and a hexagon for it, a dust collector and stoppers. It is useful to take along the tape measure and measure the true dimensions of the doors so that they really coincide with those required for the doorway in the apartment. If the landlord is not sure that he will be able to do the installation work himself, then you should order them, usually the trading company provides these services in a set.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Double-wing sliding mirror doors visually increase the bedroom space. This is ideal for a small room, eliminating the need to have multiple closets for clothes.

Suspended curtains in the form of an accordion - the perfect solution for a small room. For the price it is acceptable for any family, and the delicate beige color is successfully combined with light walls.

Swing doors-books at the same time and easy to install and do not take up much space in the room. The entrance to the dressing room is additionally decorated with a massive doorframe of qualitytree.

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