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A modern interior simply cannot exist without a spacious wardrobe system. Storage of things can be concentrated in one place thanks to wardrobe rooms. A convenient place for clothes, shoes and accessories, which can also be a dressing area, is the dream of every modern girl. Clogged from top to bottom cabinets, in which it is difficult to find anything and maintain a constant order, are becoming increasingly uncomfortable and are replaced by separate dressing spaces.

The Swedish company Elfa is considered one of the leading manufacturers of wardrobe systems worldwide.

Special features

A separate dressing room is a great opportunity to free your apartment from bulky and inconvenient closets. Sometimes it is not enough one wardrobe to fit the clothes and shoes of a large family. Elfa wardrobe systems allow you to choose the size of the structure and the composition of the dressing room.At any time you can add new details to the space as needed.

Elfa wardrobe systems are versatile and multifunctional, which allows you to store them as the smallest elements of the wardrobe, and the bulk of things. For the production of furniture, the Swedish company uses only environmentally friendly and natural materials. The system is designed in such a way that the access of air is not blocked, and your clothes will remain fresh for a long time.

Experienced and friendly designers will be able to choose the components for a wardrobe of any size, even if it is very small. A huge advantage of the company is the free services of designers and measurers. The online planner will allow you to independently create the layout of your ideal dressing room system, saving time.


Elfa classic

Classic is the basis of all the basics, so the Swedish manufacturer suggests you to create a classic type of dressing room. The composition of this wardrobe includes basic elements, the minimum necessary for the comfortable storage of clothes.The wardrobe Elfa Classic system is the starting point for creating all wardrobes. Taking into account your wishes and needs, designers can add and remove some elements.

The main components of this type of wardrobe system are plastic boxes, metal mesh shelves and brackets for storing dresses, jackets and outerwear. You can adjust the number of each elements yourself. The wardrobe Elfa Classic systems - the embodiment of style, grace and simplicity. You properly organize the storage of all things without any unnecessary elements and decorative details.

Elfa decor

Unlike Elfa Classic, this type of wardrobe systems offers you a variety of designs and materials of internal components. If you value luxury and beauty in everything, then the dressing room should correspond to your preferences. Elfa Decor wardrobes allow you to choose additional details for the shelves, which include wooden lining, beautiful finish boxes. At the same time, all the elements are still metal, but they look more aesthetically pleasing due to the decor with the help of natural wood.

The wardrobe Elfa Decor systems are created especially for gourmets. You can choose a dressing room of the same style as your bedroom, wooden details can repeat the color of your bed. Thus, you will emphasize your impeccable taste and will gladly fill your dressing room with new things.

Elfa with chipboard Egger

This type of the wardrobe Elfa systems can be made both in classical option, and with additional decorative elements. The only difference is that Egger chipboard elements are also used here, which allows you to choose your own type of decor from the 300 options offered. Compared with natural wood, chipboard is a cheaper option that can significantly save your money.

As is known, the material of chipboard is widely used for the manufacture of various types of furniture and well replaces natural wood. If the composition of your shelf is not a matter of principle for you, then you may well make a choice in favor of the Elfa wardrobe system with Egger chipboard. All materials are well processed, therefore the use of shelves with the decor of chipboard does not affect the aesthetics of your wardrobe.

Filling elements


Drawers are an indispensable component of any wardrobe system. Basically, the Swedish company uses plastic crates in their closets. They are easy to care for, they are very practical and roomy. High-quality thick plastic does not have an unpleasant smell, so your clothes will be able to stay fresh. The drawers are well ventilated, so you can not worry about the fact that the unpleasant smell attacks your dressing room.

The use of modern fasteners and retractable systems makes the process of laying things in drawers easy and enjoyable. If you need it, you can completely pull out the box from its designated place and also return it back without any obstacles.


Retractable baskets, unlike boxes, are made of metal rods and have a mesh structure. Such baskets are ideal for storing small items needed for everyday use. The baskets are transparent, so you can easily find the item you need without having to go through the entire contents of the basket.

If your dressing room is made with regard to the storage of children's things, then baskets are an indispensable element.They can remove various toys, which will save space in the nursery and keep it in order.

Brunette women

If you work in an office, and trousers are a necessary element of a wardrobe for you, then inside your wardrobe there must be a breech dress. With the help of these elements you will be able to forget about uncomfortable hangers. Retractable breeches made of durable metal, which is covered with non-slip material. Because of this, you will no longer worry about the fact that the pants fall and rumpled. At your request, the dressing room can contain as many sections for trousers as you need.

Shoe shelves

Any woman dreams that her wardrobe consisted of many pairs of shoes, but when the dream comes true, the shoes become just nowhere to store. Sliding shelves for shoes in the wardrobe Elfa are one of the main elements. You have the opportunity to install shelves in several rows and store all your shoes there. These shelves are great for drying shoes, so made of metal mesh.

Brunette women

If most of your shoes are heeled shoes, then for them you can choose special shelves.

Side trays

Many often do not know where to put small things and accessories, so that they are not lost and were always at hand. To do this, the designers of the Swedish company prepared side trays that can be attached to the wall or one of the sections of the wardrobe. Side trays can be transparent, making it easier to find the right knickknack. You can put needles, buttons and other small parts in them that you may need at any time.

Mesh shelves

A feature of many wardrobe systems, including from the company Elfa, are mesh shelves instead of the usual wooden canvas. Many manufacturers believe that these shelves are more hygienic, they accumulate less dust. Of course. You can order shelves of this type with additional decorative elements, for example, overlays of natural wood. So you add aesthetics to your wardrobe.and.

Universal hooks

Hooks in the wardrobe Elfa are versatile, since you can hang on them absolutely everything. The number of hooks can be completely limitless. Thanks to reliable and inconspicuous fastening, you have the ability to store on them even the heaviest things. The size of the hooks also varies, from very small to very large.

Hooks may not necessarily be attached to the wall. There are also models that can be hung on the shelf and at any time mark the place of their deployment.


Brackets must be present in every wardrobe system. All shelves are installed on them. They allow you to carefully store things in an upright position. Each dress and jacket will be protected from collapse, and you can wear them at any time. The length of the bracket depends entirely on the depth of your wardrobe system.


Retractable hangers allow you to conveniently hang clothes and quickly find the necessary thing. If the size of your wardrobe allows you to install several of these hangers, including for outerwear.

Tie, shawl and belt holders

Properly store ties, handkerchiefs and belts will allow special items to harmonize them in colors, shapes and sizes. The desired tie or scarf will always be visible, and you will not have to suffer for a long time to find the necessary accessory. This filler for the wardrobe system can be built-in or mobile. In the second case, you can move the holder to any convenient place in your wardrobe.

Sock and Underwear Organizer

Intimate wardrobe of any person should be kept in perfect order. If you put your laundry in a pile, it is quite difficult to maintain order in your wardrobe, especially if you are in a hurry. Special organizers for storing clothes and socks allow you to properly organize the space in the dressing room and keep your belongings in order.

The organizer is a soft and flexible box, divided into many cells for underwear, bras and socks. You can easily get the necessary element of linen and not harm the order in the wardrobe space.


Like every well-known manufacturer, the Swedish company has its own counterparts, which should not be confused with fakes. Analogs do not hide their true name. As a rule, the analog is a cheaper option for Russian wardrobe systems. If the original can be purchased only from authorized dealers, then analogues are available in many large stores and furniture factories. One of these stores is Leroy Merlen. The cloakrooms offered by this company may resemble Elfa externally, but differ in the materials used.For example, chipboard can be used instead of natural wood, which makes the product much cheaper.


Judging by the reviews of those who already use the Elfa wardrobe system, the Swedish company does produce high-quality wardrobes. According to customers, retractable brackets and shelves have unsurpassed properties, they are easy to put forward, do not creak or get stuck. Even a small child can use them.

Buyers also note the functionality of the wardrobe systems. Thanks to them, many owners of small apartments have got a great place to store things for the whole family, the need to overload the apartment with many closets has disappeared.

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