Wardrobe accessories

The concept of “Fittings for the wardrobe system” today includes about ten thousand of all kinds of items, parts and elements for the most various purposes. These include hinges, rollers, guides, handles, shelf supports, brackets, fasteners, baskets, drawers, etc. For example, only in order to ensure a long-lasting and high-quality service of folding doors, it is important to correctly select all the elements so that they fit together.

Folding door system

The principle of its operation is as follows: as a rule, the door consists of two folding doors. When opening both doors, the doors fold up and slide away to the side, sliding smoothly along the guides. If the wardrobe system uses high-quality fittings for folding doors, they will move smoothly and silently, ensuring opening with a slight push of one hand. This rule even works for heavy solid doors.Proper fittings help open and close doors without cotton.

The handle on the folding wardrobe door affects not only the exterior design of the whole structure, but also its functionality. Most often in the sliding and folding doors for wardrobe used handles, recessed in mezhdvernoe space. Also in demand are long rail handles.

Since fittings for dressing rooms in general and for folding doors in particular, are constantly subject to loads, bona fide manufacturers, before serially launching products, carry out its repeated tests. For example, the reliability of the door hinge is tested 200 thousand times by opening and closing the door. In addition, the manufacturer gives branded accessories a warranty of two years or more.

Features of fittings for sliding doors

This element is one of the most expensive in the entire cost of the product. If you choose low quality fittings, it can not withstand the heavy weight of the door, which will lead to malfunction, jamming of the doors and the appearance of extraneous noise during their operation.

Fittings for sliding doors can be one-sided and double-sided.With one-sided fittings, the door is suspended in the upper rail, and the lower part of the door is supported by the supports from below. The installation scheme of such a door is quite simple in execution. However, this design is not without flaws: since the door is fixed only on one side, then over time it becomes loose and does not close properly. In addition, this design is more noisy.

With a two-sided system, the fasteners hold the door using the upper and lower guides. Such a system consists of door tires and a floor profile. Mobile carriages are inserted into both tires. This design is considered more reliable than one-sided.

Videos deserve special attention. Cheap rollers are often of poor quality. They are made of plastic. Silicone or rubber rollers with shock-absorbing tires are considered to be of higher quality. It depends on the quality of the rollers how noisy the doors in the dressing room will be.

Types of sliding mechanisms

The sliding mechanism includes:

  • Upper and lower guides. If the wardrobe system is in full height of the room, the upper rails are attached to the ceiling, and the lower ones - to the floor.
  • Frame canvas.Most often they are aluminum or steel.
  • Rollers at the top and bottom. Silent rollers have bearings inside, and outside are covered with teflon.
  • Door clamps.
  • Spepegel is a layer of lint that protects the interior of the cabinet from dust and dampens the door.
  • The bolt is a linear carrier element that serves as a support for the door leaf.

Proper care

In order for all elements of the dressing room to work clearly and without failures, it is necessary to periodically twist the loosening mechanism, lubricate all moving elements with engine oil. It is also advisable to clean the guides and other parts from dust and dirt as needed. In order not to leave scratches and other mechanical damage, use soft fabrics and non-abrasive cleaning products to clean the accessories.

If, after a long period of use, the doors began to go badly along the guides, it may be the reason for their deformation. You can level them with a wooden peg, tapping on it with a hammer. In case of replacement of some parts, it is better to purchase accessories of the same company as the rest of the system. And even better to be safe and buy spare parts in advance.

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