We make a spacious dressing room from a small pantry

Every hostess dreams of a dressing room. It so happened that women always have a bunch of clothes that require proper storage. Not every apartment can accommodate a large dressing room, so this privilege is not available to everyone. There is a way out - you can make a small dressing room from the pantry, which is in almost every apartment.


Can not allocate a lot of space for storing things? Then create your own dressing room from a large number of shelves that are fully capable of replacing a complete wardrobe. An improvised dressing room may require much less space than you think. A space with dimensions of 1x1.5 or 1x2 can accommodate both hangers and shelves with drawers. It is great if there is enough space in the dressing room to place a mirror in which you can change clothes.

The basic rule when equipping a dressing room in a small room is to create ventilation. If this is not taken into account, the clothes can not only be soaked with staleness, but also damp. Also be aware of the lighting.

Before you begin to install all sorts of hangers, shelves and cabinets, you should calculate the approximate volume of all things that will be completed in the new dressing room. It is best to make a plan or draw a diagram of the location of all devices, so as not to miss a single moment.

Rework plan in the panel house

The decision to arrange a dressing room in the pantry was made, so you can safely take up the pencil and draw a diagram of how everything will look in the end. Usually the storage room in standard apartments is + 3 or + 2 square meters to the total area. It is impossible to put furniture in such a small area, but it is quite realistic to carefully arrange all clothes and shoes.

Visually, you have already presented what hangers and shelves will be in your dressing room. It remains only to calculate the size and enter the necessary numbers in the drawing. For storage of jackets and dresses, for example, you need a place in width of not more than half a meter, and a height of up to one and a half meters; T-shirts and shirts will take a little less space.Under the shoes you can build a small shelf in the entire length of the room, with a height of 20 or 30 cm.

At the initial stage, it seems that there is not enough space, but after installation you will be surprised how spacious the dressing room turned out from the pantry.

Ergonomic arrangement

In order for the efficiency of a small dressing room to be no worse than that of a decent-sized dressing room, it is necessary to properly plan the space.

Often, dressing rooms are equipped with sliding systems that are very economical and allow you to fill the space to the maximum. In the niches of such systems you can easily install a pantograph or lattice under shoes. The easiest way to divide the dressing room into two zones and fill each of them, respectively.

Middle zone

This part of the wardrobe is most used. Usually it is filled with bars, shelves and all kinds of boxes. Bars are positioned both perpendicularly and parallel to the wall. It all depends on the depth of the cabinet.

Drawers and shelves are usually located at eye level. Particularly interesting in this regard, baskets of metal mesh and transparent models. If in the first embodiment, things are well ventilated and will be easily noticeable, in the second case, things can only be clearly seen, not wondering what lies there.

The ideal option for the middle zone is shelving with open shelves. It is easier to put things on them. In addition, the clothes will be in full view and will be able to "breathe."

Upper zone

At the very top of the dressing room are shelves or drawers for things that are very rarely worn. Access to them will require a staircase if your dressing room has high ceilings. Just below you can put hats or shoes that are not needed in the coming months. For such oversized things do not need too much space. An area equal to the length of the room, multiplied by 20 cm in height and 25 cm in depth, is fine.

Release and finish

It is better not to demolish the walls, as the pantry is ideal for the role of a dressing room. If you remove from it all the unnecessary trash, which is usually stored there for many years, then you may well find that there is plenty of space. It will not be out of place to carry out a small redecoration - if required. It will be bad if the old plaster crumbles and smears things.

You can carefully trim the walls and the floor so that the drawers and cabinets stand exactly. Paint the walls or make an expensive finish is not worth it.You can just whitewash the walls with water-based paint and lay a wooden floor on the floor.

In the decoration of the dressing room the main thing is that the walls “breathe” and not “emit” unnecessary smells. It is possible that too clogged walls and the floor will contribute to too high humidity. Painted walls can "share" their smell with clothes.

If the tree is too expensive for you, then you can lay laminate on the floor, but its abilities are a little worse. Therefore, in any case, you can evenly spread on the dressing room special bags with substances that are well absorb excess moisture.

Ventilation and lighting

Ventilation is very important for the safety of things, while the light is able to expand the space.

Dressing room - this is the place that most of the time is closed. Therefore, it should be well ventilated in order to eliminate the appearance of dampness and mold. If the dressing room is small, then it makes no sense to equip a separate ventilation system. Large-scale and expensive projects are more suitable for the wardrobe of an actress or a singer, whose dressing room can be larger than a standard apartment.

Ideal for a small dressing room - installation of an exhaust fan or air conditioner. The second option is even better, since many air-conditioning systems not only refresh the air, but also clean it from dust and germs. These parameters are very important, because they will eliminate the formation of mold, unpleasant air and dust on clothes.

Light is an important item. If you make the right lighting system, you can visually increase the storage room space. In addition, in a bright room is much more productive to pick up outfits.

In a small dressing room there should not be large lamps with lampshades or shades. This will only aggravate the situation, as unnecessary shadows will “eat” half of the entire space. It is best to give preference to small lamps in large quantities, which can be evenly distributed over the dressing area. You can install them both on the wall and on the ceiling.

Installation of storage systems

To build a small dressing room on your own is quite realistic. To do this, you will need to purchase all the necessary materials, based on your own calculations and desires. A sample list of materials may be as follows:

  • Metal pipes.These parts can serve as the basis for the frame, and as holders of hangers;
  • Chipboard with plastic coating. This item will be required as the main part for creating shelves or drawers;
  • Guides;
  • Mount. Screws, various plugs and corners can be useful;
  • Edging tape;
  • Additional details in the form of hooks and handles.

You can assemble the installation according to this plan:

  1. Saw metal pipes to the desired length, according to their calculations.
  2. Prepare the parts by grinding them with a special tape.
  3. Install vertical racks and secure them with self-tapping screws.
  4. Position guides and fasteners.
  5. Install shelves and drawers.
  6. Set the backlight inside (if needed).
  7. Lock the doors.
  8. To fasten hooks and handles.

At the end of the installation, complete cabinets with hangers.

Doorway Design

To consider the arrangement of the dressing room from the closet finished, you need to issue a doorway. Make it necessary to competently. Sliding doors that save space and ennoble it with their stylish performance are best suited for the closet from the pantry.

There are several options for wardrobe doors:

  • Swing doors; These models are suitable for spacious rooms, as they take up some space when opened.
  • Screens; This option looks very elegant and unique. A more simplified version - beautiful blackout curtains.
  • Coupe doors; The most convenient doors for a small dressing room, because they perfectly save space.

Interesting options

Dressing room is the personal space of any girl. Planning and arrangement of such premises is everyone’s business. There are several types of standard layouts:


This option is suitable for any room. Most often they do not have doors. In the case of the dressing room of the pantry for its creation will need to demolish one of the walls. This dressing room is usually intended for one or two people, as it can be easily divided.

You can easily decorate the corner dressing room, inspired by such ideas:

  1. Stylish wardrobe made of metal frame. Looks discreet and takes up a minimum of space.
  2. A massive wardrobe made of wood with compartment doors organically fitted into the corner.
  3. A cozy little dressing room, resembling a wardrobe, is securely hidden from the eyes with the help of stylish sliding doors.


The easiest way to install a dressing room parallel to the wall.Such a dressing room can either have a door or be open. Space for a linear dressing room will require no more than 2 square meters.

This option is suitable for a pantry or hallway. Such a dressing room may consist of drawers at the bottom, shelves and hangers at the top or of a separate wardrobe. Variants of this kind of storage organization weight. Here are just some of them:

  1. The compact wardrobe from a light tree, incorporating, both open regiments, and boxes with transparent doors. The backlight is very interesting: the lamps are fixed on the upper shelves. The perfect complement is a large mirror.
  2. Stylish dressing room in a niche. Minimum details - the maximum space for storage.
  3. Wardrobe, consisting of wood and plastic. Harmoniously combines open shelves and drawers. Beautiful and roomy.


This option is suitable for both a walk-in closet built into a niche and a closed-type dressing room. To implement this option may require from 3 or more square meters. U-shaped dressing room is characterized by the presence of lighting and all sorts of items for storage.

This dressing room perfectly cope with the storage of absolutely all things in the house. Here are some options for organizing such an option:

  1. An interesting version of wood in bright colors, which is characterized by the completeness of filling the space: there are all types of storage, in the form of shelves, drawers, hangers and baskets.
  2. Metal dressing room looks very stylish and neat. A minimum of solid surfaces, which means a maximum of space and fresh air.
  3. Wooden miniature dressing room, in which most of it is occupied by hangers and shelves with drawers. In this embodiment, the lighting comes first, as without it the room will become very dark.


This option assumes the presence of two free walls, in which linear mini dressing rooms can be arranged parallel to each other. For a small room rather not suitable. Very convenient for storing things of two people - one side belongs to the individual. When installing such a system, always choose compartment doors, otherwise hinged doors will interfere with the opposite side.

What can be summed up? Dressing room is not a dream, but a reality.Everyone can bring it to life, despite the size of their apartment and financial capabilities. All that is needed for a dressing room is a minimum of space and a maximum of imagination and patience. Feel free to take matters into your own hands and you will get the perfect dressing room from the pantry.

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