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Special features

Most girls dream of creating their own dressing room, but not everyone has the opportunity to organize the space in the living room. Clothing and shoes require storage in a separate place. Almost every apartment building has a storage room. Many women keep things in it ready for frequent use, but this corner of the apartment may have other uses.

For example, some of their own hands from the pantry equip wardrobe room. Such an idea is carried out in life very quickly, and most importantly - it does not hit the pocket.

A large storage room helps to solve many pressing issues. No longer is the task of buying a new spacious cabinet that will take up a lot of space to the apartment. The idea of ​​outbuilding equipment saves money accumulated in the family for more important purchases. It is better to divide the room into zones rationally, to change its parameters. This solution is especially important for small apartments.

To make yourself a dressing room, you must decide on the procurement materials for construction work. For planning the premises under the wardrobe enough 4 square. m

Usually, the composition of the closets includes uncomfortable niches, but if you really try, you can turn them into luxurious walk-in closets by filling them with special boxes, shelves, and mezzanines.

Do not be sad if the apartment has no storage room. Store things will also be in the hallway, just need to properly equip it. In this part of the apartment, as a rule, there is enough free space.

The size of the room for clothes is determined by the needs of a particular family. The height of the dressing room is on average from 1 to 2 meters, its depth is at least 1 meter.

Materials and tools

The simplest solution is to adapt a separate niche in the apartment for a spacious wardrobe or dressing room for things. To do this, simply fix the door, adjust the shelves, which are added hooks for clothes. If necessary, attached mezzanine.

If there is no storage space in the house, then a partition is made with the help of drywall.Since the area is in short supply - the owners are trying to use it to the maximum, the space should function from floor to ceiling.

Before creating a dressing room a project is made. It is important to have a vision of how the room should eventually turn out. Before construction, it is necessary to measure all distances, to display on the plan how the parts and structural elements are arranged. Only after this installation is made. The amount of consumables and the category of tools used depend on how the project is planned. In the final part, estimates are made and the calculation of how much the project costs.

The following tools are used to work with wood and metal:

  1. To create a project, you will need a stepladder, a tape measure, a building laser level. You will also need a simple pencil marker.
  2. As a hand tool you need to prepare a drill, hammer, saw, screwdriver. Additionally, you may need a screwdriver, electric jigsaw, screwdrivers.
  3. For consumables suitable gloves, container for liquids, goggles, any rags, rollers.

Before you begin construction work, it is desirable to take into account the interests of all family members, namely to arrange the sections in the accessibility for each person. For example, consider that the sections for children's clothes are at the bottom of the structure. The better you think about your project, the fewer changes you will need to make in the course of its implementation. If the details are not given due attention, it simply may not be enough prepared building materials.


For installation you will need pine timber or metal profiles. If the dressing room in the apartment is of very small size, then you can do with the existing partitions. In order to carry out high-quality installation work in the dressing room, it is necessary to purchase a number of additional elements to create the structure. For example, it is better to buy trembel bars, guides and awnings, connecting corner and furniture accessories in advance.

For the manufacture of shelves is usually used material such as chipboard. It is covered with decorative plastic. If funds allow, you can buy natural wood - so the dressing room will look more stylish and expensive.End trim edges do with edgeband. This allows you to not damage the things that are stored on the shelves.

Make sure that the racks are not too deep, because things will have to be folded in several rows, and this, as you know, leads to confusion.

Drawers are inserted into the lower tier, umbrellas and canes are usually stored on them. In the middle line of the wardrobe are inserted cells. They contain details and small accessories for clothing.

Before you make drawings of the dressing room, consider how long your clothes will be. Storage space should be at least 2 square meters. m

Dressing room can also be placed in a room up to 18 square meters. meters It is important that the room had ventilation, there was no window. The storage area is usually equipped with additional lighting. The dressing room can be made even in the “Khrushchev”, the main condition is the presence of several rooms in the apartment.

How to equip yourself

Select the configuration of your future dressing room. The arrangement of the room takes place in several ways. The configuration is correctly made based on the dimensions of the dwelling and the location of the pantry.

The simplest design is to place shelves along the walls, like in a closet.In order for a room to be very functional and practical, it must be no less than the average size. Consider the fact that you are likely to dress in such a room, and you will still need to put a mirror and a chair.

There is another storage system for things - in the form of the letter "G". This is a good option for equipping a dressing room from a dark pantry. In addition to clothing, you can put household appliances, for example, a vacuum cleaner or iron, which do not find a place in the apartment or spoil its appearance.

The configuration of the letter "P" allows you to hold the maximum number of things. Thus, all space is involved, including the walls of the room. The wardrobe is easily expanded with the help of wall extension.

There are also several storage systems in the dressing room. It all depends on how many square meters in the room, and how much money the family is ready to spend from the family budget.

Cabinet models

Hull models are made exclusively to order. Their big plus is the perfect adaptation to the room where the dressing room will be located.

This storage system allows you to place things very carefully, the design is stable and roomy. There is additional storage space for a variety of accessories.The disadvantage is that the shelves are very bulky, and if there is a shortage of space in the apartment, you will have to put up with it. In addition, to change the location of the hull model in the future does not work, you will need to disassemble the entire structure.

Honeycomb structure

Cellular design is quite compact and versatile. The racks are very light, with the help of special guides and brackets mesh shelves and baskets are attached to the wall. Among the main advantages are simple assembly and disassembly of the structure, the space is not overloaded, low cost of such a storage system.

Frame wardrobe system

The wardrobe system in the form of a frame is mounted on special metal racks. They run into the floor or ceiling. Next - the shelves are screwed, various drawers. The clothes storage system is very easy to assemble and transport, the racks are very durable, the design looks simple.

How to finish the walls

It is recommended when creating a dressing room to update the walls, floor and ceiling. The most budgetary option is to paint the surfaces, later no special care is required, it is enough to wash it several times a month with the help of special means. Side panels are best pasted over with interesting wallpaper.For flooring made to use kavrolin, lenoleum. If funds allow, you can put a laminate.

Let's take a closer look at several options for arranging the room.

The most important element of the room where the wardrobe is located is the mirror. In order to save space, it can be attached to the door from the inside. Shelves for shoes and hats, racks, small and large drawers - such items filled the finished room. To store long items attached special bar. For small items, small compartments are created.

Another option for a storage room is to use wardrobe pipes equipped with various shelves, doors, holders and fixtures. Externally, it has similarities with the designer. For example, this technology offers a Swedish store IKEA.

Try to make the dressing room blend in with the overall interior of the living rooms or the separate room in which it is located. You can decorate the door with stained glass or interesting applications, photo wallpaper.

Make the interior of the dressing room as functional as possible, create a pleasant atmosphere,After all, there will be a significant part of your life going on, starting every morning and ending difficult working days.

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