Kansas Cloakroom System

Prefabricated structures for storage - a brilliant invention that allows efficient use of the space of any premises. One of the varieties of such complexes is the Kansas wardrobe system, which is very popular.

About the system

Kansas is a great alternative to traditional furniture that allows you to store clothes, shoes and accessories. It is an elaborate system that includes various drawers, shelves and hangers. Elements of construction differ in size and are arranged so that you can easily place all the necessary things.

Wardrobe system "Kansas" - a great solution for owners of small apartments. Instead of buying a bulky closet, the owners can equip a small closet or a niche in the wall for a dressing room. In addition, the cost of such a system is much less than a similar piece of furniture. Will like this option and those who want to restore order in the country.

The system is universal.It is easily and quickly mounted in any conditions. The size of the intended dressing room, as well as the number of corners, do not matter. The system adapts to the individual dimensions and features of the room. At the same time, everything looks modern and as aesthetically pleasing.

Thus, the advantages of the wardrobe system are obvious.

  • functionality
  • space saving
  • careful and rational storage of things
  • affordable cost

Sizes and features

The standard version of the Kansas system implies certain maximum dimensions. The design consists of three sections. The depth of the system is 30 cm, and the width is 2.4 m. The boom designed for fastening the laundry baskets reaches a height of 2.4 m.

The system includes all the necessary items for storage. As many as three sections allow you to hang short clothes (shirts, blouses, jumpers, etc.). One section is provided for long items. These can be dresses and tunics or outerwear. Things that can be stored folded fit perfectly on a few flat shelves in the middle part of the design.

The top shelf is designed for hats and gloves.The system also has compartments for bags, umbrellas and other accessories. In the lower part of the cloakroom there are shelves for shoes.

The Kansas system is ideal for small rooms. For convenience and speed of installation the instruction is attached to the system.


Most of the owners of the Kansas wardrobe system are happy with the purchase. They note the ease of installation and the reliability of fixing the structure. Some turn to the specialists to assemble the system, but many easily cope on their own. Judging by the reviews, it is possible to assemble Kansas in a couple of hours.

The owners of the new dressing room are satisfied with the capacity of the system, as well as the possibility of the location of shelves and other elements at the desired height. Depending on personal wishes and the size of the room, you can design the Kansas according to individual parameters.

Despite its fragile appearance, the design is reliable and durable. Even after several years of use, it perfectly performs its functions, while maintaining strength and visual appeal.

Shelves can withstand not only light clothing, but also blankets, bedding, bags and other things. At the same time, the material of the structure does not bend or deform.

Buyers consider the Kansas system to be an excellent option for organizing the space of a small corridor or storeroom. This option is ideal for a country house.

Another advantage buyers consider the affordable cost of the system. Even people with a limited budget can afford such a convenient and beautiful way to store things.

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