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The modern rhythm of life is, first of all, comfort and style, therefore a special attention is paid to the appearance of a person. Gone are the days when it was possible to manage a minimum assortment of things.

To date, the wardrobe of each consists of many types of shoes and clothes, which simply won't fit on two or three shelves of a traditional wardrobe. In order to organize and place all things in places, special rooms began to be used in the interior of the dwelling - dressing rooms.

This popular trend is not only practical multifunctional, but also looks great in any room of the house or apartment.

Wardrobe systems are presented in a huge selection and consist of various components. Shelves, drawers, baskets, containers, numerous slats, hooks, guides and shoe holders are an integral part of any dressing room. In addition, most models of cabinets are complemented with brackets for belts, skirts, ties, covers for clothes. These accessories are not only useful, but also convenient in daily use.

In addition, in addition to clothing and footwear, you can store other things in wardrobe rooms, the place of which was previously in drawers, boxes and walls. Here you can also remove linen, ironing boards and household appliances. Therefore, before you install this system, you should consider in advance all the details and the availability of the necessary components, consisting of shelves and accessories.


Accessories for a dressing room consist of a variety of modern fixtures that are constantly being improved and updated in the production process.

Particularly noteworthy are high-quality components for the Freestyle Vitra, consisting of a chic selection of useful and irreplaceable items.

Considering the main components of the wardrobe, it should be noted that the storage of things can not be imagined without such an important accessory as a drawer. Its design provides for the use of a cylindrical mechanism with roller guides. The standard set of data boxes includes two pairs of lower and upper guides, providing rolling roller, which, in turn, sets in motion the box itself.Most of the structures are also equipped with telescopic elbows, thanks to their unique structure, the box can be fully extended, although this type of guide is less durable.

Components for wardrobe and for wardrobes provide special hanged. Distinguish the lowering, sliding hung, as well as models in the form of a carousel and a spiral. Many types of them can be installed in two or three levels, and the spirals and carousels not only allow you to conveniently store clothes, but also significantly save space. The only thing that hung up are not suitable for placing long things.

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Minimal use of space is very important for wardrobe systems, therefore most manufacturers supplement them with a complete set of pantographs.

This design has the form of a handle that effortlessly rises and falls. Inside the pantograph there is a unique mechanism, the action of which provides fluid pressure. Convenient pantograph for storing seasonal clothes, so it is usually used to accommodate warm clothes.

For wardrobe rooms, the availability of sets of mesh elements is very important. They are multifunctional and are well suited for storing towels, bed linen, knitted and cotton clothes, shoes. A positive feature of the mesh elements is the provision of air access, an excellent overview of the contents. They can be installed and moved from place to place. The only disadvantage of a complete set is the cost, since its base is made not of plastic, but of a metal profile.

Useful in wardrobes and wardrobe pull-out baskets. Usually they are equipped with ball or roller mechanisms. It should be noted that for large boxes, it is best to choose ball guides, designed for a large load.

In addition to the main fittings, most of the dressing rooms include special purpose drawers. They are used to store things of the same type. This is a great option for placing men's shirts. As for the storage of skirts and trousers, for their convenient location, special holders are recommended. There are transverse and longitudinal types of holders. All are equipped with slats and tags.Similar to pants and skirts, you can also keep scarves, belts and ties on your pants.

In the event that the house has a small bathroom, then in the dressing room you can additionally install sections for dirty laundry. They have the appearance of a metal basket or textile bag. In order to avoid unpleasant odor during storage, flavoring sections or baskets with fans are inserted into the cabinets. Containers made of plastic or glass are considered to be an excellent protection for clothes and things from dust. They often store various hats.

Special attention is given to sections for shoes, which have the form of inclined grids or shelves. In such sections it is very convenient to store shoes, it is constantly aired and is available for viewing. Often during the design of a dressing room there is also space for an ironing board.

How to choose

To date, it will not be difficult to fill the dressing room with components, as the choice of accessories is great. In this case, you should pay attention to the versatility and design features of the dressing room itself.In addition, it is necessary to pre-determine household needs in the house and the amount of things for storage.

Installation of a wardrobe system for men does not provide for the enormous use of departments and special sections. To fill it, it will be enough to place the hangers, a few thread and a barbell. As for the women's dressing room, then it will need a "rich filling", consisting of many departments, drawers, shelves.

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