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The issue of storage at home is always relevant. Every year an increasing number of them accumulate, space in the closets is not enough, and as a result - the eternal mess and the inability to find the necessary thing. And what is the way out? Throw away too much? Buy another closet? Such options first come to mind. But there is one more way: think over and design the storage space yourself.

Immediately, a number of questions arise: what to collect, where to get, how to take into account all the nuances, how many materials are needed, etc. If you had to do all this manually, then you would have a difficult task. However, the English company Larvij maximally simplified the process of creating your storage system. Among the proposals of this company there are options for giving, and for the office, and for the garage, and for the house - the choice is great, but wardrobe systems are most in demand.

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Special features

The wardrobe Larvij systems are a certain set of elements which gives the chance to collect mesh wardrobe systems.It includes shelves of various configurations, various baskets, rails, racks, brackets, accessories, fastenings. The manufacturer offers ready-made solutions for different rooms, and if they do not suit you or do not like them, then you can plan your own dressing room in a 3D scheduler on the official Larvij website.

The wardrobe systems Larvij give the chance to everyone to stay in a role of the designer and to create the unique interior. This storage system is individual in each case - the choice and location of components depends only on you, and at the same time is universal - it can be used to store clothes in the closet, dishes in the kitchen, books, magazines and cute little things in the living room, shoes, umbrellas, hats, outerwear in the hallway. Thanks to the stylish design of all elements of the system, it harmoniously fits into any interior.

You can equip a wardrobe, maximally using the space inside, or create open shelves in the room. If the size of the apartment allows, you can equip a wardrobe room with shelves, baskets, hangers, trousers, shelves for shoes.

All components are universal, independent, and they can be combined with each other according to your desire. This makes it possible to create furniture of various configurations, for any purpose, shape and size. With such storage systems, your belongings will always be in place, and there will be comfort and order in the house.


Choosing a closet in the store, you are limited to models with certain dimensions that do not always fit the size of your room. Mesh wardrobe systems do not have this disadvantage. You can choose any number of components that fit you in size and functionality.

The ease of change is an absolute plus of such systems. You can always purchase modules and add to the existing structure or transform it by changing the location of the modules between themselves and adjusting the height of the shelves. The mobility of the wardrobe system will be appreciated by people who often move from apartment to apartment - the volume of transported furniture is much less than when transporting classic cabinets.

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The undoubted advantages of Larvij wardrobe systems include their strength and durability. Metal elements are protected from corrosion.In the production process, powder paint is applied to the steel, then fired at a high temperature. This technology allows us to achieve a high level of resistance of steel elements to external influences, which ensures a long service life.


Most people who have chosen Larvij wardrobe systems for themselves, note their compactness and capacity. In everyday life, the independence of the modules makes it easy to change the design depending on the needs. Assembling a system is easy and convenient. The racks are fastened to the wall with self-tapping screws or dowels (depending on the type of wall), the racks fix brackets on which the necessary modules are installed. Buyers prefer hook brackets - they are easy to remove and outweigh in another place. There are brackets that are attached to the rack with screws, but this complicates the installation process.

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The hostesses say that thanks to the mesh baskets, air is always circulated, and things remain fresh. Young parents notice that the wardrobe systems for the children's room are a great way to conveniently place toys,and the ability to change the design allows you to adapt to the needs of the child.

Many buyers like the stylish design of wardrobe systems, despite the simplicity of the design. All elements are offered in different colors, which helps to harmoniously fit the system into almost any interior. If guides and racks for reliability are made of steel, then the brackets can be plastic and wooden, and the shelves even glass. The choice is wide, and everyone can find a suitable option.

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The wardrobe Larvij systems possess a large number of advantages at quite reasonable price. Naturally, it depends on the elements you choose, their quantity and material, and is calculated individually.

You can purchase a ready-made system, which in the future you will add other modules. For example, for a set with a shelf of 400 mm you must pay 9990 rubles (the price in the online store Larvij). The kit includes 6 posts with a length of 1156 mm, 2 supporting rails of 1000 mm each, 2 rods of different lengths (640 mm and 940 mm), 9 shelf brackets, 6 shelves with a depth of 400 mm and different lengths (3 shelves 600 mm, 3 shelves 900 mm), 3 holders for the rod, a set of fasteners, connectors and plugs.When assembled, the dimensions of such a system are 1550 * 2350 * 450 mm.

Then you can supplement this bundle with other modules (prices of the Larvij online store):

  • net shelves from 470 rubles.
  • brackets from 132 rubles.
  • shelves for shoes from 650 rubles.
  • metal shelves from 700 rubles.
  • mesh baskets from 540 rubles.
  • Laminated chipboard shelves from 375 rubles.
  • racks from 430 rubles.
  • rails for the rack from 340 rubles.
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Wardrobe systems Larvij at an affordable price have a large number of advantages. They are convenient, practical, mobile, multifunctional. Thanks to the stylish design, they look harmonious in any interior. At the same time they can withstand a lot of weight and do not require additional support. The wardrobe system is compact, does not take up much space in the room, allows efficient use of space and provides enough space for storage. And the use of quality materials for its creation makes the Larvij wardrobe system reliable, durable and durable.

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