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Virtually every woman dreams of a big dressing room. However, not every apartment has a place for arranging a place to store items of clothing and footwear. Most even small dwellings have storage rooms. As a rule, they contain clothes from the wardrobe, as well as various equipment. If you try very hard, then you can find a completely different application of such a room, without spending a lot of material resources and time.

Equipping the apartment with a small dressing room removes several questions at once - you no longer need to bother the family with buying a new closet, all things will be stored in a certain order, and additional space for new furniture will appear in the bedroom or living room. Another option is to simply break an existing building into zones. For the construction of storage space for a wardrobe will be enough 2 square meters. m

It is important that the storage space is as functional and roomy as possible. Pay attention to the creation of elements of comfort.

The main purpose of a small dressing room is the systematization of a huge number of seasonal and everyday things. The decisive factor is that it is not at all necessary to hire a designer to design such a storage system; it can be made with your own hands from the storage room.

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What should be?

Decide what space will be used to store things. From what area of ​​the room you will be ready to allocate for the dressing room, its characteristics will directly depend. Follow a few basic rules:

  1. Choose the part of the room that is in the corner or in a dead end. This is a good solution for apartments that are of small size. It will not be very convenient for you to enter the dressing room located in the middle of the room.
  2. Try to make sure that in a small dressing room there is space for maneuver so that you can turn around in it, carefully hang things.
  3. A prerequisite is the dryness of the room, as it will be items of clothing. Consider solving the issue with the equipment of the ventilation of the storage space.
  4. An important element is the presence of a mirror.It will reduce your time looking for the right outfit. Agree that going from the dressing room to the bathroom or corridor is not very convenient. Also provide a place where you can immediately change your outfits.
  5. If there is absolutely not enough space in the dressing room, give up the doors, make the space as open as possible. Save space is possible only through its rational use. Remember that in such a room your mood is created for the coming day, so there should be as comfortable and convenient as possible. If there is such an opportunity, then make the boxes deeper to fit as much as possible in a small apartment.

How to do it yourself

It is not necessary to cut out a place in one of the rooms. A part of the hallway or a balcony may also be suitable for a dressing room. It all depends on your imagination.

Before you transform the old pantry, inspect its condition. Get rid of the things that were in it. Make general cleaning. Look around if the walls require painting, do you need whitewashing the ceiling. If necessary, do cosmetic work.

It is important to pay attention to how strong the walls in the apartment are, especially for old houses. Then proceed to the design of the dressing room and its arrangement.

  1. Clear the pantry from unnecessary things. For construction work is suitable only empty room.
  2. If necessary, level the walls. The aesthetic appearance of the dressing room is very important.
  3. Begin to install furniture that does not require additional assembly.
  4. Using special construction tools, level the floor, if there is such a need, then lay a covering on it. In the case where the area of ​​the dressing room is from 3 square meters. m. to 4 square meters. meters, it will be possible to change outfits. That is why the surface is important, on which you will be.
  5. Pay attention to the ceiling. There is no fundamental difference in whether it will be a hinged construction, wallpaper, or just paint. Everything is based on your vision and mood, as well as the overall interior of the dwelling.

It is important to decide in advance on what kind of budget you have. From this directly depends on the quantity and quality of building materials that will be purchased for the equipment of the dressing room.Do not forget to make in advance measurements of the future storage space.

Carefully pick up tools and such consumables, for example, as dowels. They will directly depend on how strong the design is. Take into account the fact that in the dressing room, as a rule, a large number of things are stored, and the shelves or the whole structure must be made reliable and durable in order to avoid repeated construction works.

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Storage layout

There are several storage systems. For example, a dressing room can be arranged in the form of a large closet with open shelves. This is a good option for apartments with a small area. This dressing room does not require significant financial costs. Just empty the room and leave the three bearing walls. The internal structure is carried out in a variety of ways - it is possible with the help of assembled mobile structures, and it is possible to assemble the shelves with the help of chipboard.

The second simple option is the arrangement of the room as a separate room where outerwear, shoes and clothes for everyday wear will be stored. The main task is to make the systematization of things as simple and accessible as possible.Do not forget that in such a room there must be lighting, which means that during construction work it is necessary to conduct wiring to the room.

At will, such a small wardrobe can be equipped with additional large and small mirrors, hang various pictures, attach shelves on which to put vases and souvenirs. It is desirable that each part of the room carried any function.

Internal organization

Note that the small dressing room will be slightly different from the rest of the rooms in the apartment. Try to save space to the maximum. Do not use standard chandeliers, it is better to use the built light.

What the floor will be covered with and how the walls will be painted depends solely on your budget and taste. In order for the square to be rationally equipped and qualitatively functioning, it is enough to adhere to several rules:

  1. It is desirable to place a system for storing shoes at the very bottom of the room.
  2. Top shelves are used exclusively for storing seasonal items, they should always be in the access zone.
  3. Dress hangers should be placed in the middle of the dressing room.
  4. On the side shelves are placed things that are also often used in everyday life.
  5. Gloves, hats and umbrellas are stored in a separate drawer.

It is important to properly organize the space so that it is convenient to get things, try them on, and put them in the closet again.

Design Ideas

The design of the room will depend mainly on several factors - the structure of the arrangement of shelving or cabinets, the surface of the walls, the ceiling and the floor, various decorative elements, and the placement of lighting.

It is important that the decorative decoration of the room be smooth and leave no marks on the clothes. The ideal option is the choice of washing wallpaper, a mirror surface or from a special drapery.

Please note that the small dressing room should fit well into the interior of the apartment. In the opposite case, it will stand out from the general system and look like an extension, which will not be very harmonious.

There are several options for decorating a dressing room. The most popular are in the form of the letter “G” and the letter “P”.

So, for example,The letter "G" is well suited for placing a wardrobe in the corner of a room. Differently, such wardrobe is called corner. It is usually located in an open space, has no doors. It is desirable that the interior decoration coincides with the general appearance of the bedroom. If possible, a place to store things is equipped with additional lighting elements.

The letter "P" is used in the construction of walk-in closets in separate rooms. There are two options for arrangement - with and without doors. In the first case, you can use beautiful surfaces of natural wood, applicable stained glass, mirrors. In the second case, take care of creating a beautiful arch or entering the storage space. Depending on the area of ​​the room, the dressing room can be made both small and large.

If you live in an average apartment, then it is best to give preference to stationary structures. The fact is that in such dwellings repairs often occur, furniture moves, the design changes. Therefore, it will not be very convenient to disassemble and reassemble the wardrobe room.

Options for arranging a small dressing room, there is a huge variety.The main thing in its design is not to forget about the basic principles - efficiency, convenience, accessibility to the right things. Make sure that the dressing room does not turn into a warehouse, and was a place that regularly raises the spirits and solves problems with the search and storage of clothes.

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