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For storing clothes and shoes, people increasingly prefer wardrobe rooms, since they are more convenient for use and much more functional than bulky closets or dressers. For the organization of the space of the wardrobe and its filling it is necessary to purchase special furniture, which is represented on the furniture market in a wide range.

For the organization of a separate dressing room, both a separate room and a small niche or allocated space in the corridor or bedroom will be suitable. In furniture stores and interior chain stores, there are ready-made wardrobe furniture solutions - a great way to save your time on thinking about the future room plan and spending money wisely. An alternative would be modular furniture for a dressing room to order, that is, made according to an individual sketch and created according to your standards, that is, the parameters of the room or niche.

How to create a dressing room about and what should everyone think about? It is important that the space is as roomy as possible and at the same time compact (if we talk about a small or limited space), if there is no choice, use our advice.

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Furniture made of chipboard is the most common and affordable option that is chosen by practical people. Traditionally, built-in wardrobes and shelves of chipboard are located around the perimeter of the dressing room and are the functional structure of the room, or its foundation. Cabinets, shelves, side walls and even doors are made of chipboard, but you still have to add metal to such a “collection” of furniture - bars and fittings.

Furniture made of chipboard can be easily purchased and independently attached to the walls, where it is planned to settle an extra room - a dressing room. Furniture from this material is inexpensive, but its service life is not too long.

The next type is aluminum hinged structures that are aesthetic and modern. This type of furniture for wardrobe "steals" less space (sometimes very valuable), it is ventilated and has a slightly higher cost than furniture for a wardrobe from chipboard.It is worth noting that aluminum is a lightweight material, and cheap designs can sometimes not withstand the heavy weight of clothing, so when choosing this type of furniture for wardrobe, you should prefer proven brands.

Shelves with a grid, which are just as well ventilated and practical, are considered as a kind of a hinged construction, but their width and depth should be calculated in accordance with the weight of the clothes so that they do not deform.

Weights for clothes are in each wardrobe, and their presence is determined by two or more pieces in order to make the most functional use of the room. Its length differs depending on how long the clothes will be stored on it.

Furniture for a wardrobe from the array - the most expensive type of filling the wardrobe of your dreams. Such furniture is made entirely of solid wood - oak, for example. Such a dressing room is like a parade of cabinets in a separate space of your home and, from the point of view of practicality, the best option. Furniture made of solid heavy, comfortable and noble.

All kinds of retractable structures will be the subject of your wardrobe furniture: drawers and shelves that allow you to store personal items and those items of clothing that you use most often.

We should also talk about shelves and accessories for storing shoes: this furniture will definitely be needed by everyone and it looks different: sloping hinged shelves, galoshnits (boxes of vertical storage).

A mirror, as furniture for clothes, an important and practical subject of each room. It is important to add the correct lighting (daylight).

Facts about wardrobe furniture:

  • Traditionally, along the perimeter mounted cabinet cabinets, which are attached to the floor and ceiling. Cabinets have departments: open or closed shelves, drawers and others, which allows you to arrange clothing and accessories in a convenient manner.
  • In the corner areas of the dressing room usually place things difficult to access, that is suitable for the past or future season. The same applies to the upper sections of the dressing room, where you can place a suitcase and other "road" or rarely used items.
  • Furniture for a small dressing room is traditionally chosen in the form of hinged structures made of chipboard or aluminum; This allows you not to take away extra space and make the room as functional as possible.
  • Furniture fittings in the dressing room are matched to the overall concept of the room: if it is made inClassic style, then the handles, and hangers, and opening mechanisms are made of durable metal of strict form.
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Interesting design solutions

Sometimes you should be inspired by the work of interior designers to create a real piece of wardrobe art in your own house or apartment. After all, sometimes you want to create the design of the future room yourself and make an informed decision about its stylistic direction. See a selection of original dressing rooms with furniture.

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  • Elegant and really worthy dressing room looks like this: heavy furniture of a noble shade, high-quality fittings, good lighting and the presence of comfortable upholstered furniture, which is useful for fitting. You can complement the chic interior with a large crystal chandelier, however, in low-ceiling conditions, be careful - with an awkward waving of the arm, the chandelier, like you, can suffer.
  • Sometimes the inaccessible luxury of a dressing room with furniture becomes real if you choose furniture wisely: choose furniture from DPS or thinner wood than a natural array.Arrange the shelves parallel to each other if the area of ​​your future dressing room is narrow. To make the dressing room elegant, use light colors in its decoration, this will allow you to visually expand the already close space and further illuminate the room.
  • An interesting solution in the design of the dressing room will be the use of a bright accent, for example, red. Make the red border of the classic chipboard of light color and get a modern dressing room: light and geometrically correct.
  • Dark furniture for a dressing room looks good in a large space: in a wide room. To diversify the strict shape and color, choose bright accents in its decoration or clothing, take care of the light.
  • Furniture for a small dressing room should choose white - practical and noble. Let this furniture be available, just think over its functionality and bring your ideas to life. Original lamps and a large mirror will help to decorate an open dressing room - it will be an excellent helper when choosing a dress.
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