Metal wardrobe closet

The fashion is changing, new materials are appearing, the design is being improved, but the old metal wardrobe closet familiar to all has hardly changed, except for small details, and still serves faithfully for people of all ages and professions.

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Most often, metal lockers put in rooms for staff. They can be found in the factory or factory locker room. They are lined up in regular rows in the dressing rooms of the swimming pools and sports clubs. They put in many schools. Despite its austere design, the metal wardrobe has all the necessary functions for storing clothes.


According to the method of assembly cabinet can be welded or collapsible.

A welded cabinet after assembly can no longer be transformed and its design cannot be changed. With all its reliability, this design has its drawbacks: such a cabinet is inconvenient to load and transport - its weight is about 20 kg.

Therefore, for places where a large amount of furniture is needed, prefabricated lockers are most often used. They are much more attractive from the point of view of logistics - when disassembled, they take up much less space and can transport a large quantity at a time.

Also, lockers for clothes can have several vertical sections: from one to five. When installing multi-compartment cabinets, the space for their installation is significantly reduced. As a rule, such cabinets are placed in a row and the wall of one cabinet is also the wall of another.

Models of cases on 2 sections are very popular. Two-piece cabinet can be divided into sections vertically and horizontally. On construction sites and in industrial premises, models of cabinets with vertical division into sections, in which compartments for clean and dirty clothes are provided, are very popular.

In swimming pools, in sports sections and clubs, where in a small space it is necessary to place a large amount of furniture for visitors, it is very often installed lockers with horizontal division in compartments. In addition, each of the branches can be locked with a key and used as a separate element of the locker room.


The internal space of wardrobe cabinets is standard. If it is a long floor cabinet, it has a shelf for hats, scarves and other accessories. In the middle compartment is the crossbar for hangers or coat hooks. Also, the design of cabinets provides for ventilation openings so that the air does not stagnate. Each cabinet is locked. Sometimes customers put extra locks in each section to increase the number of cabinets.

Types of locks

Metal locks, despite the simplicity of their design, are a hot commodity and have their advantages.

  • for their work do not need power sources.
  • reliable metal and burglar-proof fasteners.
  • low price.

Electronic locks are powered by power. It is believed that this is a better way to protect the cabinet from unauthorized entry. Among their advantages are the following points:

  • the lack of a key that can be lost. The organization that owns the locker, gives the person a bracelet in which the key is already embedded. The bracelet is worn, and the risk of losing it is minimal.
  • structural reliability.To pick up the master key to the electronic lock is very difficult due to the complexity of the electronic mechanism.
  • long service life.


  • Fire resistance Unlike wooden cabinets and MDF, steel cabinets do not burn and in the event of a fire, the contents of the cabinet will not suffer.
  • Environmental friendliness. Steel is not toxic, does not emit harmful odors and has no chemical impurities.
  • Long service life. Metal - one of the most reliable materials and products from it can serve for decades.
  • Protection against unwanted penetration.

For home

In addition to public places, wardrobes of metal components are installed in residential premises - in apartments and private houses. A lot has been said about the durability of the metal. Therefore, it is increasingly preferred to parts from chipboard. Wardrobe metal can be easily assembled by yourself, taking the idea of ​​one of the samples exhibited in the store or on the Internet and tailored to fit your size.

Such a structure can always be modified, refitted, rearranged and replaced if necessary. The option of the built-in wardrobe room is perfect for rental housing - it is easy to disassemble and take with you.Metal storage system of clothes is indispensable in a room where there are no window or door openings. This is a great solution for rooms with a non-standard layout.

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