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A place to store clothes should be in every home. This saves not only the living space, but also a huge amount of time and nerves, which are spent on finding the necessary things at the moment.

Smart people have long invented entire wardrobe storage systems. It is much more convenient than ordinary cabinets. With proper placement and distribution of space between clothes, accessories and shoes, all things will have their place and will not lose appearance.

What are the wardrobe?

Wardrobe divided into two types: open and closed.

For wardrobe open type does not require a separate room. Most often it is a mini dressing room, equipped along a wall. Such wardrobes are found, for example, in stores near the fitting rooms. Such installations are not expensive. You can do it yourself.

Closed wardrobes are usually fenced on three sides by walls and can be closed by doors. In large houses, such walk-in closets can be installed in each room.They can even be allocated separate rooms. They can also be made by themselves, or they can be ordered from one of the firms that specialize in the manufacture of wardrobe systems with a frame made of aluminum profiles and a lot of mounted components. Such a system is assembled easily assembled and also easily disassembled and, if necessary, moved to another place.

In the style of minimalism

Ideally, the dressing room should be 3-5 sq.m. square It is also necessary to leave free space for changing clothes of about one and a half sq. M. In addition, you need to provide a passage in the dressing room. To be where to turn, its minimum width should be about a meter. Usually, the dressing room is made in the shape of a rectangle. However, in special cases, for storage, things are taken away, for example, destitution on a loggia, or a corner in a storeroom. In this case we are talking about mini dressing rooms and then its shape can be either oval, or in the form of a trapezoid, or any other. Designers love working with such rooms, because here you can use every centimeter of space.

Any dressing room should be able to be ventilated. Well, if indoors you can install a hood.If this is not possible, it is advisable to leave a gap between the floor and the door. To prevent clothes from falling, place the hanger bars at a distance of 30-40 cm from the wall. At the same distance it is better to make racks with shelves for shoes and accessories.

A minimalist wardrobe can even be placed in a studio apartment by selecting one of the walls for mounting the shelves and other elements of the system. In order to isolate the dressing room from the rest of the room, you can use a mobile screen on the rollers. The same wardrobe system can be equipped on the same rollers: metal racks, hangers for bags and holders for belts and ties.

All elements can be interchanged and easily replaced if necessary. Among other things, with such a storage system, there is no need for a large stationary wardrobe.

Designers advise when designing storage systems to consider the following rule: open and closed elements should be equally. Then it will not look unnecessarily overloaded or, conversely, too open.


  • Doors. Dressing room decoration is fundamentally different for open andclosed type. If this is a separate room, then the door to it should be combined with the doors to the other rooms. If we are talking about the space inside the room itself, here you can give free rein to fantasy. You can install the door type of the role of shutters, the door - an accordion, sliding or transparent door. It will be very practical to hang a mirror on either side or on each of them. And you can just restrict the screen on the rollers. Swing doors are not typical for mini dressing rooms - they take up too much space, which contradicts the very idea of ​​minimalism. For such structures more suitable doors - coupe.
  • Lighting. Whatever the dressing room, it should be well lit. If it is not possible to carry out stationary lighting, there are options for small luminaires with clothespins or velcro, which run on batteries. Since the dressing room usually does not spend much time, so the light is constantly there is not needed. Therefore, it is worth thinking about fixtures with motion sensors - when you open the doors, the light comes on, and when it closes, it goes out
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  • Interior finish.Materials such as paper, cloth, carpet, absorb moisture and dust. Therefore, designers do not often use them when finishing isolated wardrobe space. The most optimal materials for this case are plastic panels, tile, self-adhesive film, artificial leather. It is better to put linoleum or laminate on the floor. Mesh details can be decorated with sea pebbles or seashells from the sea, and the deaf elements can be painted with washable paint, pasted over with rhinestones or stickers.
  • Constituent elements. In mini wardrobe, the presence of non-functional elements should be minimized. All elements of the storage system must bear this or that semantic load. At the same time, they should be compact and not occupy extra centimeters, which, with minimalist style, are already few.

All racks, cabinets, rails, shelves, rods and other elements should have a clear purpose.. Simply put, each stud should have its own cap and each hook should have its own loop.

  • Pleasant trifles. In order to have a pleasant smell in the dressing room, spread out or hang flower sachets everywhere.They are sold in stores ready, but if desired, they are easy to make yourself. It will also be useful to have an ozonizer or at least an air freshener in the dressing room. A very convenient option - wall freshener with dispenser. And one more tip: everything in your dressing room should be at hand, including such things as strings, pins, buttons, scissors and other small things. As you know, any little thing can significantly spoil the mood

Ideas for placement

Mini dressing room can fit even in a small apartment. Well, if your house has a pantry. It is quite suitable not only for storing cans and old skis. It will also be comfortable minimalist wardrobe.

If there is no storage room, do not despair. Even in the cramped “brezhnevka” or the old “Khrushchev” one can distinguish a small corner for things, using for this part of the indoor space.

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