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About brand

What is IKEA? It is the largest Swedish company engaged in the production of furniture and household items. Products of this brand combines two main requirements of the buyer: decent quality and affordability. That is why it is now difficult to find a house where there will not be at least one item purchased at IKEA.

Features and advantages of products

The company's products are characterized by wide functionality and, at the same time, ease of use. Each buyer can independently collect any item purchased in IKEA. Also, the advantage of this furniture is a modern design, environmentally friendly materials and a warranty period from five to 25 years.

Modern lifestyle makes serious demands on the storage of things. The PAX line provides the ability to choose a wardrobe for any purpose and wallets. The buyer can create a unique wardrobe, choosing the doors, style, frame size and internal elements of the KOMPLEMENT series to fit their needs.And if you don’t want to assemble yourself, you can always choose from ready-made models.

Model overview

PAX wardrobes are extremely diverse, for example, a designer wardrobe with sliding doors, with hinged doors or no doors at all. In assortment both angular, and modular options are presented.

  • Bergsbu. A distinctive feature of this model - the doors are divided into segments. The door panel can be made of tempered frosted glass or hardboard. It is presented in four colors: white, under a bleached oak, black-brown, under an oak.
  • Hasvik - model with sliding doors. Monophonic and laconic. Available in three versions: matte white, glossy white and glossy dark beige. If desired, the buyer, you can install a mechanism for smooth closing.
  • Vikedal. Wardrobe with mirror panel. This eliminates the need to purchase an additional floor or wall mirror, and most importantly, this model significantly expands the space.
  • Nexus. Solid veneer model. It has a strict and concise appearance. Ideal for both a strict office interior and a minimalist bedroom.Also, these doors are perfectly combined with the Vikedal model described above. This wardrobe is presented in several colors, black-brown and bleached veneer look more advantageous.
  • Wolda This model is a more budget version of the door Nexus. The front panel is covered with a film imitating woody pattern. Available in a variety of colors.

Assembly Instructions

Wardrobes PAX can easily be assembled by yourself. This will require two people. To avoid accidents, the manufacturer provided a special wall mount. Despite the fact that the fastening system is included in the price, the buyer needs to independently choose the model that is most suitable for the type of its walls. Further, also under the type of walls, you must purchase screws, screws and dowel nails. Following the step-by-step instructions attached to each IKEA product, the buyer will be able to assemble a PAX wardrobe in a matter of hours. If, however, for some reason this could not be done, you can always invite a specialist.

Care instructions

To extend the life of the product, as well as to avoid traumatic situations,it is necessary to distribute the load correctly: maximum 20 kg for shelves 58 cm deep and 12 kg for shelves 35 cm deep, if the manufacturer does not give other values.

It is not recommended to install these models in rooms with high humidity, such as a bathroom.

Cost of

Wardrobes PAX is a great solution not only for any interior, but also for any wallet. The price range is from 5.5 thousand rubles to 80 thousand for the finished model. If we also consider full-fledged models without doors, then we can keep within the range from 8.5 to 45 thousand rubles.

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Location in the interior

The special charm of the PAX line is that even from the ready-made models, the buyer will be able to choose something that perfectly complements the interior of his house, not to mention self-designed products. A wardrobe can be installed in a corner of the room, fill a small niche, or vice versa, put it along the entire wall. Need to equip the hallway or children's room? It's time to pay attention to the wardrobe PAKS from IKEA.

Customer Reviews

Better than any seller or advertising about things can only tell those who use it.Opinions of wardrobe owners PAX for the most part coincide. First of all, buyers note low price, functionality and the ability to independently choose the internal equipment of the wardrobe. In addition, capacity and compactness are noted as advantages. Wardrobes are practical, stable, do not require complex care, and most importantly - have a ten-year warranty.

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