Sliding doors for dressing room

Dressing room is the most convenient option at the moment in terms of storing clothes and shoes. Sliding doors for a dressing room are a very important mechanism by which it is very convenient to take out and put things in the closet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Wardrobe with sliding doors are very popular, and more often such a construction can be seen both in the apartment and in a country house. What caused the popularity? Let's figure it out.

The advantages of sliding doors include:

  1. Saving space. One of the most important and useful points. A wardrobe with a door moving around can be put anywhere, without worrying about whether the doors will interfere with something and open at all?
  2. Security. This item is important for families with young children, who very often love to climb in such places. Distracted fingers and things scattered on the floor will be left behind if sliding doors are installed in your closet.
  3. Relatively easy installation. It will not be difficult to install doors for your wardrobe if you carry with you a standard set of tools and a little patience.
  4. Big choice. This item is necessary if the cabinet is placed in the room, and not in a small closet. In the furniture market, you can buy absolutely any door, as their range is huge. You can easily choose the door to your taste, while considering the decor of the room in which there is a closet.

There are few drawbacks to sliding structures, but you should not forget about them either:

  1. Fragility. With careless and frequent use, the door is often loosened or completely broken. It all depends on the build quality and material of manufacture.
  2. Easy odor permeability. To avoid the penetration of odors to clothing, you should install the cabinet away from the kitchen.

How to choose?

All sliding doors can be divided into several types relative to the design. Each of the structures has its own characteristics and properties. Having considered each example from all sides, you can make the only right choice for yourself.

Retractable (pencil case)

These doors are great for a cabinet located in a small room. Doors - the case opens and closes relatively quietly: each flap smoothly enters its own niche. Not everyone can afford such an option, since the installation of this type requires not only special skills, but also considerable resources.

Sliding doors can be made entirely of wood. You can make absolutely glass doors.

Doors - Coupe

This option is most popular. The door operation system is not very complicated: each leaf is on special rollers and can freely pass parallel to the “neighbor”. These doors are often chosen in the presence of a small passage in the wardrobe.

Coupe doors can be both combined (wood and plastic), and wooden with a mirror. Very interesting models with photo printing.

Techno style designs

Such designs are quite rare. Most often, these doors are made to order. They have their advantages over other options, including low price. A feature of the technologically advanced version is that the doors are fastened exclusively in the upper part, and the bottom freely moves according to the type of compartment.

Simple wooden door in the style of techno.


Doors of this type are more dimensional than previous models, so closets with them are usually placed in spacious rooms. The design of the doors is such that they fold in half and move away. This option looks very stylish. Usually it is chosen by people who prefer the classics and minimalism in the interior.

A vivid example of folding doors.


This option is similar in design to the previous option, but differs in the number of "folds" in a big way. Often these doors make one-sided: the accordion folds either to the left or to the right.

Doors - accordion for wardrobe.


Such doors are fundamentally different from all options, since a special mechanism allows the design to open in either side. In addition, roto - doors differ in relatively high price. They also take up too much space, and you cannot put a closet with them in a small and cozy bedroom.

In any case, choose a door for a dressing room based on the area of ​​the room. Put safety first: sliding doors and an accordion are dangerous for young children. And put your own desires in the last place.For example, the mirrored doors, though beautiful, can spoil and injure the household if they were bought from an unverified manufacturer.

Materials and care

Sliding doors differ not only in appearance, type of construction, but also in the material of which they consist. This item is very important, because it depends on the service life, and the health of the whole family (often allergic to certain materials). The most popular natural wood, plastic and glass. Also, door designs are made of chipboard, MDF and aluminum.

The price of the product also depends on the material. Doors made of chipboard and MDF are relatively cheap. Combined metal and plastic doors are more expensive.


Wooden doors harmoniously fit into the classic interior, giving it even more chic and solidity. Both expensive and cheap doors are made of wood. It all depends on the type of wood and processing method. Natural material is well combined with mirrors, glass and plastic.

From glass

Glass models are particularly interesting. At first glance, it seems that they are dangerous and can easily break. In fact, everything is as follows: the inside of the glass door is covered with a protective film that will keep the fragments in the process of breaking.It is difficult to break the glass door leaf, as high-quality doors are made of the most durable materials.

The glass surface can be made in several variations:

  • Glossy;
  • Colored;
  • Matte.

In addition to the original surface, mirrored doors feature very interesting decorative details, such as patterns, stained glass windows and film.

The film is the cheapest option. With it, you can combine a variety of color shades. In addition, the film surface can be changed very often. This option is ideal for sliding doors for children's dressing room.

A striking example of the decoration of a sliding door through the film.

A very interesting option of applying the pattern directly on the glass surface is the UV printing. With it, you can create absolutely any pattern or pattern. Doors with such images look very stylish and neat, so this method of decor is chosen by wealthy people. Very organic sliding doors with UV printing fit into the interiors of bedrooms and living rooms.

The most spectacular patterns and drawings created by sandblasting.In this case, a kind of brush stands out a jet of air and sand, which is sprayed over the previously prepared surface of the door with patterns for the pattern. Such drawings are kept for a long time without damage, and to care for them is not difficult.

An interesting version of the sandblast pattern on the glass surface.

Another bright version of the decoration of glass sliding doors - stained glass. To create it requires pseudo-striking technique. This option begins with the creation of the contour, then the pattern is filled with paints, and the decoration ends with fixation, which reliably keeps the design from water and mechanical damage. Glass surfaces look stylish and expensive, therefore wardrobes often separate work space and recreation area. You can install a dressing room with stained glass decor in the office, as in this photo.


Plastic sliding doors can be called universal, as they are the easiest to install, easy to maintain, and the decor options for these models are almost endless. Plastic doors can be decorated with various patterns and stickers.And also such doors can be simply painted with color paints at will. The disadvantage of plastic is significant - fragility, so the doors are very cheap.

Bamboo and rattan

These doors are suitable for lovers of eco style. Wicker sliding doors look elegant, and their strength can only envy.

Sliding door - a compartment made of rattan and glass.

A few examples of how bamboo sliding structures look like.


Buy doors for a dressing room in our time is not difficult. Before you go to the supermarket, it is best to clarify with the help of the Internet or friends who acquired such designs, the approximate prices.

The cheapest way to purchase sliding doors made of chipboard. For such a canvas, at least you can give 5 thousand rubles. If you choose a product made of natural wood, then you will have to pay an order of magnitude more. Prices for designs of precious woods start at 15 thousand.

If you prefer mirrored doors, then when you buy, cook at least 10 thousand rubles. And if you want something more interesting, for example, a mirror with a picture or glass stained glass shutters, then you have to spend two or three orders of magnitude more.

If you want to get high-quality and original sliding doors, then simply order them from the manufacturer to your taste. In this case, you get the perfect door for your dressing room, which will fit into the interior of the room and apartment as a whole.

How to collect

Almost all sliding doors are very easy to assemble. Sliding doors can be made and most, if you have any skills in such a matter. It will be difficult for one to cope with this task, but for a couple with someone the problem will be solved without problems.

What to do:

  1. Make a markup.
  2. Secure the chipboard decorative panel with self-tapping screws.
  3. Measure out the guide, only after they were convinced of the correctness of fastening the panel.
  4. Saw off all the excess and polish the edges, and level the ledges. Without this work, chipboard damage is possible.
  5. Measure the parameters of the bottom.
  6. Secure the bottom rail to the floor.

In order for the doors to work properly and as long as possible, you need to properly care for them. This will require both conventional detergents in the form of a sponge and soap, as well as standard tools: a hammer, a wrench, a screwdriver, grease.In addition, spare parts for door mechanisms are needed to replace worn bolts and rollers in time.

For sliding constructions it is important to use it carefully in order for the mechanism to work properly. It also requires constant lubrication so that the doors run silently.

Sliding doors in the interior

The doors to the dressing room, in addition to their main function — to hide the contents — have several additional functions:

  • Division of space;
  • Space increase; Mirror sliding doors do a great job with this feature, without any separation. These doors can almost double the size of the room visually, so they are installed in small rooms. Mirrored doors in large rooms look no less impressive. Doors with a glossy surface, which, like glass, reflects space also have a similar effect. You can expand the space with the help of matte surfaces of the dressing room.
  • Interior decoration; In order to emphasize a certain style or dilute it with something original, absolutely any sliding door will be suitable.The material is not important, it is important decoration in the form of a pattern, stained glass or photo printing.

Sliding doors - practical and stylish design, which is simply necessary for a dressing room. The number of types of doors of this type allows you to choose the design for each taste and color. Sliding doors fit perfectly into the interior, both apartments and country houses.

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