Wardrobe mesh systems

Surely many fashionistas are familiar with the situation when there is nothing to wear. Did you know that not always the reason for the lack of things? They are, but you forgot about them, because you have not seen for a long time. And for a long time have not seen, because they do not come across. They lie somewhere in a far corner on a shelf, or hang on a hanger under other clothes in order to save space.

The fact is that in a short-term memory a person can simultaneously hold 7 (plus or minus two) objects. When things are few, the memory copes well without a clear demonstration. But when the number of objects (clothes) becomes more, we have to either shake out the contents of the closet, or take what is in plain sight. Most likely it will be the same things. And no matter how many new things you add, the situation will not change. And if you still need to pick up shoes, coats and accessories, and all this is in different places?

What will be the way out? Increase short-term memory is unlikely to succeed, but to improve the method of storing "information" about all things and access to it is quite within its power.A practical solution to the problem will be the arrangement of a dressing room. Its presence solves many problems connected with storage and use of things at once. Things are always hung and laid out, do not crumple, they are easy to find and get, and then removed again. Dressing rooms are well ventilated, which protects clothes and shoes from the appearance of an unpleasant smell. Everything used is in one place, at hand. The space of the apartment is exempt from unnecessary bulky cabinets and drawers.

If you understand that a dressing room is what you need, feel free to proceed with the realization of your idea. The best solution is to purchase an organizer, i.e. ready-made systems for wardrobe. Manufacturers of wardrobe systems have made it possible to arrange dressing rooms in separate rooms, niches, against walls, in the corner of a room.

In order not to get lost in a variety of models, it is enough to know that the wardrobe systems are of four types:

  1. Cellular, or mesh
  2. Classical, or cabinet
  3. Frame, or column
  4. Panel, or boiseri
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Each system includes various options for cabinets of chipboard, shelves and baskets.

Features and benefits

Mesh dressing room is very popular. It offers the advantage of a good way to store things and the possibility of a complete set for individual needs. Not the last role is played by an attractive design, compactness and versatility. Its designs will not make the space heavier and will easily fit into any room.

The design can be mounted and dismantled without difficulty, moved to another place, if necessary, add additional components. In the wardrobe you will find everything you need for convenient placement of things. The design of the shelves for shoes can be built on to the desired size. Bars for clothing and bryuchnitsy can be placed at any height and availability. Baskets have a convenient mobile system and different sizes. In this case, all elements can be replaced and supplemented. Using ready-made modules and components, you will be able to assemble your wardrobe - the designer yourself according to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Before proceeding with the installation of the mesh wardrobe, it is necessary to determine the installation site, dimensions. It is better to make a detailed drawing and think in advance,where and what things will be stored, what will be the filling of the shelves. You will need a set of tools: roulette, level, screwdriver and puncher. We must begin with the establishment of the carrier element. It is located horizontally under the ceiling. All elements of the structure will be attached to it later, so it must be securely fastened.

Vertical guides are attached to the supporting element, which, in turn, are attached brackets for shelves, rods and baskets. Hooks are hung on shelves and walls. All but the carrier element can later be moved to create new variants.


The market is most popular with several models of wardrobe. Owners of small apartments can recommend the shelving system Aristo. It stands out compactness and a large number of shelves. The undoubted advantage is the ability to supplement and modernize the main structure during operation.

You can buy ready-made racks of metal, wood, glass or plastic. You can limit the shelves of the desired size. And you can order a complete wardrobe system, having received professional advice.Large selection of containers will make it convenient to store any things: socks, underwear, accessories, bags and other things. If desired, you can equip a walk-in closet with sliding doors made of different types of wood, durable glass or polymer.

The Kansas system is a classic and has a simple device of the rods, which are attached to the laundry basket. Nevertheless, it has all the necessary storage areas. The upper zone is used for hats, seasonal items. The middle zone of three sections - for long and medium clothes, there are shelves for accessories. In the lower zone are traditionally placed shelves for shoes.

The Nevada system is designed for walk-in closets, a maximum of two meters wide. A niche or a small storage room is fine. Constructive simplicity does not deprive the system of such necessary qualities as stability, reliability. The system is perfectly ventilated, versatile, ergonomic. The small sizes allow to use the free spaces of rooms most economically. Additionally, you can close the dressing room with sliding doors.

All wardrobe systems with their differences have a number of similar features, which are reflected in their merits. According to consumer reviews

  • They are very reliable, made of durable alloys, which have a long service life.
  • They are simply assembled and disassembled for installation elsewhere.
  • The universality of the constituent elements allows you to create a design that is relevant to a specific user.
  • Affordable cost and the ability to add additional elements allows the dressing room to "grow."

Thanks to the creation of mesh wardrobe systems, the wardrobe room moved from the attribute of luxurious life to the category of the usual and necessary in everyday life. She easily found her place in small-sized, and in studio apartments.

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