Modern housing design provides not only the original interior, but also space savings, so for the convenient storage of clothes more and more often began to use such an innovative solution as a wardrobe. This type of furniture is great for small apartments and large houses. Thanks to the good capacity and easy search for the necessary things, the new models of furniture completely replaced the old overfilled cabinets from everyday life.

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Previously, only wealthy homeowners could afford a wardrobe, today this design is available to everyone. The huge popularity of these cabinets is explained by the ease of use, as well as the proper organization of the space.

In order to install a wardrobe in the house, it is not necessary to allocate a special place; for this, a previously used storage room or a wardrobe may be suitable. Thus, square meters will be rationally distributed, and things will be placed.Often, wardrobes are installed in the corridors, they are very roomy and occupy a minimum of space. Things related to the celebration, as a rule, are placed on the upper shelves. Casual clothing is hung at eye level.

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Most wardrobes are additionally decorated with huge mirrors. As for the doors, they can be in the form of an accordion, hinged or hinged. Lighting, lighting and ventilation play a huge role in the cabinets, as hot clothes and elevated humidity are not allowed for storing clothes. For convenient use, the wardrobe case is recommended to be divided into zones for fur products, linen, dresses, ties and bedding.

Features and benefits

During the arrangement of housing the right choice of furniture plays a huge role, it should not only harmoniously fit into the interior of the rooms, but also be easy to use. Particularly noteworthy is the choice of wardrobes, as this type of furniture has a number of advantages over traditional cabinets. First of all, this furniture allows you to conveniently place things depending on their type andseason socks. Numerous shelves, baskets, shoes, pryvnitsy provide maximum use of space. In open models of wardrobes there are no shelves, partitions and blank walls, it allows you to easily view things.

The main positive characteristic of wardrobe cabinets is also the material from which they are made. As a rule, it is a chipboard. Although this furniture does not belong to the environmentally friendly one, as the composition of the base material often contains a resin of wood shavings, emitting harmful substances. Therefore, in the wardrobe cabinets of particleboard for the first time there may be an unpleasant peculiar smell. It is best to give preference to furniture made from natural wood, especially today there is a huge selection of wardrobe cabinets made of safe quality materials.

During the installation of modern models of cabinets used exclusively stainless steel. Therefore, shelves, brackets and other elements are able to withstand heavy loads of weight and do not bend. At any time, the wardrobe closet can be simply and easily upgraded or completed.The versatile design of the furniture allows you to quickly assemble and disassemble the cabinet, this is especially important when carrying out repairs or moving. Therefore, to date, wardrobes are rightfully considered the most useful and stylish attribute of modern life.

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The presence of a wardrobe allows not only to organize the storage of things properly, but also to save housing space, to complement the interior in an original way. This type of furniture is great for a room of any size. Most modern wardrobes are parallel, linear, U-shaped and L-shaped.

The most versatile option for storing shoes and clothes are built-in wardrobes. This original addition to the design of the room allows you to replace heavy, bulky furniture with modern baskets, shelves and drawers. These cabinets are quite roomy, so choosing them, there is no need to force housing hangers and chest of drawers. Built-in wardrobes are designed for storing hats, bed linen, shoes, clothes, bags, umbrellas and other accessories.

To make the house comfortable and convenient,It is best to choose a wardrobe closet. Regardless of the area of ​​housing, this type of furniture will save space and space. The main feature of swinging cabinets is the presence of special kits and shutters. In addition, the hinged wardrobes of this type will be the original decoration and addition to the corridor or bedroom.

Wardrobe closets without doors are practical, roomy and occupy a special place in the house, since they are multifunctional. They are recommended to be installed near the washing machine or a place for drying clothes. As a rule, such cabinets are made of natural wood.

Among the huge selection of wardrobe cabinets, radial cabinets deserve special attention. They may have a concave, convex or wavy shape. Due to the unusual appearance, radial cabinets have become very popular. They look beautiful in the living room as well as in the bedroom, hallway. Radial wardrobe combines style and versatility, it looks elegant in the interior, significantly saves space.

In the case when the traditional wood furniture is fed up, you can purchase fabric cabinets.This is a very interesting and unusual type of furniture. Fabric wardrobes, though characterized by small size, but quite roomy and light. Their base consists of a special metal frame on which the fabric is stretched.

Office cabinets are used to store various office supplies, documents, and clothing in offices. They have a special locking system and are closed with a handle-lock. This type of furniture is made from high-quality sheet steel, they are reliable and easy to use.

Linear and corner wardrobe cabinets deserve special attention. For them, in the house, as a rule, there is a blank wall without doors and windows or a free corner.

How to make

In order to install a wardrobe in the house, first of all you need to make a choice of place. Therefore, initially determined by the size of the living area, which will be made installation work. In this case, often preferred areas with protrusions or niches. The most common place to install wardrobe closets is the pantry, which is additionally ventilated and lighted.

Hangers, rails and other cabinet structures must be selected in advance. As for the color design, the most important thing is that the external shade of the cabinet is in harmony with the general interior of the room. The interior of the cabinet can be both wooden and polymer.

After the place for a wardrobe case is chosen, it will be necessary to study the scheme and the sizes of installation carefully. As a rule, standard furniture models are installed for small rooms, and large cabinets are best suited for volumetric space. It should be borne in mind that the minimum depth of the wardrobe closet is traditionally 1.5-2 meters.

In the case when the small-sized room is recommended to select the corner narrow cabinets. The best option is also considered to be rectangular models in which you can perform one-sided placement of things. Their width is 1.2 meters. For two-sided placement of clothes you need a closet with a width of at least 1.5 meters.

The next step in the installation of a wardrobe closet is planning. It is necessary to think in advance what will be stored in it. Today you can buy a wardrobe exclusively for clothes,and you can choose a voluminous model that can accommodate everything from outerwear, shoes and ending with bags, linens and accessories.

It is also important to determine the number of things and allocate space for them, select suitable shelves, offices. It should be remembered that things when folded take up much less space than unfolded. All that is used in everyday life for easy use must be placed at a convenient level. Before you put the clothes in the closet, you need to re-sort and distribute them into zones.

Like any other type of furniture, wardrobes are characterized by original furnish and fittings. To this end, in the manufacture of furniture, a special decorative layer is applied to the carpentry coating, which not only protects the product from external influence, but also improves its appearance. Different materials are used for finishing. There are artistic, transparent, imitation and opaque finish.

Transparent coating is applied mainly with the help of special varnishes. For opaque finishes, furniture paints are used; as a result, beautiful white, black, and red wardrobe models are obtained.For artistic and imitation finishes, the use of additional decoration elements in the form of frames, frames and eaves is typical.

In addition to the original appearance, the wardrobe has reliable multifunctional accessories, which is the main indicator of modern high-quality furniture. Elements located inside the cabinet must be comfortable and accessible. Today the wardrobe closet accessories are represented by various drawers, shelves, laundry baskets, tie and belt holders, and shelves for shoes.

Design projects in the interior

The wardrobe is the most versatile piece of furniture. Thanks to the chic selection of models, today the cabinet performs many functions. This saves space, convenient placement of things, as well as the original combination with the interior of the room. Although the wardrobe closet can be installed in any of the rooms, it occupies a special place in the living room. To do this, choose built-in or corner furniture options.

The living room is a place where guests are received, therefore it is recommended to decorate the wardrobe in this room with additional glass shelves and shelves.Stylishly designed wardrobes in the living room with a glossy finish that emphasizes their sophistication and chic.

In the case when the main living area does not allow to install bulk furniture, it is placed in the kitchen. Thanks to various niches and partitions, the wardrobe closet can also be used to store household appliances. To give the bedroom an unusual look, its design often uses a combination of a bedroom set with wardrobe closets. In the bedroom, wardrobes with huge mirrors, photo printing and drawings look good.

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