Shoe storage systems

 Shoe storage systems

Shoe does not happen much. This can be confirmed by any woman. The variety of weather conditions during the year increases this amount by 4 times. And if there is still a big family, then it is completely incomprehensible where and how to store this chilling amount of shoes, boots and shoes. The most important thing is not even this: everyone is concerned about the question of how then to find the right pair. These issues will help solve the storage system of the summer and winter range.

There are different approaches to storage.: for many it is more convenient when shoes are hidden from prying eyes and hidden in cabinets and drawers, and some designers believe that the shelves with shoes look very creative, can decorate any room and become an art object.

In addition to special cabinets, there are many devices that can greatly simplify the organization of the storage of wardrobe. There are various accessories for cabinets: pull-out systems, coasters that move apart, baskets, slim systems, boxes and much more.Their main goal is to simplify the search for the necessary pair, and so that seasonal shoes retain all their properties.

Storage locations

Experts say that there are three categories of shoes that need to be hidden somewhere:

  • shoes for daily wear;
  • what is worn in the current season;
  • couples that need to be removed before the next summer or winter and ensure their safe storage.

There are many places where you can and should contain the entire shoe wardrobe.


If the apartment has a dressing room, it would be ideal to equip it for placing there shoe storage systems. True, not everyone has an extra room as a dressing room, so you can think about the options for its device. For this may be suitable pantry, as well as a spacious closet. This space should be cleaned, equipped with shelves, decorated. You can hide seasonal pairs here.

If the room is small, bright shelves will look good. All shades of shoes look perfect on a white background. It is very convenient to store each pair in a separate cell. Here are suitable shelves, like postal, which can accommodate the entire shoe wardrobe.It is extremely convenient to use open shelving on the holders, they are used to adjust the height of the shelf, which depends on the model of the shoe pair. Retractable shelves are very convenient: it saves free space in the closet.

Special mesh shoe shelves help preserve the good look of any pair. A metal mesh provides air circulation and allows boots to be ventilated.

For convenience, when searching for the necessary pair in the dressing room, you can hold lights for the shelves.

Entrance hall

In the hallway, everything is unraveled when they come from the street, so there, basically, only what they currently wear is stored. If you try, you can expand the functions of this room. Even in a small hallway you can find a shallow niche for placing an open rack. If the hallway has an impressive size, it is equipped with a complete storage system. Built-in wardrobes will be able to completely accommodate the entire wardrobe of the whole family: outerwear, everyday and seasonal shoes.

An important detail of the hallway can be a metal stand for shoes, which has several advantages:

  • natural ventilation;
  • metal grates that are used as shelves are durable;
  • does not absorb foreign odors;
  • forged items will be able to make this interior decoration a hallway decoration.

The disadvantages of this stand:

  • very heavy product, especially for a large shelf;
  • open areas collect dust.

The most optimal placement is the shoe shelves under the seating position, which is used to put on shoes and lace up shoes or to fasten a zipper.


Small-sized apartments usually do not have a dressing room. And the bedroom is equipped with a spacious wardrobe. In the inner space you can put the shelves in the closet for shoes. For easy storage, drawers in the wardrobe should be special. Sloping shelves on the extendable shelving in the bedroom can accommodate seasonal shoes for the whole family. For careful storage, an insert is used in a shelf, on which shoes are “put on”. Shelves for storing high boots should have an increased height. Well organizes the placement of shoes holder installed inside the box. Open drawers with a separator simplify the maintenance and storage of shoes in the closet.

Shoe shelves can be equipped with a screen separating the bedroom from another room. This improvised shelving will be roomy due to the size from floor to ceiling.

If the bedroom has an open rack with shoes, its contents are hidden by a curtain that looks neat and very cozy.


Glazed balcony space will be a complete replacement of a dressing room if you take care of its warming. Then you can put a dresser on the balcony that has many compartments or place boxes with a pair of shoes in it. The advantage of this approach is low temperature, as well as ventilation of the room.

Balcony is ideal for storing seasonal shoes, but a minus temperature can ruin the shoe polish and damage the fabric.

Types of furniture

the presence of shelves for storing shoes foreseen in the following types of furniture:

  • Wardrobe-bona. This model of a case for placement of footwear in the form of the whatnot. The wardrobe is well ventilated, giving the shoe a chance to air out. The showcase is fitted with sashes, however, it is not used when located within the wardrobe sash.
  • Wardrobe-slim. It uses a folding shelf that opens up to 90 or 45 degrees.The width of the shelves is up to 0.3 meters, which makes their use appropriate even in a tiny hallway.
  • Tumba-slim. Unlike the cabinet, the products are not located on the shelves, but in special pockets that open like a fan. Each pair is in a separate cell, which provides access only to this pair. The size of the cabinet is extremely compact, it will fit in a small hallway or dressing room with no problems.
  • Closet. There is a huge variety of filling wardrobes. There are specialized models for shoes. The designs vary according to the type of shoe. Before prolonged storage, it is necessary to remove dust and dirt from the shoe pair, and also to treat it with a disinfector and an antistatic agent.
  • Antique wardrobe. Storing beautiful shoes can be an original art object, if you use, for example, a vintage kitchen cabinet or a rack with glass. In the lower part of the closed, you can put a seasonal assortment and old unsightly shoes, and in the glass cases to place the most fashionable and cute shoes. It will attract attention and will be a wonderful decorative accessory.
  • Hinged shelves. Hallway or dressing room can be equipped with hinged shelves for shoes. They are convenient, as they allow to make cleaning without hindrance. However, they themselves require care, as quickly get dirty.

Other fixtures:

  • Hanger for boots. For storage of high models of boots and other high shoes there are special devices. The original hanger for boots can be fixed on the balcony, from the inside of the closet, and, of course, there will be a corner for the device in the dressing room.
  • Obuvnitsa. The finished product, designed for dirty boots or shoes, from which the water rolls or melting snow. Such a device is sold in the store, but you can do it yourself. We must take any pallets, fill with pebbles or other stones. The finished shoebox should be placed near the outer door.
  • Pockets. The original device for placing home or small shoes - flat pockets attached to the wall. On the surface of the wall, they do not stand out strongly, often have an original design and are used as a peculiar and unusual decor.
  • Galoshnitsa. This is an open stand for shoes that are worn every day.Can be used as a dryer if it is installed on a balcony or loggia.
  • Organizer. This is also a wardrobe, which consists of many open trays. They put boxes with shoes, individual pairs, as well as other accessories. Often such a device is not used entirely, but only some of its compartments.

Alternative storage methods:

  • Ladder. The original version of the placement of several women's shoes or sandals. They cling to the steps of any ladder with a heel.
  • Beautiful boxes. Many keep their shoes in their boxes, but you can make this process more beautiful. The easiest way is to purchase identical containers, put shoes in them and place these beautiful boxes in the dressing room. A more budget option is to glue the existing boxes with wallpaper or beautiful wrapping paper. In order to find a specific pair, you can label each box or attach a photo of the contents of each box. Then the process of finding the right shoes is much easier.
  • Baskets. In order to accommodate slippers, shales or other shoes that do not require shape retention, you can use stylish large baskets.They can be from different materials: wicker or steel. Executed in a certain style, they will become a spectacular art object.
  • Wall with boots. Any shoes, sneakers, sneakers can be hung on hooks in the wall with the help of laces, which are tied with bows.

You can organize shelves for shoes with your own hands. The video below shows a simple and beautiful way to make it out of cardboard.

Storage space is always small, and it does not depend on the size of the apartment and the number of shelves. But there is always a nook that can be equipped with shoe cabinets and shelves.

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