Wardrobe systems

Wardrobe systems are a great way to store a large number of things (clothes, shoes, accessories) in a harmoniously equipped place. This method allows you to save space and enter the wardrobe in the interior of a room or a studio apartment. Cabinet, mesh, frame or panel wardrobe systems, hidden in a separate room or niche, help to structure the space and not spoil the look of the room.

Features and benefits

Dressing room is designed to store things. It can be a separate closet or a whole room. Today there are several types of wardrobe systems, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • The mesh storage system for clothes and shoes is compact and versatile. Plus the fact that the modules are independent of each other and can be removed if necessary. Elements of the mesh system are attached to the wall with guides and brackets.The system is air, easy, does not interfere with the free passage.
  • Hinged storage system consists of a set of baskets and shelves. This is its basis. In addition to them, there are shelves for shoes, classic bars, and bristles. The peculiarity is that such a system can be expanded with additional accessories.

Thanks to the hanging wardrobe, things are provided with constant access to air. In such a wardrobe is easy to find the right thing. The main advantages are ease of installation, low price, high functionality.

  • Enclosure system - the most popular in Russia. A wardrobe consists of modules that are connected by ties. Module material - MDF or chipboard. They are practical and inexpensive. Body systems are roomy. Things in them are arranged structurally. The main drawback of the system is the impossibility of permuting the modules.


A large variety of wardrobe systems allows you to find the best option for a competent distribution of space. Open walk-in closets are suitable for public spaces, regular hangers or classic cabinets are suitable for clinics.

  • Modular. Modular wardrobe system fits easily into the interior of the room, the design is durable and can withstand any weight. It is based on metal parts.Ease of use and the ability to store clothes, as well as sports equipment and household items, make the modular dressing room versatile. A system of parts that can be moved is assembled: shelves, hangers, baskets, pryvnitsy, obuvnitsy, racks. The system is open, so things must be in perfect order.
  • Open Open wardrobe system today at the peak of popularity. It allows you to place things in the order in which the owner needs. The advantage is that the open dressing room does not clutter up the space of the room, creates a feeling of lightness, ergonomics, and also is inexpensive. In the open system there is no rear wall, partitions, which makes it roomy. The design is not striking, it is not bulky and fits perfectly into the interior. It can be changed, supplemented with new modules, quickly dismantled. The system keeps on aluminum racks between which shelves, hangers, dressers are installed.
  • Panel. Belong to the business class. Panel system is expensive and looks luxurious. It uses special panels that are attached to the wall, and shelves, drawers, rods and other elements are mounted on the panel. The main advantage of the panel system is unity.There are no partitions or divisions between the shelves, and all the lines in the system are parallel to each other. This dressing room perfectly hides uneven walls.
  • Metallic. These walk-in closets are made from durable steel. The advantage of this material is lightness and durability. With the help of metal, a unique design with a neat design that fits perfectly into any interior is created. Metal wardrobe systems are universal. In their manufacture is also used aluminum alloy, which is durable. The metal frame is perfectly combined with any other materials. The system visually expands the space and brings orderliness to the room.
  • Frame. These systems are an example of a great combination of reliability, practicality and beauty. They consist of metal columns that run into the floor and ceiling. Shelves, drawers mounted on racks. The frame system fits perfectly into the style of modern, techno and hi-tech. The harmonious combination of metal and wood looks original and cozy. Installed frame system is easy to disassemble, transport it is not difficult.This wardrobe fits into any interior, it looks organically and easily. The system does not provide partitions, doors, walls, which saves space, but requires the owner to be careful, because all things are visible.
  • Cellular. This wardrobe system is compact and versatile. Its main feature is multiple mesh shelves and baskets that are attached to the wall. The main advantages of the system are the possibility of placing a large number of accessories, unlimited possibilities of transformation, the feeling of weightlessness of the structure.
  • Wall mounted. The guides of the wall-mounted wardrobe system are attached to the wall and can reach from the floor to the ceiling. Such a dressing room saves space as much as possible, is a rational and convenient solution to its organization. It includes shelving, floor solutions, various storage areas.

The advantage of wall-mounted wardrobe systems is that they are affordable, high-quality. Dressing room may include hanging shelves, rods for hangers, baskets, retractable and hanging, trays. The combination of elements allows you to create a harmonious space.

  • Slim Shelving wardrobe system does not clutter up the room, fits perfectly into the interior. A special advantage is low price, variety of sizes and shapes, reliability and functionality. Things in the shelving closet placed compactly. Simple installation, beauty, aesthetics, profile strength, the ability to install a wardrobe in different ways, saving space are the main advantages of the slim system.
  • On racks. Wardrobe systems on the racks are light and visually airy designs. They are great for small rooms with limited space. Racks are made of aluminum, durable, lightweight, withstand heavy loads. Differ in simplicity of assembly, universality, high quality and reasonable price. For storing things are provided bars, shelves, mezzanine. Clarity of lines, elegant and simple appearance attract attention and provide reliable storage of any things.
  • Sliding. Systems have sliding doors that are made from various materials. The most popular material in the manufacture of sliding wardrobe system - chipboard, which can be decorated with glass,mirrors and combined with aluminum, MDF.

Silver mirrored doors, sprayed or tinted, are in demand. They visually expand the space and create an additional light effect. The sliding system is hidden, fits perfectly into the room, if made in the same style and color scheme. The system is able to fully merge with the wall.


Independent installation of a wardrobe system saves money. Installation of a dressing room depends on the brand, the complexity of the design, its weight and size. If the system is small, try installing it without help from outsiders. How to assemble the simplest dressing room?

  • Assembly begins with the mounting rail carrier. Other elements of the dressing room will be hung on it. It will be necessary for installation level, a pencil for marks, the expansion bolt shield nails, a drill. The main rail is mounted horizontally.
  • Fasteners are selected depending on the material of the wall. Mounted rails are mounted on the bearing rail, taking into account the composition you want to make.
  • The brackets are mounted metal brackets and chipboard, shelves, rods, bars.
  • When installing the clothes rods, consider the space for the upper items.
  • In order to assemble a rack, you will need 2 side parts, 2-L diameter, 2 T-widths. Feet or wheels should be put on the free part (if any).
  • The mesh module is assembled according to the instructions, the racks are installed on each other.
  • In a rack baskets are mounted. The width and length of the shelving can be adjusted.

Installation of the dressing room should be done according to the drawing, which takes into account the dimensions of the room. An important stage of any installation is the markup, depending on the wardrobe system. If the wardrobe is sliding, the wall is installed first, and the doors last. The simplest systems for self-assembly are mesh and slim.

Cost of

The price of wardrobe systems depends on the manufacturer, place of purchase, type of wardrobe, its size. So, the most simple and compact models cost from 8 thousand rubles and above. Wardrobe systems, like ordinary wardrobes, are not a cheap pleasure, so if the interior of the room implies the preservation of a single style, modernity, you should not save on the place of storage.Wardrobe systems, custom-made by individual measurements, are more expensive than ready-made.

Brand models

What wardrobe system to choose? Today, domestic and foreign manufacturers offer wardrobes for every taste and budget. Systems of economy class, middle, elite. The modern buyer increasingly trusts Russian-made furniture products. Quality, price, design - the main characteristics that should be considered when buying.

  • Joker Joker brand systems are distinguished by affordability in the price range, ease of assembly, wide application possibilities, stylish appearance. They perfectly fit into the interior of the room, do not occupy space, due to the variety of types of wardrobe systems and installation methods.
  • Home Space. Functional wardrobe system from the domestic manufacturer. Beautiful and unique design, unique forms, simple installation, a wide range of components, the ability to change the distance between the shelves, baskets, safety, reliability, high quality materials.
  • Vitra. Wardrobe "Vitra" - racking modular systems with a body of aluminum racks.Unusual design, a large variety of colors. The most popular models of designs are made in silver and black. The system is practical, can withstand a load of up to 60 kilograms, the accessories are simple and durable. Clarity of lines, harmony, stylish appearance, reliability, ease of installation - the main advantages of the wardrobe of this manufacturer.
  • Alpha. The company "Elfa" produces one of the best case wardrobe. The Swedish system, convenience, quality, modern designs. Wardrobe "Elf" - modular, compact, roomy, versatile. These qualities attract buyers from all over Europe. The system is equipped with good ventilation, things are stored in it for a long time and do not deteriorate.
  • Wardrobe systems save space in the apartment. In addition, they gather easily, without the involvement of specialists. Dismantling is quick. You can even do it yourself. A huge selection of shelves, containers, shelves, furniture helps to create a unique, high-quality and modern dressing room.
  • Stilos. Italian multifunctional wardrobe systems Stilos effectively fit into the interior of the room.The company produces high-quality wardrobes, which are distinguished by reliability, practicality and attractive appearance. They are equipped with aluminum elements, sturdy guides. Designs durable and flexible.
  • Miolla. Wardrobes of this manufacturer are distinguished by original design, exclusivity and functionality. The buyer is offered both classically executed wardrobe systems and design options.
  • Leroy Merlin. This well-known company produces different types of wardrobe systems of decent quality and at attractive prices. Simple mesh walk-in closets can be purchased for 3 thousand rubles. Rationality, reasonable design and internal placement of items allows you to store clothes and things in large quantities.

Interesting solutions in the interior

There are two main categories of dressing rooms: rendered in a separate room and as part of a specific room. Fashionable interior designers offer to build dressing rooms on the loggia or use the "dead" zone in the apartment, which is the corner. Today, the wardrobe system can be safely brought into the pantry or a separate small room with a small window.It will be a stylish and modern solution.

In this wardrobe fit all the members of the family. Here you can install a large mirror, ironing board, soft poufs, dressing table. This is convenient if the house or apartment is spacious, and there is a place to turn around. The removed wardrobe system can be used as a fitting room. It is cozy and there is an opportunity to hide from prying eyes.

A cloakroom as part of a room is fenced off with a plasterboard partition, a screen or a heavy curtain. The peculiarity is that for such a dressing room there is an unused part of a room or house, for example, the space under the stairs or a dead end in the hallway. Designers recommend performing a dressing room in a single color scheme with the rest of the room. Partitions can be mirror, transparent, wooden or from fabric, in the form of an accordion, sliding.

The interior of the dressing room is better to make light. Ideal blue, lavender, white, peach, lime color, powdery tint. Experts recommend using accessories for dressing room decor: original baskets, vases, pillows, soft toys, paintings, while respecting their harmonious relationship.Choose luxury or minimalism, depending on the size of the room, the style of the apartment and the material possibilities.

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