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Features and benefits

In everyday life, everyone needs different wardrobe items that need to be stored somewhere. To organize the storage of things in the dwellings, the wardrobe rooms are equipped with practical and functional storage systems for clothes and shoes, linen and bags. Today, the simplest and most affordable storage method is the presence of a shelving system in the wardrobe.

The shelving system is an ergonomic design that does not take up much space, allowing you to place a huge amount of things and keep them in order. Properly selected furniture models allow you to efficiently use the entire space from floor to ceiling. The open design of the shelving allows you to see and take the right thing very quickly. Shelves optimally fit into very small wardrobe rooms, where there is no place for opening the doors of cabinets or pushing out bulky drawers.

For the purpose of rational use of space it is necessary to follow some general recommendations. The upper shelves of racking structures can be used to store seasonal items, the lower ones can be used to place shoes. In the middle space it is necessary to provide racks with rods for hanger for clothes. In the side compartments should be shelves for small items. Shelf parts are usually made of wood, metal or plastic. Rack aluminum structures are recommended as the most mobile, reliable and durable.

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There are many options for racking systems. The type of shelving design, as a rule, is chosen based on the overall dimensions of the room, dedicated to the wardrobe device. If you have the possibility of arranging a large dressing room with separate racks for clothes and shoes, it is better to choose wooden furniture of classical design. Such rack designs are both stationary and mobile. If the dressing room has a very small space inside, then the racks placed on the walls will work best.

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In the storage room for clothes, shoes and linen, shelving designs are often built-in. The built-in system involves fixing the entire structure to the walls, ceiling and floor. In this case, the rear wall may not be used. Constructive solution shelving dressing room can be quite simple. Clothes racks of laminate for folded clothes or a metal mesh for shoes are fastened to the supporting frame of perforated profiles. Such a wardrobe system is quite capable of mounting by hand.

Non-detachable models of racks of a conservative shape, installed in the entire wall, allow to place a large amount of shoes in the dressing room. Such racks are composed of cells provided for each pair of shoes. Solid look frames, entirely made of wood.


The universal collapsible structure of the rack can be quickly mounted at home, perfectly solving the problem of storing a large amount of clothing and shoes in a limited space of a city apartment. This racking design has a set of vertical racks of different heights and horizontal shelves of different sizes.

Racks, as a rule, are equipped with adjustable supports, allowing to mount the rack on an uneven floor. Shelves are fixed in racks with the help of special holders and equipped with rear walls that prevent the tipping of things. To install the shelves in the design are also used boltless connections, allowing the shelves to mount in the hooks. Depending on the desire, the racks are easily mounted up, in line and in the form of multi-level steps.


The use of modular shelving is the most convenient and efficient way to organize the home storage of wardrobe items. Modular racks have certain advantages over other types:

  • at the request of the owner, the rack modules are easily and quickly transformed, allowing you to create many convenient options;
  • modules are swapped freely and installed elsewhere, just take care of them;
  • when the need arises, new ones are easily added to existing modules.


Roll-out models of racks may be ideal for the device narrow wardrobe. Such racks can be high in the form of retractable windows and low,similar to the sliding dressers. The rack has the ability to attach the necessary additional modules. For durable use, roll-out racks made of aluminum are recommended.

Roll-out designs can be successfully used as shoes. They allow you to gently place shoes in several rows and quickly find the right pair. The designs of the withdrawable shoe sections can be equipped with benches, on which it is easy to try on.

Ready made

Large firms engaged in the manufacture and sale of cabinet furniture, offer ready-made sets of racks of various designs and functionality for dressing rooms of various sizes. Wardrobe racks can also be made to order, after removing the dimensions of the room. Any consumer will be able independently to think over design and to choose pieces of furniture for the wardrobe room, considering activity, a way of life of all family members.

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How to choose

When choosing a shelving storage system for the house, you need to decide on the type and price. Pay attention to the quality of the materials used, connections, the ability to replace and supplement elements, the presence of protective parts on the legs of furniture.

Eco-friendly and durable MDF boards can be used for the production of shelves. The surface is covered with PVC film, veneer. Such materials are resistant to mechanical stress and changes in humidity in the dressing room.

Furniture for the wardrobe of metal structures is universal, has a concise design. If necessary, wire shelves and grids can be installed at any height. It is good to operate such furniture in rooms with the fluctuating humidity of air. Linen and other clothes stored on these shelves are better ventilated and retain a fresh smell longer.

Racks from a natural tree can be both strict, and the refined design using stylish accessories and various options of a wooden decor: eaves, socles, pilasters. At production of elite sets of furniture for wardrobe rooms panels from an oak, an ash-tree, an alder and other valuable breeds of a tree are widely used.

Interesting solutions in the interior

Recently, by analogy with the design of the kitchen space, developers in their design projects are turning to creating interesting island options for arranging furniture in the wardrobe space.

Previously, in the shelving closets, the presence of an ottoman or a small soft sofa was quite sufficient as an island. Today, in the central point of space, along with the pouf, it is proposed to use the whole system for storing accessories, jewelry and cosmetics.

An island in small-size dressing rooms can be a miniature chest of drawers on which bags, hatboxes and jewelry boxes can be put. In the dressing rooms with a large amount of free space, the center of the composition can be a rack with glass shelves or a chest of drawers with drawers for small items of clothing and a display case with the decorations laid out.

Today, interior designers offer to make two dressing rooms in a large house or apartment - for both women and men. Moreover, the dressing room of the hostess is located next to the bedroom, and the men's dressing room - near the office. In the design of men's wardrobes, in contrast to the women's, the main emphasis is placed on the functionality of the racking designs. The man’s character of the owner is underlined by the strict decor of the room, using natural wood, leather and chrome fittings.

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