How to make a dressing room with your own hands: a master class

Special features

Now you do not need to run from the closet to the corridor, in which the full-length mirror is located, selecting one or another combination of clothes. And the sudden appearance of guests will not take you by surprise because of an untidy apartment, because all things can be distributed in the dressing room. Even in the smallest apartment, it seems possible to place a compact wardrobe in which clothes, shoes and accessories will be stored.

Thus, the wardrobe room will place ready-made combinations of clothes, and things laid out in a certain order will save your time in search and selection in the future. An urgently needed item will be found in a matter of seconds.

Storage of things can be organized both according to the functional purpose of clothing, for example, T-shirts and T-shirts on one shelf, jeans and trousers on another, and the distribution of things according to the color scheme.Having established a wardrobe room, you will always be sure that things are neatly hung, they will not hesitate, they will not lose their impeccable appearance.

Where to place

It is possible to place a wardrobe room in a private house, in an apartment and even at a cottage. Do not be mistaken that owners of small housing should abandon their own dressing room. Dressing room can be built-in or located in a separate room.

Your attention is presented dressing room for every taste and wallet.

From the pantry

If you have a pantry in your apartment planning, then we recommend using this room in the most useful way. Placing the design for storing clothes and things, you can use the entire usable area in the best way. The wardrobe room perfectly fits in the size of the pantry. It is enough to add to the wardrobes various shelves, drawers, brackets for hanging outerwear. In boxes it is possible to establish dividing levels, and to place there belts, accessories, headdresses. Place neatly folded clothes on the shelves, as well as lay out seasonal shoes.

A wardrobe room should meet your needs, because design should be approached after analyzing the number of things. Understanding the total amount of things to store, will help to correctly calculate the required number of shelves.

In the bedroom

If the bedroom is of impressive size and the owner prefers to have a dressing room at arm's length, then the designers are ready to offer a variety of options. Dressing room can be with sliding doors, or even have a design without doors. An individual wardrobe room with a unique design is designed for each customer.

In the corridor

The optimal solution for filling the corridor space is to install a dressing room. Now there is no need to purchase cabinets and drawers that take up space in the rooms. Having installed a dressing room in the corridor, you simultaneously solve several problems: releasing free space in the rooms and organizing an empty seat in the corridor. The wardrobe room can be designed angular, built in a wall, or any other configuration.

From niche

In order for the interior to be distinguished by individuality, it is enough to use vacant niches for mounting the wardrobe system. You will be able to attract the attention of others to such a non-standard approach, interesting design, as well as make any niche useful and functional.

In the attic

You should not steal a place under the dressing room in the bedrooms of your own cottage, because the attic room perfectly copes with the solution of this problem. The use of the attic allows you to rationally use the living space for the needs of modern man.

Under the stairs

The underspian space is quite roomy and allows you to place things and clothes. Position the dressing room under the stairs, and you will save on the acquisition of other furniture for storage.


For the manufacture of their own wardrobe room using various materials. The proposed list of materials will help determine the choice.

Drywall allows you to make a separate niche in the room, which is further saturated with components for convenient storage of things.Drywall is easily painted, because the dressing room can make the most ambitious color preferences.

It is easy to make a dressing room of original and unique design from the old furniture, with the minimum investment of money and the maximum saving of time for the production of elements.

Chipboard - affordable and common material for the manufacture of the frame, shelves and drawers. It allows you to make a dressing room in various color variations, with a matte or glossy effect on the facing surface.

The joker system represents the basis including various accessories, for saturation of wardrobe rooms. Holders of glasses and shelves, hooks, hangers will make the wardrobe functional.

Plywood is a material with high strength properties. Plywood is widely used for the manufacture of partitions and shelves in the wardrobe rooms.

Wood is a natural material that can be used to create walk-in wardrobes in children's rooms, summer houses, any residential premises where the owners take care of safety and ecological cleanliness of the interior.

Chrome pipes allow you to make a mesh dressing room.Pipes are used whose outer diameter does not exceed 25 mm. The pipe can be easily cut with a hacksaw, and the connecting and fastening accessories will help to mount the wardrobe. The design, made of chrome-plated pipes, has high performance.

How to do it: step by step instructions


Today, the dressing room for most people is no longer a luxury, but a necessary attribute of the living space. The high rhythm of life implies the presence of a large amount of clothing that is important to properly store. Competently designed dressing room, will create a certain mood in the room, save space in other rooms, provide convenience and comfort in everyday life.

Before designing a dressing room, you should decide on its location, requirements for design and capacity, the amount of money that you are willing to spend on manufacturing. A wardrobe room can be provided for one for all family members or, on the contrary, to allocate separate niches for each. The size of the room will depend on whether you want to add clothes to the storage of such things as a blanket, pillows, bedding sets.Sports equipment can also be located in the dressing room.

Pre-sort the items to calculate the required number of shelves and hangers. It is advisable to make several sketches of dressing rooms, and after consulting with all members of the family, stop the choice on one. When designing, consider a few extra shelves that may be needed later.

When developing the design of the mesh dressing room, it should be taken into account that the design of the mesh shelf can withstand no more than 60 kg. However, such systems are notable for their affordability and relative ease of installation.


Shelves are installed at a distance of 35 or 40 cm from each other. The depth of the shelves, as a rule, is more than 40 cm. The wide shelves allow you to fold clothes in several piles. For long shelves require additional support, which prevents sagging from heavy things. Weights are recommended to be placed at a distance of 100 cm above each other. In the presence of long coats or dresses installation of a single-row bar is allowed. Drawers should be mounted using high-quality fittings that can withstand high loads. Extremely inconvenient drawers located above the chest line.Baskets with heavy items should not be placed higher than their height.

Sliding doors fit into almost any interior and room configuration. These doors are not only distinguished by their functionality, they also bring a special design to the interior. Sliding doors are easy to use for children and the elderly. To install the doors do not require a certain experience or special skills, just insert the door into the guides.

When designing the rack in the dressing room, one should not forget that it is not customary to store underwear in them, as well as in open form or transparent containers of medicines. It should be thought out in advance that you will be placed on open shelves. Shelves are practical, because they can be made of various sizes. Define your needs, and act boldly. Shelving saves space and compactly store large amounts of various items and clothing when folded.

Lighting and ventilation

Special attention should be paid to creating adequate lighting and the presence of ventilation. The presence of a small natural light does not exclude the need for additional light sources, such as chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps. An important role is played by the light in the area where the mirrors are located.Illumination, located on the floor around the perimeter of the room, will increase the lighting on the lower shelves. The main work to ensure clean air is performed by ventilation. It is a ventilated room that guarantees protection from unpleasant odors and the formation of pests. Also, ventilation eliminates the settling of dust on clothes and things.


When enough free space in the dressing room allows, you can install a comfortable chair or sofa. It is worth thinking about the placement of mirrors, which can be detached or mounted to the walls. It will be useful to purchase additional hangers, which, if necessary, will help to place new clothes.

Interesting ideas in the interior

There are various wardrobe room designs that can serve as an inspiration for designing your own.

  • Here is an example of a dressing room, which is located in the pantry. It should be noted that the room is made under the requirements of men. The shelves for bags, shoes, denim pants, sweaters and pullovers are arranged in a specific order.
  • This pantry acquires a completely different sound when shelves are designed in it, the size of the entire length of the room. The design of the dressing room is decorated with a relief baguette. Due to limited space, there are no hinged doors in the design, as well as a minimum number of drawers.
  • The design is distinguished by the presence of built-in lights around the perimeter of the room. Spot lighting allows you to effortlessly find the necessary things on the uppermost shelves. Since the width of the room is sufficient to accommodate various sliding shelves, this wardrobe room is designed with all sorts of variations.
  • The wardrobe room is made in a minimalist style, with a small number of drawers. For small items and various accessories used wicker baskets with handles. Pants are not stored on the shelves when folded, and hung on special holders. The design is mounted to the ceiling and floor surface to ensure the stability of the system. Recommended for installation in a small bedroom. Wardrobe economy class and allows you to use the free space in the bedroom with the lowest possible cost.Low cost, convenience, ease of installation - distinctive features without a door design.
  • Sliding doors separate the sleeping area from the dressing room. This solution is appropriate for rooms with a total area of ​​more than 18 sq.m. As a rule, in such wardrobe a mirror and an ironing board are placed in full growth. In a separate dressing room it is possible to store not only clothes and shoes, but also household appliances, such as a vacuum cleaner, iron. It is possible to add shelves to the system for storing books, family photo albums, personal hygiene items and cosmetic preparations.
  • Separating wardrobe room compartment doors will be a modern and practical solution. They are made using glass or mirrors. Glass can be colored, clear or tinted. Often there are corrugated or patterned glass, and mosaic. The cost of the original design of the coupe doors is relatively high, but they will certainly declare the owner's excellent taste.
  • The wardrobe is represented by a complex structure, which due to large mirrors increases the visual space in the corridor. Interesting design will certainly attract the attention of guests.In the absence of sufficient light in the corridor, the built-in lighting in the wardrobe system will be relevant.
  • Widespread option of a wardrobe in the Russian apartments. This choice is preferred for large apartments with wide corridors. Hinged doors provide some inconvenience for use in the corridors. Because recommended coupe doors that are distinguished by their reliability and stability. Such dressing rooms are made strictly in size and can hide the irregularities of the walls of the corridor.
  • Design proposal that creates a certain style of interior in the apartment. Wicker baskets of wicker add originality to the dressing room. Several vertical and horizontal partitions, the presence of hooks give the design simplicity, minimalism. Also pleased with the relatively low cost of manufacture and ease of installation of such wardrobe.
  • A bold decision where there are no doors in the dressing room. The minimalist design distinguishes the design. It is recommended to install a double-hanger in the dressing room in the presence of a large number of blouses, jackets, suits.
  • With the help of drywall, a separate niche was made into which the wardrobe structure was installed. This solution helps to use any free space available in the apartment or house. Often in the projects of residential premises there are already various niches that are great for cloakrooms. You can find houses in which a separate niche with a dressing room is set aside for each family member.
  • Install folding doors in the niche, and the dressing room is ready to be saturated with shelves or a coat hanger. Doors can be plastic, glass or wood. Also look great various textured curtains, which serve as an excellent replacement for doors. Manufacturers offer a huge range of components and ready-made systems for filling the dressing room.
  • Spacious attic with a modern wardrobe system. Restrained color palette and bright sofa create a special style. High walls allow you to place hangers for outerwear, for example, a coat. And in narrow niches it is possible to store shoes.
  • The wardrobe room is made in bright colors, which visually add space to the room.The lack of natural lighting is compensated by the installation of various lamps aimed at all the attic niches. The free space in the middle of the dressing room is used for furniture, which also stores various things and clothes.
  • The presence of an apartment in the attic room does not exclude the possibility of installing a dressing room. Presented design in pastel colors, which creates coziness, comfort. The low wall of the attic does not allow to install a closet, because storage of things can be organized best with the help of a wardrobe system consisting of chrome pipes.
  • The built-in wardrobe system allows the best use of the empty space under the stairs. White glossy facades add lightness and lightness to the interior.
  • The underspian space is great for storing off-season things. The design can complement as drawers and hangers, convenient for placing dresses, coats and other dimensional things.
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