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Dressing room in the bedroom is the dream of every girl. Another heroine of the well-known TV series "Sex and the City" Kerry Brendshaw performed by Sarah Jessica Parker often mentioned the need for a dressing room and the joy that she feels when she puts there another pair of new shoes. Large dressing rooms are mainly created in country houses, where there is an opportunity to make a large bedroom.

In urban apartments, this option is not so easy to implement without harm to the design, especially if the rooms are small. Again, if the bedroom is large and strongly elongated, then it will be possible to organize in it an excellent dressing room, located across the room. Thus, the room will look more harmonious, and its owner will have an elegant dressing room.

But what if the room is small and the dressing room is the ultimate dream? In this case, the optimal exit will be the corner dressing room, which not only takes up little space, but will look great even in a small room at 14 sq.m.As you know, when a small area should reasonably be thought out every piece of furniture, not to mention the large cabinets, which sometimes take up too much space. The increasingly popular corner wardrobe or wardrobes, which are not only a multifunctional and practical solution, but also look great in a room and save a lot of space, are becoming an ideal solution.

In addition, the corner dressing rooms have a simple design that can be reproduced by almost every man who has the desire and a little patience. And of course, the ability to conveniently arrange such a closet is also one of the important advantages of the corner dressing room.

Externally, this type of dressing room resembles an ordinary wardrobe, but inside there are many shelves, hangers and drawers that allow you to store clothes, shoes and other things as compact as possible.

Corner wardrobe can be ordered in the store, buy it ready or build it yourself, the only thing that should be thought out as competently as possible, besides the appearance of the design, is the dimensions of the cabinet and its internal structure.


In general, dressing rooms are divided into three types:

  • A separate room, the size of which depends on the capacity of the bedroom. This wardrobe from the bedroom can be separated by an ordinary door. Inside a large number of shelves, departments with hangers and a chest of drawers;
  • a small part of the room or a niche that is separated from the main sliding doors;
  • built-in wardrobe with blind divisions vertically, separating part of the room.

Corner mini-dressing rooms are also divided into several types, the choice of which depends on the characteristics of the room and its size, as well as the desired dimensions of the cabinet.

The L-shaped corner walk-in closet consists of two large wardrobes, which are interconnected by an intermediate corner closet. This view is a fairly roomy design that can freely accommodate a huge amount of things and make life easier for the household. Contrary to the opinion of many, the L-shaped dressing room does not look very large and does not take up so much space, but inside it is very spacious.

Trapezoidal corner dressing room looks very small, as it has oblique walls, extending inward.Opening the door of such a dressing room can only be surprised at how spacious it is, thanks to the slanting walls. These corner walk-in closets are the perfect solution for small rooms. On the sides of the sliding doors, you can place open shelves and decorate them with frames with family photos, beautiful figurines or vases with flowers.

The largest subspecies of this type of wardrobe are classic corner cabinets of large sizes. Outwardly, they resemble an ordinary wardrobe, but from the inside they are a small room designed for clothes, shoes, accessories and other items. This view can be as a separate cabinet, as well as a large design with a variety of additions.

The walls of the structure protect the dressing room from the rest of the room; they can be rectangular, square or semicircular in shape, depending on the desire of the owner of the room and the location of other interior items. Inside such a dressing room there can be shelves, drawers and baskets, vertical planes, rails for hangers, as well as a small chest of drawers and a shoe cabinet.

Another option for the corner dressing room is the following: the selected corner is separated from the rest of the room by sliding doors and there is a kind of storage room, inside which you can arrange all the necessary attributes for your dream dressing room.

How to make

Of course, the easiest way is to buy a ready-made design of the corner wardrobe room or order it to suit your preferences, but there are also such craftsmen who are able to make this interior item by themselves. When designing a dressing room and choosing its place of construction, one of the main factors that should be taken into account is its constancy, that is, the inability to move or move it to another place. After choosing a place, you should prepare all the necessary tools and materials for the job.

To begin with, you should install two extreme vertical planes, which will be the basis of the future corner dressing room. With the help of the level, it will be necessary to mark the borders of the cabinet on the floor; this is necessary so that the installation of the main plane goes smoothly. All measurements from the floor are automatically transferred to the ceiling, and then planes are installed.

You can isolate the dressing room from the common room by either sliding doors or a plasterboard partition.

After that, you get a kind of a pantry, in which you can arrange shelves, dressers, drawers and much more.

When forming the internal content, it is necessary to calculate several functional zones:

  • area for hangers where things will be stored that need to be placed on the hangers. It is necessary to arrange two separate zones for long and short clothes;
  • Shoe area with special shelves or lattice-stand, which will be a pair of shoes, sandals. For boots, a separate high shelf is made at the very bottom;
  • Linen shelves and shelves for clothes that can only be folded, such as knitted sweaters, which can stretch out if you tell them;
  • Drawers or baskets for small items
  • Special sliding hangers for trousers with side sections for belts and ties
  • Drawers or baskets for large items
  • Top shelves for especially large and unnecessary for everyday use things
  • Mirror, if it is not on the sliding doors
  • Built-in ironing board, if space permits.

Be sure to consider the light inside the dressing room: its brightness, the location of the light bulbs and their number.

If it is difficult for you to organize the space of your own dressing room, you can seek help from a specialist. In any case, be sure to think over every detail and convenience of the location of all the shelves.


When installing an angular dressing room or closet, it should be borne in mind that this piece of furniture is quite cumbersome and large construction that can extremely spoil and weigh down the overall look of the room, so you should beat it correctly to level the design. To do this, you need to choose and decorate the facades. The best solution is, of course, large mirrors, which create a perspective and visually expand the room. Many companies offer beautiful clippings in the form of patterns on the mirrors, they add originality and bring zest to the overall look. Colored glass can also be used for this.

Some make the doors glossy with enamel or plastic. They greatly facilitate large details and make the whole image less massive.Another option for a corner dressing room can be a chick with a combined design. Some designers advise instead of maidens to use beautiful curtains, which do not make the image heavier and look much more beautiful than ordinary doors.

In general, the design of the room where the dressing room will be located should be as thorough as possible.

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